Poka Animated Music Video by Kÿpe

Our latest handcrafted animated music video for the rap artist Kÿpe song “Poka (Good-bye)”.

Kÿpe – Poka (Good-bye) (Music Video) 2019

Sundstedt Animation is an award-winning 2D/2.5D animation studio in Scotland, creating unique, fun and original handcrafted animations for partners worldwide. Kÿpe approached Sundstedt Animation directly to make the official animated rap music video project for their latest single ‘Poka (Good-bye)’.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Rap Video

The result is a dark, handcrafted four-minute 2D animated film. This dark animated music video has been praised by the artist. We make awesome music videos and you can read more about this music video below and get in touch to make your own animated (rap) music video next.


Artist/Band: Kÿpe
Record Label: kylepaulk
Genre: Rap
Director: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Category: Animated Music Video
Style: 2D Animation
Length: 04:12

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Lip Sync Studio Rapper

The Challenge

We discussed directly with Kÿpe about the story idea of the video and what style to make. The artist wanted a very dark, sad, scary and emotional video rather than our other music videos that are usually funny, happy and with bright colours.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Dark and Gloomy

Working together with the artist was a great experience. His script and ideas for the storyline helped to get started with the concept art, design and visual style development. It also helped for when we then created the long, detailed storyboard for the video, for each shot.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Reaper

The Solution

The first stage included deciding on the look, colours, backgrounds and character designs. The main character is directly based on the rap artist himself. We went with a 2D animation style and looked at the story and analysed what would work best for this music video.

The dark, sad story and character interaction was discussed in detail and we provided a lot of different examples and concept art, to help decide on the videos artwork, including spending a lot of time perfecting the character designs and making the high-quality background illustrations for the different rooms of the flat most scenes take place in.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Backgrounds

We had the rooms all planned out, and a scene outside an old theatre/cinema. The story includes several scenes in each room, and they were all to be dark, scary and gloomy. We provided multiple colour grading options so the artist could suggest which of the many options he would prefer to be used for the video.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Characters and Backgrounds Illustrations

All artwork and animations including characters, props, backgrounds, lighting, effects and grading were created from scratch by Anders Sundstedt. The visual style of the animation is dark and all designs are created 100% custom made, including all visual effects. For example, we created our own cartoon style fire effects rather than using any plugins, particles, effects or any stock. This video required a large amount of fire, which is something we’ve not tried to do before as fire has not been in the storyline of any of our previous animation projects.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Fire VFX

We wanted the video to have the right feeling of the song and lyrics. We wanted to make a detailed, dark animated music video with quality backgrounds, characters and animations, using his own personal style. We gave advice on the best way of solving the challenges in bringing the script to life, first using storyboards and then design concepts.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Bedroom

The production timeframe was 10 weeks and it was a very busy period to complete this film within this time. A lot of choices had to be made on the style, technique, characters styles, the shots, camera, lighting and the scenery. We kept the artist updated every step of the way. This openness is how we always like to work with partners, to get input on the design and animation.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Design and Animation

Based on the script provided, we went ahead and developed the look and the later the storyboard for all shots of the animated music video, which was unusually challenging due to the many scenes and shots. We had to work our the exact timings to match the song lyrics and animate the lip-sync and characters and lighting, to get the timing right.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Music Studio

A central thing was working out how to design the main living room, where most scenes take place. We made a few separate animation tests to have the rooms, characters and effects approved by the artist before incorporating this into all the animated scenes of the storyboard.

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We love making animated music videos with handcrafted backgrounds, characters and animation and with the creative freedom to design everything from scratch. It was also a chance to work directly with the artist again, without any agency or 3rd parties involved. This is how we usually work when making animated music videos. With creative freedom the responsibility to design, illustrate and animate the whole video based on the artist storyline ideas and initial script.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Drug Dealer

The music video was completed on time, even some weeks before the deadline. In total we worked on the video for about 10 weeks, including the initial brief, design, storyboarding, artwork, illustrations, compositing, effects, animation, post, colour grading and editing.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Fire


Upon completion, Anders presented and delivered the animated music video and we received a lot of fantastic feedback from the rap artist. This official animated music video is being submitted to film festivals and is currently in consideration for selections and nominations.

Kype Poka Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - Ghost Woman


We are also to receive an excellent, detailed testimonial shortly.

Behind The Scenes

Samples from a character and internal storyboard pages by Anders Sundstedt.

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