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Welcome to the portfolio page for the UNISON – Raising Awareness of Racism & Racial Discrimination in the Workplace, 2D animated explainer video project. This custom made UNISON animated explainer video was produced by Anders Sundstedt, 2D animator, director, and designer.

UNISON – Raising Awareness of Racism & Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Here are some selected design, illustration and artwork samples from the UNISON animated explainer video:

UNISON Scotland Explainer Video - Meeting
The Animated Music Video Revolution
UNISON Animated Explainer Video - Office worker with her boss
UNISON Explainer Video Sundstedt.co.uk
UNISON Scotland Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation
Elevating Your Digital Presence with Animated Videos
Explainer Video for UNISON by Sundstedt Animation
UNISON Animated Explainer Video - Black Female Worker
UNISON Scotland Explainer Video - Head Scarf worker
UNISON Animated Explainer Video - Intro Screen


Director: Anders Sundstedt
Produced Directed by: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration & Animation : Anders Sundstedt
VFX & Editing: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
VO Script & VO: Kay McKerrell
Category: Animated Music Video
Style: 2D/2.5D Animation
Length: 01:38


The client, UNISON Scotland, had this to say about the animated video:

“I absolutely love it! I am really in awe of the quality and sensitivity you have brought to the project. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and to see that quality that you produce! The committee are also very happy with the animation, thank you so much! This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anders on a key resource for UNISON’S Year of Black Workers campaign. Anders has helped create an anti-racism resource, helping to examine and explain racism and racial discrimination in the workplace. It has been a sensitive project and he has shown sensitivity, compassion and dedication to bringing our animation to fruition. I was a complete novice to this process and he has shown amazing patience and understanding in helping bring my ideas to life. He also showed outstanding determination and diligence in meeting changing deadlines. I would recommend him to you with no hesitation and I am already starting discussions with him about a second project. Thank you Anders, I look forward to working with you again in 2024.”
Katharine (Kay) McKerrell
UNISON Scottish Black Members’ Committee


UNISON handed me a crucial mission: tackle workplace racism through animation. The video, fueled by UNISON’s commitment to inclusivity, vividly exposes the challenges faced by Black workers—discrimination, unequal treatment, and denied opportunities. As the animator, I delved into nuanced stories, turning abstract concepts into powerful visuals that highlight the toll on confidence and mental health.

This animated campaign is a call for change, not just pixels on a screen. UNISON, a stalwart ally, provides robust support through its Race Discrimination Protocol. When individuals, especially Black members, reach out to their UNISON branch, a trained representative ensures their case receives prompt attention.

The video boldly declares: no room for racism in any workplace. UNISON invites those affected to reach out immediately, envisioning workplaces championing diversity and equality. This animated project is a narrative of change, written frame by frame, with UNISON leading the charge for a brighter, inclusive professional future.


In this anti-racism campaign, the visuals shine in a custom 2D animated cartoon style. Crafted with precision, each frame tells a compelling story of individuals grappling with workplace racism. The handcrafted brilliance captures the emotional toll on confidence and mental well-being, transforming the video into a visual manifesto for change—one frame at a time. UNISON’s unwavering support is symbolized in vibrant animation, making it a powerful beacon for those affected.

Diving into the visual tapestry of our animated campaign, the colors and textures serve as the brushstrokes that add depth and dimension to each frame. Crafted with thoughtful intention, this custom 2D animated style comes to life in a beautiful symphony of hues and textures.

The carefully chosen colors and textures are not mere embellishments but integral elements in conveying the urgency of UNISON’s anti-racism message. Each shade evokes emotion, creating a visual language that resonates with viewers on a profound level. The textures, woven seamlessly into the animation, invite a tactile experience, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Much like a carefully composed melody enhances the lyrics of a song, our color palette and textures amplify the impact of the message. They aren’t just artistic choices; they are strategic tools employed to reinforce the campaign’s core narrative, making it a visual journey that engages the audience emotionally and intellectually.


Anders Sundstedt’s mastery in 2D animation and video production takes center stage in the creation of UNISON’s anti-racism animated campaign. With a wealth of experience, Sundstedt brings a distinctive blend of skill and meticulous attention to detail, evident in every frame of the final product.

Sundstedt’s creative prowess is the driving force behind the animation’s overall visual appeal. Through his expert vision, each frame comes to life in a captivating and engaging manner, ensuring the video not only conveys the urgency of the anti-racism message but does so with a unique and impactful visual language.

His extensive background in animation and video production becomes evident as the campaign unfolds. The result is a testament to Sundstedt’s talent—a powerful and impactful animated journey that underscores his expertise in the realm of animation and video production.

Within UNISON’s animated campaign against racism, Anders Sundstedt’s artistic commitment takes center stage, unveiling a unique and innovative visual narrative. Sundstedt, a seasoned professional in 2D animation, infuses every frame with a distinctive blend of skill and meticulous attention to detail.

The animation is a canvas upon which Sundstedt’s passion for his craft unfolds. From subtle expressions to dynamic movements, his dedication resonates throughout, bringing forth a level of sophistication that amplifies the significance of UNISON’s anti-racism message.

Sundstedt’s expert vision breathes life into each frame, ensuring that the video not only communicates the urgency of the cause but does so with a captivating and engaging visual language.

His artistic prowess, refined through years of experience, becomes apparent as the campaign progresses, resulting in a powerful and impactful visual journey that stands as a testament to Sundstedt’s expertise in the realm of animation and video production.

From the thoughtful selection of colors to the deliberate movements of the characters, each element in the UNISON animated campaign is meticulously considered to craft a seamless and visually striking experience.

In its entirety, this animated endeavor stands as a testament to Sundstedt’s unwavering dedication to excellence in animation and video production, echoing the impactful storytelling and visual brilliance that define UNISON’s commitment to combating workplace racism.


In bringing UNISON’s anti-racism animated campaign to life, the collaboration with Anders Sundstedt has resulted in a triumph of visual advocacy. From inception to execution, the dedication to excellence in animation and video production has been evident in every frame.

The carefully crafted visuals, rich in color and detail, stand as a powerful testament to the commitment to portraying the urgent message against workplace racism. The movement of characters, the nuances of storytelling, and the overall cohesion of the animation contribute to a visually stunning experience that captures the essence of UNISON’s mission.

It brings immense satisfaction to share that the client expressed profound satisfaction with the final product. Both the client and the management team at UNISON not only appreciated but loved the video, acknowledging its impact in conveying the crucial message against workplace racism.

This positive reception stands as a testament to the successful collaboration and the shared commitment to creating impactful visual narratives for a more inclusive future.

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