The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

Posted on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Promoting Active School Travel – Glasgow City Council Animation

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos – some things to think about

It is no secret that video is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools for any business. If you are dreaming about your business at night and are thinking about ways to demonstrate how your business tackles a specific problem, one great option can be the use of an animated explainer video, branding video or educational video. We work through each step with you. Our custom animated explainer videos are the best way to get your story told. Types: Explainer Videos, Website Animations, Animated Videos.

Taking Diabetes To Heart – John’s story – Explainer Video

explainer video targeting unique problems

Explainers videos are frequently used to target one unique problem and are often in a fun, cartoon style. It’s important to ensure they are fun to watch and to get them interested in the first 10 seconds, to ensure they continue to watch your video and stay on the page.

explainer video targeting unique problems

Explainer videos are usually 60-90 seconds short, informative and marketing, PR and sales often use them for website landing pages, business presentations, video websites and on social media. You must focus on designing and implementing a good SEO strategy with your animated explainer video in order to make your website more visible. You can use you explainer video anywhere you want, including in your emails to your email list and other emails. When it comes to information processing, seeing really is believing.

online communication with explainer video

people today have shorter attention spans

We often work with people like CEO’s, Managing Directors and Sales. While there are many ways to market your animated business explainer video, you can follow some basic principles when you create them. Again it’s important to consider that today people have shorter and shorter attention spans. That’s why it’s best to keep the explainer video short. For example 60 seconds and no longer than two minutes.

Duraflor Animated Explainer Video – Sundstedt Animation

Delivering an easy to understand message

Make sure the animated explainer video script is clear and without anything that’s not important. Try and deliver the message in a way that is easy to understand and direct. Hiring an experienced script writer for your explainer video can be a great option if you are not a professional script writer. Frequently our clients have experience of scriptwriting and want to write the script in-house. We help them review the script as part of the work we do. The script is even more important than the visuals, animations, and design. If the script is not great then even having the best animations and designs are not enough.

Video Script Ideas - Sundstedt Animation

Using bespoke, custom made designs

There are many other important factors to consider for what makes a truly great explainer video, an amazing explainer video: The use of bespoke designs, illustrations and animations. If you use custom graphics and animations, created from scratch, then you don’t risk to cheapen your business brand. That is why we only do 100% bespoke graphics, illustrations, and animations. We do everything in-house, even the character designs, backgrounds, all elements – everything!

DPRAA Animated Explainer Video (4K) – Sundstedt Animation

the importance of standing out from the crowd

This allows you to stand out from the crowd. Visitors remember other designs and explainer videos they have watched before. Yes, there are create-your-own-video-really-easy companies, they use the same re-used characters, styles, designs and they use templates and drag-and-drop. That will quickly make you look like other businesses and I’m sure that’s not what you really want. We suggest you do all you possibly can to be different, unique and stand out from the crowd.

the importance of standing out from the crowd


why we’ve chosen to stay a small studio

If you need for example a landing page video, we would recommend using a small, different, experienced agency or freelancer that creates everything 100% from scratch, at a reasonable price. Not a studio that outsources the production to another country or are re-using images and working from templates and stock artwork or characters. We want the real thing, we want to work directly with the talent/production, we want to be different and unique. What about you?

Grab Your Viewers’ Attention in 10 Seconds

We love to be contacted and this is how

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos are strong. We would love to hear from you and if you are looking to work with us, wherever you are from in the world, we hope you find our portfolio of videos great and you want to hire us. You can talk to us using the Live Chat. Or you can leave a message with contacts details, or you can use the simple form on the contact page to let us know what you are looking for, when you need it by and what budget you have for the project. You get an explainer video service quote free from us.

Our innovative videos are created in full 1080p HD as standard

people say way are unique and different and we are proud to be a bit quirky

There are hundreds of companies that create explainer videos, however, we are frequently told we are different and that our work is beautiful and unique. We do stand out because we don’t want to provide the same style as the typical standard explainers. That is why Anders Sundstedt designs, directs, illustrates and animates every video from scratch.

Fewer Funerals Animated Explainer Video (2019)

We get a lot of praise from clients, you can read some on our testimonials page and you can check out what they say about our work and our services.

We’re an explainer video production company specializing in animated explainer videos. Please keep us in mind if you need any help now or in the future with creating an explainer video, cartoon video explainers or whiteboard explainer videos. Expert personality driven filmmakers for happy clients globally. Best HD Quality Animated Videos for Your Website – Inquire Now! Sundstedt Animation animations are multi-award-winning with over 116 succcesful film festival acceptions including 13 award-winner, 10 award-finalist, 14 semi-finalist and many more.

Power of explainer videos

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