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Posted on Thursday, 18 October 2012
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Book Trailers For Kids by Sundstedt Animation Studio

Book trailers offer readers a new vehicle for experiencing a story. For marketers, authors and publishers these trailers are a potentially book sales boosting resource. Not only do we provide high quality animation work, your book trailer can be high or low budget, be funny or serious. Consultation for your book trailer project is free before and during your project.

NBook Trailers by Sundstedt Animationew animated video content by Sundstedt Animation

Our original and intricate animations brings the books story to life to capture it’s tone. The trailer can be short & entertaining, sophisticated and clever. You provide the script and have input in the entire process, including the storyboard. Sundstedt Animation does the rest! Pricing is flat ratest only, no hidden charges.

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We are here to help tell your story by producing creative animation that allows sharing in powerful, original and innovative ways, to leave the viewer intrigued about the book. Covering the entire process from concept development through post, we make book trailers that are engaging and successful, from novels to picture books.

Childrens Books Trailer

The style and complexity of the book trailer can be more simple with text effects and basic animation. This type of book trailer video production we recommend if you desire a short, fast and dynamic advert for your book. Another reason is advertising your book before it’s published to gain readers.

Another option is a fully animated video trailer, high quality video one minute to maximum two minutes long and offers a full animated video trailer for your book. High quality video production that include text effects, full 2D animation with original artwork, sounds effects, voice over, complex motion design transitions and high quality music. We recommend this production for children books, comedy and crime/mystery:

Sundstedt Animation Book Trailer Production

To read the full article on our animated book trailer service got the this page.


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