Lyric video production service

SOFI K – Fall Back Down (Official Lyric Video) (2020)

Professional lyric video maker for the music industry


We provide original, premium quality, handcrafted Lyric Video Production for your song. We are professional, independent and on standby to help you create a lyric video or music video that can promote your new single. Our goal is to provide the best animated lyric video service online.

Lyric video Production Servive

Animated lyric videos usually shows the song lyrics synchronized with the music. Independent artists today (and well-known artists such as Taylor Swift) really do need to gain exposure in any way possible and a lyric video is a great way to do this.

Animated Lyric Video Service by Sundstedt Animation

Compared to conventional music videos, lyric videos are inexpensive. Lyric videos can cost less than a professional music video production, and fans love lyric videos. The Internet loves lyrics! Compared to audio releases, lyric videos and music videos get more shares and views on social media. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us about our high-quality Lyric Video Production Service today.

Kÿpe – Poka (Animated Music Video with Partial Lyrics) (2020)

Animated Rap Lyric Video Testimonial - Sundstedt Animation

Hire a Professional to make a great lyric video

Talk to a company that provides a premium quality lyric video service and animated music video. Get in touch! We are an established Lyric Video Maker. Our music videos have even been screened at 40 film festivals as finalists and semi-finalists, and we love our work. Our animated lyric video service is a leader in value-for-money in our animation services.

Kype Animated Music Video with Lyrics - Sundstedt Animation

We design, animate and deliver. Let us create the perfect lyric video for your new song. Let’s have a chat and we can check out your song and/or lyrics and your idea for the video you want and look at options and get started. We provide a FREE consultation and quote so that you know exactly what the final cost will be, you never pay more. Investing in an animated lyric video production by Sundstedt Animation is probably the best decision you can make when you need a fresh, high quality lyric video.

Animated Lyric Video Production Service - Sundstedt Animation

Why hire a Pro? Sure, you can spend years learning animation software and DIY, but we have spent 20 years doing animated video and the last 10 years doing animated music videos and marketing videos. We know what works, how to make it, and what makes a great video. Regardless of your music genre and song lyrics, we produce animated lyric videos that your audience will also enjoy watching. We constantly work on improving our skill and we would love to work with you on your new project in the near future.

Custom Made Animated Lyric Video - Sundstedt Animation

Unique 100% custom made Lyric Video Service

What makes our Lyric Video Production so special? We focus on the most advanced lyric videos, we utilize handcrafted artwork, custom, clean with artwork to match your song and brand. Our lyric videos contains custom made visual effects and 2D animations, making reading the song lyrics easy and enjoyable. We don’t do basic, very simple and cheap lyric videos or music videos. We make premium videos to stand out.

Lyrics Video Animation

We know exactly what musicians expect from our service. What also makes us different is that we make everything in-house, no outsourcing, no 3rd party. Every scene in the video is custom made and every piece of graphic element and illustration to match the words are drawn in-house from scratch. We never compromise in regards to quality of your lyric video.

Animated Music Video Production - Sundstedt Animation

We don’t use any stock, we don’t use photographs or reuse any artwork or assets. As opposed to other companies, we practice an individual approach to every artist. Naturally, this means that your video will be totally unique and that is why we can be trusted to deliver a video that will be unique to you. Especially important, we never use stock artwork, stock motion backgrounds or templates.

Handcrafted Lyric Video Service - Sundstedt Animation

US Interest in Lyric Video over time since 2004

We spend a lot of time creating your lyric video

Making original content takes time, this is why we take the time it needs, not rushing to deliver as many videos as we can. If you want a simple, cheap and urgent delivered animated lyric video, then look for a company that makes those instead. We enjoy doing more refined and artistic lyric videos that require doing everything from scratch, using no drag-and-drop, stock or templates.

affordable lyric videos - Sundstedt Animation

We specialize entirely in handcrafted, detailed, and polished videos, they are still very affordable and you usually get what you pay for when it comes to video production! Considering that we typically spend 8 weeks full-time producing an animated lyric video, it’s actually VERY affordable.

Sundstedt Animation - Affordable Premium Lyric Videos

Always consider if you really want a lyric video or an animated music video. There are pros and cons to have lyrics. Here is an example of an animated music video we made (not a lyric video), which is another service we provide. We have made a total of 6 full animated music videos and 2 full animated lyric videos. One of the lyric videos was only part lyric-video because the artist wanted only certain lyrics and words to be seen.

The Lark and the Loon – The Old Red Rooster (Official Video) – 2018

Hear from some of our animated video clients


“Anders was a pleasure to work with. From the outset, we agreed on a budget, timeframe and detailed storyboard for the project. All was documented as a matter of record for both sides. Anders gave regular updates throughout the creative phase and called out where possible any limitations and a proposed remedy for the same. He completed the project on time and within budget and has been supportive in any follow-up and change requests. Anders is a total professional and a talented creative that I would be happy to work with again.”
Chillout Records.Com

“It is without a doubt that I can say Anders is a unique animator because his goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something he enjoys to make and has pride in and the final product shows us his love of animation.”
Jeff Rolfzen
The Lark and the Loon

Lyric Video Service - Best Shorts Competition

We deliver high quality lyric videos to artists

We care about making the best video we can. A recent animated music video designed by Sundstedt Animation landed at #1 in the Irish iTunes charts & the song cracked top 20 iTunes chart in Ireland. Our 5 animated music videos have been screened and nominated in over 63 film festivals to date. We will work with you to develop the perfect lyric video for your song, in any genre & style.

Animated Lyric Video Service

Our custom, quirky (optional) design will bring your new single to life and we deliver on time and on budget. If you have questions about our animated music video or lyric video services, you can use the live chat feature, available both on desktop mobile website versions.

Lyric Video Service by Sundstedt Animation

Looking at online views, it’s clear that fans enjoy watching lyric videos and music videos, as seen by the number of views on YouTube. Businesses can also use animation for their adverts.

Film Festivals Awards - Lyric Video Service

Top notch lyric videos with use of handcrafted animation scenes

With Sundstedt Animation you have the freedom to provide your own idea for your lyric video. We create custom animations for the video and the video comes with FREE Vimeo embedding code and download of the original HD 1080p video, plus 3 FREE additional video formats such as 720p.

Sundstedt Animation Mobile Website

What is the price and turn around times?

All the videos are handcrafted and 100% custom made. A full animated music video or lyric video takes a long time to make. The cost depends on the level of detail and complexity in the artwork and animation. To give you an idea about cost, you can find some ballpark estimated ranges and turn around times on this page.

Animated Music videos created by Sundstedt Animation

Lyric Video Testimonial - Sundstedt Animation

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