Eco-Schools Animated Explainer Video

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A 2D animation to explain a program they are running with schools.

Eco-Schools Animated Cartoon Explainer Video


Client: Scope Productions
End Client: Keep Scotland Beautiful
Category: Animation
Style: 2.5D Animation
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Directed By: Sundstedt Animation
Creative Director: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Producer: Anders Sundstedt
2D Animation & Composite: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Background Design: Anders Sundstedt
Character Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Prop Design: Anders Sundstedt
Editor: Anders Sundstedt
Length: 02:01

The Challenge

To create an animated film intended for teachers and educational professionals. Eco-Schools supports schools to think about sustainable development education.

The Solution

Based on a script from the client we created a unique animated explainer video to explain the method in a 2 minute handcrafted short animated film for online use. The animated film talks through the key features in a warm and friendly in tone, based on the original storyboard, character designs, illustrations, artwork and animations created by artist/animator/director Anders Sundstedt.

Behind The Scenes

A 2-minute video is enough to convince a person that your Startup is worth paying attention to
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Childrens Book Illustration Sundstedt Animation
Quality not quantity
Eco Schools Animated Explainer Video Work in Progress 8
Eco Schools Animated Explainer Video Work in Progress 3
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“I recently worked with Sundstedt Animation to create an animated explainer video for one of our clients. Since we specialize in live-action video this was a new area for us and we were looking to partner with someone who could bring the same energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that we aim to bring to all our projects. Sundstedt Animation didn’t disappoint and was a joy to work with throughout. From the outset, they offered great creative input to bring our ideas to life. Sundstedt Animation guided us through the process to ensure it was as cost and time-efficient as possible for our client. Their communication was excellent and Sundstedt Animation kept us up to date on the progress at key stages. In the end, Sundstedt Animation delivered a fantastic product that we and our clients are delighted with and they did so on time and within budget. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
Laura Kingwell
Scope Productions

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