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Quality beauty editing on official music video

Music Video Artist Testimonial – Janine The Machine

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Anders and Sundstedt Animation. We reached out to Anders to do some beauty editing on a music video and the quality of his work exceeded our expectations. He was very friendly and professional, provided a fair quote, met all deadlines and made rounds of edits to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. We could not be happier with the outcome and will definitely be working with Anders on future projects. Highly recommended!”
Janine The Machine
Recording Artist, Owner Janthem LLC
July 4th, 2019

Video Skin Retouch – Video Skin Beauty Retouching Service – Smooth Skin

Professional Video Skin Retouching Services

Do you want skin retouched on your video professionally? Knowing how to retouch skin in photos is an art form in itself, but retouching skin in film and video is a very different ball game. Blurring the skin is not good enough. Retouching can be done for video and we use Advanced Techniques for Flawless Skin Retouching. This advanced video skin retouch example video is an actual demo sample of our Professional video skin retouching service: High-End Video Skin retouching, Removing Wrinkles, Retouching Skin, Smooth Skin, Covering Blemishes, Realistic Perfect Skin work on a clients latest music video. Please note that this is a professional skin retouching service, it’s not like an app on your phone or drag-and-drop. So if you’re looking for skin retouching for your family video, then you may not be able to afford us, as we do this professionally for clients in the film and music video industry.

Quickly Retouch Skin by outsourcing your video skin retouching needs to Sundstedt Animation. We use our experience combined with the best skin-smoothing technology available.

See the original video (left) and after processing (right). As you can see the touched-up skin is now smooth, scars are removed, without affecting the environment, for example, the clothing, background and foreground elements. Detect faces in your video and apply skin smoothing techniques to skin tones. Our video skin retouching provides the perfect amount of skin smoothing helping you make skin look amazing and produce flawless video & film footage.

Video Skin Beauty Retouching Service - Smooth Skin - Banner

Remote Face Retouching Experts

We know how to Smooth and Retouch Skin in Video and our experience and clients include LA actress skin scarring/blemishes reduction in film and post-production skin smoothing on the artist in a music video production, reducing sweat and uneven makeup. We can do skin retouch on specific scene files provided, or a whole video sequence. For us to be able to provide a cost quote, please get in touch. You will need to preview the shots so we can estimate the skin retouch complexity, the number of shots and the lengths. This will allow us to give you an accurate quote and timeframe to provide our face retouching online service, based on previous experience. If you decide to try this, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

We do video skin retouching as a service

Do you need professional help removing blemishes or acne from the face on a video? Do you want smoother skin and reduced shine and glare from a person’s face? Skin retouching services require special skills, experience, software and time. We can remove or reduce holes on the skin caused by acne scars, blemishes, moles and spots using professional techniques for retouching skin. By hiring Sundstedt Animation, we retouch your video on time, remotely, without you having to hire a freelancer to visit your office. We have experience working with professional actors, male and female. Our latest commissioned skin retouch work was for a US actress reel. Are you an actor that has some footage that could need some improvement? Get in touch.

Natural looking video skin tones preserving fine details

Making video skin tones appear natural looking, but still attractive and smooth, can be very difficult for the inexperienced person. We smooth skin using retouching on your video for you, so you don’t need to purchase expensive software and plugins and train how to use them (which can take years to master). Smoothing and improving skin problems and skin shine when editing video is more complex than when using Photoshop techniques for still/single images, especially when you are after high-end results.

We know how to Smooth and Retouch Skin in Video, including the reduction of some acne in videos. With our beauty retouching, we smooth the skin for you while we can preserve more of the fine details of the skin texture. We use a combination of techniques to improve the skin and it’s not a one-click action. Every project is different, for example, a video with a single static camera angle and background is likely less complex than a series of shots and a moving camera when it comes to skin retouching work.

Removal or reduction of video blemishes & spots

Skin Retouch Example Spots

Need to reduce or remove blemishes or smooth skin textures in your professional video production footage? We can reduce artist/actor acne in a video for you on short notice. We can work on your HD, 2K, or 4K video footage using techniques used by many feature films, music videos, marketing videos and wedding videos. We make sure to keep video content details like the hair, eyes and lips sharp and not smoothed.

Retouch skin in a photograph is a true art form. However, retouching skin in video is a completely different ball game and difficult to learn. Skin smoothing is not drag-and-drop, it requires a lot of skill for a great result.

Quick Delivery and trial project options available

By hiring us, you can get the work done fast and in high quality. If you are interested in a trial, contact us and we could do a smaller test to show you how good the result is before you decide to do the whole video clip. This means you would only pay a portion of the quoted price so that you can see what the result to will be like before hiring us to do the entire clip. Assuming you are happy, the cost of the trial will be deducted from the quoted price for the whole clip, so you’re not paying more. For the quickest delivery, you would, of course, skip doing a trial first and order the full edit directly.

video skin retouch work final retouching subtle effects - Sundstedt Animation

More subtle or stronger video skin smoothing depending on your needs

We use various professional face tracking and detection to identify and limit the smoothing using masks so that the smoothing only affects the skin areas (not the teeth, eyes etc.) If you just apply some filter, then this can also smoothen the background, hair and other details that you don’t want to be affected. A large amount of video skin retouch is not always required, and we can apply a more subtle or stronger effect, depending on your preference. That’s some of the great features of our video skin retouch service, that it’s all custom made for your video clip and face.

Skin Retouch Levels Demo

The latest video skin smoothing technology & techniques

The Skin smoothing that we do uses the latest technology and methods, including a lot of manual work, keeping all the most important features sharp, such as eyelashes while reducing or removing spots, wrinkles or blemishes. Our service is designed to give your film or actors reel skin a digital makeup in post-production. It’s even more important when the makeup was not great during the shoot as our techniques can improve makeup problems.

Need to remove blemishes or smooth skin textures in your footage? We can reduce or remove blemishes, smooth out skin, while keeping hair, eyes and clothes unaffected.

Video Skin blemishes, holes, moles and spots reduction

Skin Retouch - Holes Blemishes Spots

This Face Retouch Online service with skin retouching we provide is a most helpful service if you have closeup video footage of skin with blemishes, holes, moles, wrinkles or spots. So if you want to smooth out skin to make it look a lot nicer for a beauty shoot, we think the techniques we use will be perfect for your needs. The complexity of the work and the cost is different for each project. Some retouching services are more complex than others. For example, the removal of a mole in a video is usually much more complex than general skin smoothing / beautification. We’re a small studio, so our services cost a lot less than a VFX agency and we think that our results will please you. And we’d love to work with you.

Video Skin smoothing previews & levels

Skin Retouch Example - Sundstedt

We identify the skin tones mask the skin smoothing effects to only affect your skin regions. Depending on if you only want a subtle reduction, we can adjust the amount of smoothing you want. We can provide a preview during the production so that you can say if you want the retouching to be more subtle or more smoothed. For example, you may want to keep some imperfections instead of a ‘perfect’ smooth, to keep more details. We can do this by decreasing the opacity of the skin smoothing work we have done. For example from 90% to 75% for a more subtle effect.

We work with either HD, 2K or 4K Video

The latest techniques and tools allow us to get rid of skin wrinkles, makeup issues, blemishes and spots in either HD 1080p, 2K or 4K. Our work makes sure to keep the most important features of the face sharp while reducing or removing any blemishes or scars. By incorporating automatic and manual techniques we can give actors the makeover needed in the post-production of your video. We can retouch both video and single images, either with natural light or with edited footage. Keep in mind to provide the best possible video format and quality as the source. With heavy compression or poor quality footage, the end result will not be as great as if your source footage is great.

natural skin smoothing sweat removal video retouch service - banner

Video lighting and source footage in professional skin retouching

We can work with both outdoor or indoor footage, but very dark footage where the face is poorly lit can be more difficult to improve. Please note that all your footage may not need skin retouching. For example, in a scene with low lighting, you may not see any blemishes or spots in the footage or part of the footage, so these may not need any work. We often find that clients only want or need skin retouching on the close-up shots, which can also reduce cost.

Actor reel blemish removal

We work with actors to fix subtle or more visible blemishes in their reel or film shots. This can be anything from a softening skin or removing a mole. Please provide the footage in the highest resolution possible for the best result. Here is an example of a talented actress reel we worked on to make some retouching in the car scene shots and end scene shots.

“Thanks a lot for the final reel! I’ve watched it and it looks great! Thanks so much! You’ve done a great job! Thanks so much again for your work! I’m very happy with it!”

As video source files / original source footage, supply, for example, Apple ProRes (recommended) or AVI uncompressed, in the best quality and resolution you have for us to download and work with. We have the most experience working with shorter clips that are only seconds or up to a couple of minutes long, but if you have longer videos you need to be retouched, just let us know the lengths when you contact us about your face retouch online using the contact form or email.

Natural Realistic Perfect Skin Video Retouch work

Video Tracking and lighting changes

Our high-end beauty retouching in video techniques include both shine removal and blemishes removals and custom settings. The key is of course that it allows more or less texture and detail of the skin to remain after editing. We can track when the actor/person is moving in a shot and lighting changes and tweak this change. We can also apply some interesting post effects and styles to give a special looking result.

We can help to remove blemishes and smooth rough skin so that your subject’s skin looks better with high-end skin retouching.

Smartphone Selfie & Web Cam Video Skin Retouching Service:

More video retouching services examples, this example shows one frame from a low quality web cam video, before (top) and after video retouching services (bottom):

In this example of our video retouching services we reduced the shiny skin, bright spots removed the door handle in the background, smoothed the skin while keeping the eyes and the rest of the image sharp. The skin also had a lot of red/pink in it and some poor lighting, we also wanted the result in black and white. We reduced the spot on the forehead to a minimum without any manual intervention (not clone stamp etc.) and did some further enhancements to get a great result. This video was retouched using no plug-ins. We also do video editing, cropping and other object image removal services and colour corrections for all popular resolutions including smartphone videos and high-resolution for feature films. Have a phone video that you need cropping, smoothing or editing for social media or personal use? Send us an email and we can help you with this. Email: hello[at]

Video Retouching Services

  • Video Skin Retouching for Actors
  • Video Skin Retouching for Artist
  • Video Skin Retouching for Models
  • Music Video Artist Skin Smoothing
  • Feature Film Skin Retouching
  • Video Beauty Retouching services UK
  • Video Portrait Retouching Services
  • Wedding Video Post production, Glasgow
  • Black & White Video Retouching UK
  • Fashion Video Retouching & Restoration UK
  • Video Retouching services UK
  • Product Video Retouching Services
  • Wedding Video Retouching Service UK
  • Corporate Video Retouching UK
  • Professional Skin Retouching
  • Skin Smoothing Video Filter
  • Beauty Retouching Blemish Removal
  • High End Beauty Retouching in Video
  • Grain Treatment UK
  • Correct Video Tone, Exposure & Color UK
  • Digital Background Removal & Compositing

Getting started with professional skin retouching

To get started, simply send us an email or use the contact form to explain your beauty retouching problem. What most people do is complete the form. We can then follow up, get you booked in for a free consultation and provide you with a free quote. When we are online you can also chat live in the chat window. We look forward to hearing from you!

Professional colour correction / colour grading film look

Color grading for impriving appearance of video - noise reduction

Another service we provide is colour grading. Would you like to achieve the feature film look? If you’re looking to give your footage a look like those found in movies, we can emulate the colour spaces of 35mm motion picture films to get that authentic look of a major motion picture film. This can also be a vintage look or black and white. Other services include 2.5D Parallax 3D Effect Animated Photos, animated explainer videos, animated music videos and whiteboard videos:

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