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Posted on Thursday, 28 February 2013
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Looking for original animated video?

Are you looking for a talented 2D Animator and Motion Graphic Designer who can transform ideas and narrative scripts into powerful visual stories and fluid, highly original pieces for screens of all sizes – from large-scale events to websites to mobile devices? Motion graphics can tell a story or convey an idea through animated video or animatics.

Taking Diabetes To Heart – John’s story

working on a wide-range of projects

Sundstedt Animation is a small Scotland, UK based animation studio creating quality 2d & 2.5D animation, motion graphic design, explainer films, music videos and 2D character animation. We are experienced, driven, and have the aptitude to make video projects come alive. As a small video production company we have experience working on a wide-range of projects including customer reference videos and short narrative animations. We design and craft motion graphics solutions, translate others concepts and existing client information into visually compelling stories under tight deadlines. We offer this service to provide a high-quality motion design service to our clients.

Duraflor Animated Explainer Video – Sundstedt Animation

collaborate with script writers, marketing managers and CEO’s

Motion Graphics for social media and much more: In the world of motion graphics and 2D animation, there are infinite possibilities and we cover most areas from simple 2d motion graphics videos to complex short animated story based films. We are creatives working within brands and creating new campaign and explainer videos. We illustrate the technical and creative vision and collaborate with script writers, marketing managers and directors, as well as work independently, to achieve the best possible results. We can also bring graphics to life for idents and information displays on any screen size.

Eco Schools Animated Cartoon Explainer Video

2D and “2.5D” Animation

Taking the 2D animationm skills we use and compositing in a “3D” space, this allows us to tell stories without the need for actual 3D animation. The style is great for explainer videos and animated music videos where you want more depth than simply flat 2D on a single layer. This “2.5D” method we have used to create many of the animated character based videos that you can view in our portfolio. If you are interested in this technique, simply ask about this when you contact us to discuss your project.

BASW Becoming Social Worker Eddie Animated Explainer Video

working with worldwide clients and agencies

Anders Sundstedt is the mind behind Sundstedt Animation. He is an independent animator and illustrator, experienced in working with worldwide clients and agencies, including London, Stockholm and Brussels. The experience includes offering animation and motion graphic services to start-ups and some of the worlds biggest companies. The service includes creative design, motion graphics, animated 2D cartoon videos, infographic videos, animated GIF loops or illustration. Just give us a shout for your next project idea!

working with worldwide clients and agencies

Experts in: After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite. Strategic and artistic design, animation, compositing and illustration.

We have:

  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Excellent time management and multitasking skills.
  • Effective independent problem solving.
  • An ability to work collaboratively within a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment.

For more information and to discuss your project, please use the contact page.


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Colored Pencil Illustration
Looking for original animated video?
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