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We love creating high quality, 100% custom made animated videos that get our clients results. Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself to believe what some of our client’s written testimonials and feedback have to say and why they think we are the best Animated Explainer Video Company around for any project.


“The International Diabetes Federation recently worked with Anders, who from the beginning took his time to explain the different options that we could have for our educational awareness video for the Kids and Diabetes in School (KiDS) Project. We opted for a whiteboard video, which was visually in line with our own KiDS resources. Anders’ work style is very quick, communicates frequently on the different stages of the video and remained very flexible throughout our collaboration. Thus, we have contacted him again for a second video.”

– Els Sung – JPO Policy and Programmes at International Diabetes Federation.

“We were just putting the finishing touches to the audio recording of “Dance” when I first started looking for a suitable animation to go with the song. As you may have listened to it you will probably realise as we did that the song wouldn’t suit a 3d or what I can only describe as a slick type animation. I was looking for fresh innocent type of a production to go with the song It and wasn’t long before we found Anders. After an initial enquiry and he immediately got back and we swapped some ideas and agreed a budget. We worked together on story board and Anders then took over and worked his magic. The animation came in on time and in budget. I can only wish him all the best for the future and big thanks.”

– DEZ, Composer, Derry in N Ireland.

A Hawkins

“Anders was the perfect partner for our explainer video: he made the development process very easy and was able to translate our basic concepts into animation. It's clear that he has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the production process. Anders worked many extra hours to make last minute improvements; I really felt that he had a sense of ownership/pride in the project. Overall, fantastic experience!”

– Al Hawkins, Milo Biotechnology.

Laura K - customer testimonials samples

“I recently worked with Sundstedt Animation to create an animated explainer video for one of our clients. Since we specialize in live action video this was a new area for us and we were looking to partner with someone who could bring the same energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that we aim to bring to all our projects. Sundstedt Animation didn’t disappoint and was a joy to work with throughout. From the outset, they offered great creative input to bring our ideas to life. Sundstedt Animation guided us through the process to ensure it was as cost and time efficient as possible for our client. Their communication was excellent and Sundstedt Animation kept us up to date on progress at key stages. In the end, Sundstedt Animation delivered a fantastic product that we and our clients are delighted with and they did so on time and within budget. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

– Laura Kingwell, Scope Productions.

“Anders was a pleasure to work with. From the outset, we agreed a budget, timeframe and detailed storyboard for the project. All was documented as a matter of record for both sides. Anders gave regular updates throughout the creative phase and called out where possible any limitations and a proposed remedy for same. He completed the project on time and within budget and has been supportive in any follow-up and change requests. Anders is a total professional and a talented creative that I would be happy to work with again.”

– Bryan, Chillout Records.Com

sample client testimonials

“I commissioned Anders Sundstedt to produce a music video for my new single called Lush and what he came up with was simply outstanding. It wasn’t an easy video to begin with. It centered on a story about a blind girl who lost her doll. Anders illustrated it brilliantly, creating a lovable character that will elicit empathy and compassion from viewers. This, combined with picturesque scenery and some lovely animals, made for a stunning video that truly befits the title of the song. But the video aside, what I find really remarkable is Anders’ tireless work ethic. He worked non-stop, constantly providing me with updates on the scenes that he’s completed and the progress that he’s made. You’ll never have to guess where he’s at. I would love to work with him again and I would recommend him to anyone.”
“I must say the scenery, the backgrounds are stunning. The rest of it is lovely.”

– Razali Abdullah, The Mother (Band).

Alex testimonial examples for a person

“Working with Anders is a pleasure. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough and customer focused and also had great ideas and animates beautifully. He developed an explainer video for our social treating app Givvit and it is perfect, exactly what we wanted.”

– Alex Kennedy, Head of Music Licensing at Sky & Founder of the startup @givvitapp. Read the Givvit Explainer Video Case Study.

Christofer B customer testimonial examples

“In the spring of 2016 had the pleasure of working with Anders on a series of explainer videos on behalf of one of our agency clients. Anders is a creative and flexible video and graphics artist who produces great looking material. I would highly recommend working with Anders.”

– Christofer Björkvall, Co-founder / CCO + CTO på The Content Family AB.

Gordon M. testimonials examples for business

“Anders Sundstedt has done a lot of work with us this year, both for our clients and also for our own content marketing. He’s a very talented designer and animator and, I would emphasize, a genuine perfectionist. He works extremely hard on every project and the results speak for themselves. I enjoy collaborating with Anders Sundstedt on creative projects and am excited about working more with him.”

“Very pleased with the new VMS PSIM animation we did with Anders Sundstedt in December and also the M Squared case studies in the Autumn.”

– Gordon McKeown, Owner at Albion Bell Limited.

Doug testimonial for good service

“I’ve used Anders Sundstedt several times for motion graphics work and he’s always gone the extra mile. On more than one occasion he’s put in overtime to make sure the client has his project delivered on time. He worked remotely and it was very easy to collaborate with him.”

Anders Sundstedt has been one of the people I consistently turned to when my company was doing more 3D work and we needed the talent to augment what we could do. On a number of occasions, Anders Sundstedt has worked late nights to finish a deadline and I’ve found his dealings (often via email) to be both honest and trustworthy. The time difference would also let us have results frequently in the morning. I’d recommend him for a wide range of motion graphics projects.”

“It’s perfect – “exactly what I wanted”. Good work!”

– Doug Waters, QA Lead at Pixar Animation Studios. Synapse Animation.

Richard written testimonial examples

“At ARCHIE-WeSt we needed an attention grabbing video to explain the concepts of High Perfomance Computing to a non-technical audience in an informative way. After viewing the work of Sundstedt Animation we concluded that they were ideal for the job. Their videos are colourful, quirky, entertaining and informative and by using the latest techniques they give their videos a contemporary feel. Sundstedt were responsive, professional and delivered on time and we were delighted with the end product!”

– Richard Martin, High Performance Computing Manager at University of Strathclyde.

Anders Sundstedt has worked on several projects for us and our clients. He is a very professional designer and animator and above all a deeply creative person. He brings these qualities to every project: professionalism and creativity. A pleasure to work with, and great results.”

“We commissioned Anders Sundstedt to produce an After Effects video to explain the advantages of one of our products. The product and application are quite complex. However, Anders Sundstedt picked up the concept well and rendered it just the way we would have wanted. He produced the video quickly after the storyboard was agreed.
We were delighted with the result. I would both recommend Anders Sundstedt and use him again if possible.”

– David Armstrong, Marketing Director at M Squared Lasers.

m. currie examples of great testimonials

Anders Sundstedt created an informational animated video for a new service launched by PowerPhotonic. The service involves micro-optical design and is therefore highly technical, but Anders Sundstedt managed to distill the key aspects into two entertaining and informative minutes of high-quality animation. The video provides potential customers with answers to questions such as: what does this service do? how do I use the product? and what are the competitive advantages? without getting bogged down in technical detail. Not only was Anders Sundstedt very personable to interact with, he worked nights and weekends to finish the video in order to have it released by our approaching launch deadline; without which we would have been without a significant piece of marketing collateral. I would highly recommend using Anders Sundstedt for animation work as his excellent value, dedication, creativity and personality made him a pleasure to work with.”

“Your video was on loop on a monitor in the background of our stand during the conference which was great to have as an attractor for people passing by.”

– Matthew Currie, Product Manager (LightForge) at PowerPhotonic.

“The video is simply outstanding. We’ve been receiving nothing but positive feedback. You absolutely nailed it.”

– Doug Fedewa, Co-founder, COO at Dibbee LLC.

j. Ponnada how to write a testimonial

“I got the video. I watched it 3 times already. It is absolutely fantastic. You have exceeded our expectations. Our team loved the video. Everyone is talking about when we can start working on the second video with you. I do understand the commitment and dedicated effort you put in this video. It really shows in your work. You have given more than expected for our project. We are very fortunate to find you. You have been very professional and thorough in asking tons of questions upfront. Your speed has helped us overcome our setbacks. Thanks again for everything.”

– Jay Ponnada, Entrepreneur, Dibbee LLC.

Taya writing a testimonial for a business

“It has been a pleasure working with Sundstedt Animation. They effortlessly interpreted our scientific specification requirements into a unique and tasteful animation. Flexible and open to suggestions, Sundstedt Animation expertly guided us through the practical thinking behind the design and delivered the product within the set time frame promised. I will be very happy to work with Sundstedt Animation again in the future. The whole process from initial consultation to final deliverables was very professional. The design creativity was particularly impressive and the support subsequent to the animation going live has been excellent. I thoroughly recommend Sundstedt Animation for design and website animation.”

– Taya Mozagba, Marketing Coordinator, Pharmacells™.

Alan samples of testimonials

“Anders is diligent and creative animator with a great style and proven understanding of information led motion graphics creation. I look forward to working with him again on future projects and would recommend him highly.”

– Alan Wyllie, Owner, Cactus ID.

Mike sample testimonial letter

“I appreciate the time you put into this project & I love the style. Your artists skills are great.”

– Mike Morehart, Production Coordinator, Epipheo Studios.

About the 2D Explainer Animated Video, that was done for Epipheo Labs.

example of feedback statements

“I really think your product is stellar and frankly, ART. Your product is handcrafted and the quality is higher than average, (it’s great). You do have an exceptional product and it’s clear you will continue to succeed.”

– Deborah McCoy, Television Writer, Advertising, Communications – Satellite Outsource Solutions.

“Sundstedt Animation provides interesting, informative and engaging animations, with coherent and easy to understand messages. All the animations are visually exciting to the audience, in particular, the animation ‘100 Years In Marketing’ which is beautiful and simple. I am definitely a fan of Sundstedt Animations- a joy to watch!!!”

– Matthew Rogers, graduate from The Cambridge School of Art.

“I just like the simple lo-fi look you’re producing. It’s unique.”

– Jason DaSilva, Founder and Filmmaker at AXS Lab, receiver of an Oscar qualification and was broadcast on HBO and PBS/POV).

Louii T examples of positive comments

“Sundstedt Animation scripting capabilities can efficiently help develop a better pipeline for your studio or your personal use.”

– Louii Tannous, Fx Artist, Compositor, Fatdroid.

Hired Anders Sundstedt as a MAYA MEL Script Programmer for a custom MEL Script.

juki-dj positive feedback examples

“This is so beautiful, I appreciate your hard work and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’m very happy with the result and if I wanted to create an animation video in the future I’d definitely came back to you for sure…”

– Juki, DJ, music producer/remixer, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and a promoter.

“This is just a sample that Sundstedt Animation graciously provided to give an idea of his work and how well we work together. Anders Sundstedt is a gifted CG artist based outside Glasgow who is available for CG work.”

– Vince, New Golden Age Pictures LLC.

how to receive feedback effectively

Anders Sundstedt produced several professional animated graphic works for use in testing and marketing. Every item has been of an exceptional standard and has always been submitted within the required time frame. Anders Sundstedt is committed to producing the best work possible for the particular need of the target audience. He readily accepts suggestions and is very open to change.”

– Justin M Watson, Product Manager at ZOOtech, March 30, 2010.

“You did great.”

– Feedback on 3D model work. SNAP Creative Manufacturing.

Chris list of positive comments

“Anders Sundstedt is a great colleague. His impressive abilities in the use of Photoshop and a range of 3D modelling and animation systems are underpinned by a solid understanding of the underlying technologies. This combination of skills and knowledge gives him a real edge when a task requires an innovative solution.”

– Chris Bayliss, Senior Software Engineer at ZOOtech (February 2008).

Worked with Anders Sundstedt at ZOOtech Ltd.

“Anders Sundstedt is very talented both creatively and technically. While working at ZOOtech I often worked with Anders Sundstedt directly and always found him helpful and approachable.”

– Matt Lilley / Production QA Manager, ZOOtech.

Worked with Anders Sundstedt at ZOOtech Ltd.


“Great job Anders Sundstedt. Your modeling and texturing are great. I can see your patience. Love it!”

– Rivai Chen / Technical Director & Visual FX Director (Best VisualFX Oscar Malaysia. HD Consultant).

Consulted Anders Sundstedt as an Environmental Artist for the Feature Film – ‘1957 – Hati Malaya’.

Gernot examples of positive statements

“Mr. Sundstedt was a pleasure to work with, consistently demonstrating enthusiasm, creativity and diligent work attitude. These characteristics will allow him to make a valuable contribution to many 3D design projects, not only as a modeller but also as a person able to communicate and work in a team with the software developers. Mr. Sundstedt exhibited a high level of enthusiasm during his work and continuously kept us updated on the progress of his work tasks, despite having to telework. He addressed possible issues in time and kept himself strictly to the deadlines, often over-fulfilling the demands. He showed creative ability beyond the 3D design, e.g. by visiting a real museum gallery to improve his modeling or by adding his own image material, and was not afraid to take on unusual tasks, such as scripting the software prototype to test the 3D content at his own workplace.”

– Gernot Ziegler, Researcher/PhD while student at Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics (currently Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA).

Hired Anders Sundstedt as a 3D Designer for a project that got published at SIGGRAPH.

Matt positive comments for coworkers

“Anders Sundstedt has a wide range of skills, especially strong in his use of 3D packages such as Maya, After Effects/Premiere and Photoshop. Working close to specifications, he is good at spotting areas which can be improved and streamlined in order to create the best product from a given brief.”

– Matthew Mella, Graphic Designer/Web Designer & Developer

Worked directly with Anders Sundstedt at ZOOtech Ltd.

Nancy H positive comments about co-workers

“Anders Sundstedt is creative and very thorough.
While I worked with him, he was always interested in doing more with whatever he was asked to work on. He worked on many challenging projects and saw all of them through to the end. He also looks for ways to contribute in many ways to the business. Anders Sundstedt is fun to work with and has great ideas.”

– Nancy Halverson, Information Developer ZOOtech Ltd (now Technical Communications Consultant at Manulife Financial).

Nancy worked with Anders Sundstedt at ZOOtech.

John H positive words about co workers

“Anders Sundstedt is an excellent colleague, and exceptionally skilled with 3D and graphic design… everything from his early c64 scene work is amazing.”

– Jon Huggins, DVD Author, ZOO Digital Group PLC.

Worked with Anders Sundstedt at ZOO Digital.


“Just had a chance to look at it now, its amazing, huge thank you! Thank you for the extraordinary effort you are putting in, it’s seldom I meet an animation studio with as much attention to detail as you, I really appreciate it. The quality of the images are absolutely beautiful and truly reflects the effort.”

“Can’t wait to see it, I’ve learnt that if you say its cool its probably super cool!”

“I have been working with the wonderfully talented motion graphics designers at Sundstedt Animation who has completed two projects for us.”

– Arnie Eber, President at WTFurniture.

Feedback and Testimonials for Sundstedt Animation

Feedback & Comments

Adrian W giving constructive feedback examples

“I was actually looking around for Animators to potentially work with. I absolutely love the quality of your art. Absolutely stunning work :)”

– Adrian Wensley – Producer

Ryan W list of positive comments

“Love your style. You guys create some pretty spectacular pieces.”

– Ryan Woolfolk – CoFounder at LEAPframe

Matt M examples of positive comments

“Your videos have a very cool, original look, and I particularly like the use of shadows. Your website is also very well done.”

– Matt Morea, Voice Over Talent


“We really like your portfolio at Sundstedt Animation… Sundstedt Animation is undoubtedly one of the key contributors and actively involved in the business of explainer video productions. We love the diversity and creative flair portrayed in your portfolio.”

– Shaili Sutaria, Co-Founder, Creative Director.

Bruce G example of feedback statements

“..I think your animation is the best I’ve seen from those who have contacted me..”

– Bruce Garrod, Head Beard at GINGERBEARD Media


“I just checked out your site, seen the demos. They look GOOD! Nice work. We might consider something like this because it looks very cool.”

– Dennis D. – Founder

Ian T performance feedback examples

“That’s awesome Anders! Great work. Very fitting for the song. I like the style you’ve gone for and how you’ve carried across to the animals and the way they move.”

– Ian Tyack – ZOO. Digital

Harry M response to positive feedback sample

“I love your showreel.”

– Harry McAlister, Co-founder of AmpleEarth.com

Natalie A positive feedback words

“Love your animations and the unique art direction they have.”

– Natalie Asport

Alfonso R positive feedback wording

“I am truly inspired by the work you and your company, Sundstedt Animation, have created. All your videos are so creative and look really good!”

– Alfonso Rodriguez, business owner, featured in Business Insider

John P giving and receiving feedback

“I visited your profile & website & was impressed with the work that you do. I have bookmarked for return viewing..”

– John Paterson, Illustrator/Designer, TartanBaffies


“I’ve had a look on the Sundstedt website and I love it! Really great style of animation. It’s all got such a nice vibe.”

– Garry Ferrier, Composer, Maple Tape Music.


“We very much like your illustrative style.”

– Duncan Graham-Cameron

shineD examples of positive comments

“I saw your work online. I really like it.”

– Shinedoe, International DJ


“You are very gifted.”

– Shahbaz, song writer.


“We love your video animations!”

– The Spark Group, New York at thesparkgroup.com

Jessica R the value of receiving feedback

“I just stumbled upon your page and saw some of your work. I like your style. Good work!”

– Jessica Rau, Session Singer, has recorded for clients such as Disney, Pixar and Scholastic.

Jessica H performance feedback examples

“…were very impressed by your work.”

– Jessica at Pixel Park


“Just looked at your work, some great videos.”

– Wipster, Global at wipster.io

Brenda R C giving feedback

“We really love your work”

– Brenda Roberts Costa, Head of Creative at Snaps!

B Wilde given feedback to Sundstedt Animation

“Good Website Example! @Sundstedt Studio #Animation UK – Bet site attracts and motivates new clients.”

– Buck Wilde at @HollywoodVFX


“I have worked with Anders on several 2D animation projects. Great animator and storyteller. On a personal level, Anders is a top bloke. He has a high degree of professionalism and integrity.”

Julie examples of giving positive feedback

“Great! Just what I need. Why can’t every supplier be like you?!”

– Julie Roberts, Marketing & Business Development Executive

Shane-O giving positive feedback

“I love your website, seems like you guys are doing some great work!”

– Shane O’Toole, Audio Engineer at Gorilla Post Production

Debby B writing positive feedback

“Fab, fresh + funky, Anders! Well done. :)”

– Debby Barnes at Debby Barnes VoiceOvers

Philip M giving feedback examples

“I just had a look over your showreel which has great animation work… it is always nice to see fresh and interesting takes on the art.”

– Philip Morton, Freelance Composer/Sound and Audio Designer


“I think your style is very strong and effective, it looks great!”

– Olly, Director and Producer

Helen W giving constructive feedback examples

“I have had a look at your showreel, It was lovely.”

– Helen Wu, UK Service Account Manager at ABB


“Your work is very cool! I like the detail you put on it.”

– Andy Castillo Avila, Digital design & animation, Filmmaker


“While checking your profile, I came across about your work which is pretty amazing. I was amazed to see your success in last few years. You have amazing client portfolio for creative services.

– Katie Bell, CC

Darroch M giving a kind feedback example

“Had a look at your vimeo demo reel, nice style very engaging :) Look forward to seeing more.”

– Darroch McNaught, Lead Artist & Founder at DeuXality Games

George gives examples of very positive feedback

“I checked out some of your videos and they look great.”

– George Vlad, Sound Designer, PeopleFun

Nick U on the value of receiving feedback

“Hi Anders Your work looks fab!”

– Nick Underhill, Joint MD at Flicker Productions

M-S communication feedback

“Your work is very good.”

– Marci Selsberg, Partner at Blah Blah Blah

Chris N

“You have an excellent product! “

– Chris Newlands, talkholiday


“I checked out your showreel previously – love it!”

– Lisa Grainger, Director, Designhive Media Ltd


“I watched some of your videos and I like them a lot!”

– Web Video Producer, Animdan

Mallie-R gives examples of positive statements

“Your work looks amazing!”

– Mallie Rydzik, Online Business Systems Strategist

Dave D giving constructive feedback examples

“Nice work! Very polished! I’d love to work with you sometime.”

– Dave DeAndrea, Award-winning VoiceActor, OR

Erla B leave feedback about Sundstedt Animation

“We really did like your videos and we thought they were quite original. I thought your videos stood out compared to the rest of the options I was looking at.”

– Erla BANI, Business Developer M2M Assistant

Girish N supplying performance feedback examples

“I like the art you are making. Your content is creative and engaging.”

– Girish Nayak, Co-Founder at Rime

Sultan B feedback examples for Sundstedt Animation manager

“Dear team, congrats on your amazing work. Have been browsing 100 production houses, you were really different.”

– Sultan B. – Sandler Training, Managing Director, Gulf Region

Matt L examples of giving positive feedback for Sundstedt Animation

“We did come across your work and thought it was great!”

– Matt Luecht, Art Director

R Ferreira feedback examples for Sundstedt Animation manager

“I really like your studio.”

– Raquel Ferreira at Bang Bang

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