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Our award-winning handcrafted animated video production service has been designed to make it clear & easy to understand when you want an animated video created. Here is our tried & tested 8 step process:

01 Creative Brief / Idea:

Process Step One - ConceptUse the simple Get Started Form, give us as call or send us an email to explain the basic idea, type of video, video length, timeframe and budget range for your project. We will respond to your email ASAP (typically within 30 minutes) to answer and ask any initial questions about your video. This basic information will help to then provide you with a ballpark estimated range quote.

For an exact quote, it depends mainly on the video length (to know the actual length you need a voice over script), type of video, visual style, complexity, number of shots and the timeframe. Other factors include the number of characters, backgrounds and other artwork we need to design and illustrate for the animated video. This is why we need more details than just the initial brief, to provide a final quote. The simplest, tested and best way to provide this information is by sending us a simple storyboard sketch for your video idea (See Step 03).

02 Script:

Process Step Two - ScriptingWe don’t know your business like you do, you know your product, idea or service the best. Please provide an engaging script that includes voice over narrative & basic annotations for each scene. Prioritise your message, keep your story short, simple & easy to digest. Who is it for? Always consider the audience you are trying to reach & ensure the video is relevant to them.


03 Storyboarding:

Process Step Three - Storyboard DesignWe strongly recommend providing a simple storyboard for your video, with annotation notes for each scene/shot (based on your script), to roughly describe what’s happening in each scene. Simply sketch it on a piece of paper, or ask and we’ll send you a free blank storyboard template for print. If you prefer not to draw anything (not even stick-men), you can use a PowerPoint or Word document instead, with any reference images that helps explain each scene. If you need help, we can also send you a couple of examples of storyboards from previous animations in different styles. For our animated music video, we have been creationg most storyboards in-house based on the ideas from the client, while for explainer video most clients have provided a rough storyboard sketch.

storyboarding-script-annotations-provide-Sundstedt Animation-production-process
explainer video storyboard

04 Visual Style / Design:

Process Step Four - StyleWe then figure out how your video will be best designed and animated, based on your brief, final script & storyboard, while you can just relax and take it easy as it’s now all being taken care of. We design and illustrate all artwork, characters and environments by hand in-house from scratch. We believe that an awesome animated video needs to stand out and not look just like everyone else’s, so a big part of our process is creating original design and illustrations for every video, every time. We don’t like to cut corners and we don’t use stock artwork, characters or video templates. It takes longer, but it’s worth it to have a 100% unique video.

Visual Style & Design

“It is without a doubt that I can say Anders is a unique animator because his goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something he enjoys to make and has pride in and the final product shows us his love of animation.”
Jeff Rolfzen
The Lark and the Loon

05 Voiceover:

Process Step Five - VOIf you have an important message to deliver, you need to have the right person delivering it. When asking for a quote please let us know if you want us to hire a professional voice over artist (Microsoft, Google, Nike, Pfizer) or if you want to provide your own high quality, professional voice over artist studio recording.

voice over artist selection - sundstedt animation

06 Animation:

Process Step Six - Animation ProductionHere we build and animate each scene by hand based on the approved storyboard and script. The handcrafted animation helps tell your story: You know what you want to communicate and we are here to help you do it, with our own design styles and technical expertise. We are always continuing to work on our production process and design styles, trying out new animation techniques, ideas and methods.

Next we take the animated video frames created and carefully apply our post-production secret sauce, editing and final touches.
Visual Style & Design - Sundstedt Animation - Process Steps

07 Sound & Music

Process Step Seven - SoundThe last stage in the production is sound mixing. Here we add any sound effects to improve the animations, add the voice over track & help you find the perfect royalty-free song.

08 Delivery

Once finalized, we upload the video in beautiful 1080p HD resolution (4K optional) so you can download and use it on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, trade-show, email, sales-meeting and anywhere else you want. As part of the process we give you free, custom embedding code to have it embedded anywhere you want in a single step, including on your website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google & Twitter.

Animated Video Delivery - Sundstedt Animation

Working remotely with our studio

Sundstedt Animation is based in the heart of Scotland, near Glasgow. We have the experience of working with many types of companies from a wide range of industries. We have worked remotely with a diverse range of clients all over Scotland, England, Europe, USA, and Canada. For many work examples of our original, custom-made animated videos, please view our portfolio page.

Sundstedt Animation Video Production - based in the heart of Scotland near Glasgow UK

We are very comfortable working remotely with clients, communicating via email, phone, mobile, Skype, LinkedIn or chat, depending on the client preference. Check out our client testimonials page today to read what they have said about working with our in-house animation studio Sundstedt Animation, based in Scotland, UK.

Working remotely with Sundstedt Animation Studio - Glasgow

Questions about the production process

We hope that you found this process page helpful and that you understand the steps involved. If you have any questions about the script, storyboard, design or animation, simply ask and we’re happy to explain in more detail. Feel free to contact us via email, using the contact form or call us at +44 7531-800-711 to speak to Anders. You can also check out our FAQ page for answers to many questions.

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Get high-class animation video for your business & company at affordable prices.? If you’d like Sundstedt Animation to get cracking on a persuasive, awesome 60-120 second video, send us an email today! Our creative director, illustrator, animator & motion designer, Anders Sundstedt, who has been awarded for creating a Top 10 Best Explainer Video, will use all his skills and experience to make an engaging, creative, original and fun video, with 100% custom made artwork and animations, made from scratch in-house.

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