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Professional Video Skin Retouching Services

This video skin retouch example video is an actual demo sample of our Professional video skin retouching service: Video Skin Retouch, Removing Wrinkles, Smooth Skin, Realistic Perfect Skin work on a clients latest music video. See the original video (left) and after processing (right). As you can see the skin is now smooth, scars removed, without affecting the environment like for example the clothing, background and foreground elements. Our experience and clients include LA actress skin scarring / blemishes reduction in film and artist in music video. We can do skin retouch on specific scenes. For us to be able to provide a cost quote, please get in touch. You will need to preview the shots so we can estimate the retouch complexity and amount of work. This will allow us to give you a quote and timeframe.

We do video skin retouching as a service.

Natural looking video skin tones preserving fine details

Making video skin tones appear natural looking, but still attractive and smooth, can be very difficult to the inexperienced person. We smooth skin on your video for you, so you don’t need to purchase expensive software and train how to use them. Smoothing and improving skin problems and skin shine when editing video is more complex than when using Photoshop techniques for still/single images, especially when you are after high-end result. We know how to Smooth and Retouch Skin in Video, including reduction of some acne in videos. With our beauty retouching, we smooth the skin for youe while we can preserve more of the fine details of the skin texture. We use a combination of techniques to improve the skin and it’s not a one-click action. Every project is different, for example a video with a single static camera angle and a background is likely less complex than a series of shots and moving camera when it comes to skin retouch work.

Removal or reduction of video blemishes & spots

Skin Retouch Example Spots

Need to reduce or remove blemishes or smooth skin textures in your video footage? We remove some acne in video for you on short notice. We can work on your HD, 2K, or 4K video footage using techniques used by many feature films, music videos, marketing videos and wedding videos. We make sure to keep video content details like the hair, teeth, eyes and lips sharp and not smoothed.

Quick Delivery and trial project options available

By hiring us, you can get the work done fast and in high quality. If you are interested in a trial, contact us and we could do a smaller test to show you how good the result is before you decide to do the whole video clip. This means you would only pay a portion of the quoted price, so that you can see what the result to will be like before hiring us to do the entire clip. Assuming you are happy, the cost of the trial will be deducted from the quoted price for the whole clip, so you’re not paying more. For the quickest delivery, you would of course skip doing a trial first and order the full edit directly.

More subtle or stronger video skin smoothing depending on your needs

We use various professional face treacking and detection to identify and limit the smoothing using masks so that the smoothing only affects the skin areas (not the teeth, eyes etc.) If you just apply some filter, then this can also smoothen the background, hair and other details that you don’t want to be affected. Our video skin retouch service is not always required for skin retouching, and we can apply a more subtle or stronger effect, depending on your preference. That’s some of the great features of our video skin retouch service, that it’s all custom made for your video clip and face.

Skin Retouch Levels Demo

The latest video skin smoothing technology & techniques

The Skin smoothing that we do uses the latest technology and methods, keeping all the most important features, such as eye lashes sharp, while reducing or removing spots, wrinkles or blemishes. Our service is designed to give your film or actors reel skin a digital makeup in post production. It’s even more important when the makeup was not great during the shoot as our techniques can improve makeaup problems.

Video Skin blemishes, holes and spots reduction

Skin Retouch - Holes Blemishes Spots

This service with skin retouching we provide is a most helpful service if you have closeup video footage of skin with blemishes, holes, wrinkles or spots. So if you want to smooth out skin to make it look a lot nicer for a beauty shoot, we think the techniques we use will be perfect for your needs. We’re a small studio, so our services cost a lot less than a VFX agency and we think that our results will please you.

Video Skin smoothing previews & levels

Skin Retouch Example - Sundstedt

We identify the skin tones mask the skin smoothing effects to only affect your skin regions. Depending on if you only want a subtle reduction, we can adjust the amount of smoothing you want. We can provide a preview during production, so that you can say if you want the retouching to be more subtle or more smoothed. For example, you may want to keep some minor holes on skin instead of a perfect smooth, to keep more details.

We work with either HD, 2K or 4K Video

The latest techniques and tools allows us to get rid of skin wrinkles, makeup issues, blemishes and spots in either HD 1080p, 2K or 4K. Our work makes sure to keep the most important features of the face sharp while reducing or removing any blemishes or scars. By incorporating automatic and manual techniques we can give actors the makeover needed in the post production of your video. We can retouch both video and single images, either with natural light or with edited footage. Keep in mind to provide the best possible video format and quality as the source. With heavy compression or poor quality footage, the end result will not be as great as if your source footage is great.

Video lighting and source footage

We can work with both outdoor or indoor lighting footage, but dark footage where the face is poorly lite can be more difficult to improve. Not all footage may need skin retouching, in a scene with low lighting, you may not see any blemishes or spots in the footage or part of the footage, so these may not need any work. As video source files / original source footage, supply for example AVI or QuickTime, in the best quality you have that you can upload for us to download and work with. We have most experience working with shorter clips that are only seconds or a couple of minutes long, but if you have longer videos you need to be retouched, just let us know the lengths when you contact us.

Video Tracking and lighting changes

Our techniques includes both shine removal and blemishes removals and custom settings. The key is of course that it allows more or less texture and detail of the skin to remain after editing. We can track when the actor/person is moving in a shot and lighting changes and tweak this change. We can also apply some interesting post effects and styles to give a special looking result.

Web Cam Video Skin Retouching and object removal Service:

More video retouching services examples, this example shows one frame from a low quality web cam video, before (top) and after video retouching services (bottom):

In this example of our video retouching services we reduced the shiny skin, bright spots, removed the door handle in the background, smoothed the skin while keeping the eyes and the rest of the image sharp. The skin also had a lot of red/pink in it and some poor lighting, we also wanted the result in black and white. We reduced the spot on the forehead to a minimum without any manual intervention (not clone stamp etc.) and did some further enhancements to get a great result. This video was retouched using no plug-ins. We also do video editing, cropping and other object image removal services and colour corrections for all popular resolutions including phone video and high-resolution for film. Have a phone video that you need cropping or editing for social media or personal use? Send us an email and we can help you with this. Email: hello[at]

Video retouching services: Interest in video skin retouching over time – worldwide

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