Illustration & cartoons to tell your story

Anders Sundstedt is a freelance, independent illustrator & animator based near Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He continues to take on illustration assignments and would love to work with you.

Illustration & cartoons for content marketing

Contact Anders today to discuss projects, rates and availability: or call +44(0)7531 800 711.

Illustrations by Anders Sundstedt

We do vector illustration but we also like hand drawn work which you can see in many of our projects.

Traditional & digital illustration techniques - paper cutout

Paper cut-out styled illustration from the ‘The Old Red Rooster’ animated music video by independent artist Anders Sundstedt

We can create custom cartoon illustrations that can be used for events, to help businesses reach their audience. Our custom made illustrations can also be used for print, website and marketing. We have experience in using our illustrations to tell a story visually and we can also use them to create animations in our own unique, personal style. Interested in illustrations or animations? Let’s Talk.

Glasgow City Council - Sundstedt Animation_(0-00-33-09)

Artwork/illustration from a Glasgow City Council animated explainer video by Anders Sundstedt of Sundstedt Animation

Illustrations, Storyboards and Visuals for your marketing ideas

International Diabetes Federation 2D Animation - Sundstedt Animation

Character & background designs from the ‘ campaign video’ by Anders Sundstedt

Local and international clients

We create illustrations for a variety of clients and can do both digital or hand drawn. Whether you are a large company, a small local business or just looking for a one-off custom made illustration, we work to your brief. We provide a wide range of custom made illustration Services for clients both locally, nationally and internationally.

Illustration & cartoons for content marketing

By creating original, quality characters and custom artwork for our projects, instead of cheap stick figures or stock, we provide our own artistic styles that clients love, for your online content marketing ideas, b2b content marketing strategy and other types of content marketing plans.

Illustration from music video by Anders Sundstedt

Paper cut-out styled horse and postman illustration from the ‘The Old Red Rooster‘ animated music video by Anders Sundstedt

Illustration Techniques

Sundstedt Illustration Services for b2b content marketing agencies

Design & Illustration from ‘Cayman Dance by DEZ’ animated music video by Anders Sundstedt


Scene Background & Character Design for ‘Lush’ Music Video

We can work with a range of styles and techniques ranging from digital to analogue and from pencils to professional graphic tablets, Intuos, Wacom, Pigment Liners and Artist Pens.

Design & Illustration

When suitable we can also combine analogue and digital, 2D and 2.5D elements to our illustrations for online content marketing process.

New ECO-Schools Explainer Video Artwork - Sundstedt Animation

Artwork/illustration from the ECO-Schools animated explainer video by Anders Sundstedt

Creating custom made quality characters for all our animated videos and illustrations services

character concept sketches for online marketing plan

Early Character Design Concepts for animation by independent artist Anders Sundstedt

We specialize in 2D character design, web illustrations, children’s book illustrations, educational learning and cartoon-style illustrations tailored for you. Much of the design and illustration work we do is creating all the artwork and assets for all our 2D animated videos, including all characters, backgrounds and all props.

multiple concept sketches which we then show to the client for their input

With over 10 years full-time experience in creating all the artwork for all our animated videos, explainer videos and whiteboard videos, Anders has created hundreds of detailed illustrated backgrounds and artwork for all the scenes and shots in all of our productions.

backgrounds are carefully planned and designed, to work perfectly in the animated film

Anders is passionate about making custom made artwork, mainly digital, but also sketching on paper, especially using pen or pencil. You will find Anders sitting at his desk, working on the latest animated music video project or company explainer or educational video.

Anders Sundstedt - Artist and Illustrator from Glasgow Scotland

When Anders is not drawing or animating, you can normally find him watching films and TV, doing photography, working on his websites, social media, or going on a holiday in Scotland. So make sure to follow Anders Sundstedt on social media including instagram, to find out what I am working on next or if you want to see some real life photos. (Anders does not play golf, but clients include Scottish Golf and many other local Scottish clients such as Glasgow City Council.)

Illustrator from Scotland - Anders Sundstedt

Anders creates everything from a rough storyboard, to the finished backgrounds and foreground elements. Each shots backgrounds are carefully planned and designed, to work perfectly in the animated film, together with the character designs and character animations.

artwork and assets for our animated videos

This can be anything from happy and bright illustrations, to dark, sad or scary. We can illustrate to match any mood of your script. This illustration is for an animated rap video, with a kid waiting at home for his dad, that never showed up, where the artist wanter a darker feel, not bright and colorful.

Bespoke Illustrations by Sundstedt Animation

When designing a new character or object, for example, a rag doll for a short 2D animated film, we created multiple concept sketches which we then show to the client for their input. Then we went ahead and created this colored, simple polished character illustration for the animation based on the concept sketches for the animated music video content.

Colored Character Illustration for Video

Illustration for a wide range of uses in content marketing

Character Design Illustration - Sundstedt Animation_(0-01-26-07)

Artwork/illustration from a Glasgow City Council animated explainer video by Anders Sundstedt of Sundstedt Animation

We have been commissioned by a variety of the best content marketing companies to design and create custom made, original characters, mascots, avatars and backgrounds used for a range of uses in content marketing blogs, content marketing for small businesses, elements of a content strategy, content marketing articles, online content marketing, content for marketing plans and illustrations and design assets for animation.

Sundstedt Animation Illustration and design assets for animation

We have produced many animated films and videos for awesome content marketing firms, all using our custom made character designs, such as educational, marketing, explainer video & demo short films:

Our range of unique, custom made & highly personal styles by Anders Sundstedt lends itself to a wide range of different uses in a good content marketing strategy.

illustration artwork for content marketing small business

Image from dinosaur themed explainer video by director, artist & animator Anders Sundstedt

Example types and uses of our illustrations

  • 2D backgrounds for animation and posters
  • advertising
  • After Effects Animations
  • animation artwork/illustrations
  • animated illustrations
  • book cover illustration
  • branding and packaging
  • character design/creation
  • childrens books illustrations
  • company mascots / avatars / characters
  • design required for titles
  • drawing background for game project
  • education / educational illustration
  • illustration & design assets for animation
  • kids illustrations
  • leaflets/brochures illustrations
  • medicinal illustrations
  • storyboards
  • technical illustrations
  • toy illustrations
  • vector illustrations
  • web design decoration / backgrounds
  • website/blog illustrations

In case you are interested and would like to discuss your project and get a free illustration quote, please do get in touch today using our contact form or give us a call on our phone number: +44(0)141 800 711. We look forward to speaking to you.

Illustration Services from Glasgow

Character & background designs from the ‘ campaign video’ by Anders Sundstedt

Bespoke illstrations & personal projects

artwork and assets for our animated videos, including all characters and props

We help to widen your audience and help you reach millions of people anywhere around the world. We take on bespoke commissioned work from a variety of clients, for marketing, social media, campaigns, news websites, blogs and much more.

Illustrator Anders Sundstedt creates artwork for animated music videos

We also design, draw and illustrate images for personal projects that we enjoy, such as this sketch of guitarist Mike Campbell (personal project) by Anders Sundstedt, 2020.

Mike Campbell Illustration - Anders Sundstedt

We also do animated illustrations and illustration & design assets for animation. In fact, we have designed and illustrated all assets for all animations on this website. This includes all illustration assets for award-winning music videos, explainer videos and whiteboard videos.

we have designed and illustrated all assets for all animations on this website - Sundstedt Animation

What can be created?

Anything can be created! For example, Facebook/Instagram artwork/illustrations, images for your website or blog, website artwork, banners, animated shorts, animated loops, animated illustrations, screens and backdrops or art for your office walls. Animated illustrations, such as a gift for your wife or husband. A newpaper style cartoon, a single frame cartoon, or a record/album cover illustration.

Illustrations for Hip-Hop Animations with Style by Sundstedt Animation

Feel free to hit us back with any questions. If you want to know more about the benefits of our illustration, animation, design and video post services, then please have a look at these articles:

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