The Black Sheep – Animated Music Video

HAMMER – The Black Sheep (Official Music Video) – 2019

The official animated metal music video for the song ‘Black Sheep’ by HAMMER. Directed and animated by music video director Anders Sundstedt at Sundstedt Animation, an award-winning animated music video studio in Scotland, UK. We create unique, fun and original handcrafted animated music videos for artist and bands worldwide.

The Black Sheep Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation


Client: Richard Puliti
Record Label: RPMI
Genre: Metal
Title: The Black Sheep
Director & Animator: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Category: Animated Music Video
Style: Black & White Cartoon
Length: 02:58

The Challenge

The client came to Sundstedt Animation as he wanted to do an animated music video for the song The Black Sheep with his metal band HAMMER. We were told to feel free to do everything we think is good for the animated music video. They wanted the animated video to feature their mascot called Wrong Way Willy (a skeleton), riding a Triumph motorcycle (British), or a horse.

We got to listen to the full EP. The song is from the metal album Space Invader. Words and music by Richard Puliti:

Black sheep of the family
I’m too angry
I’m the black sheep
You can here me scream loud at night
And now finally, I can say all right
Turning body, I’m the one could be alone
You’re the white sheet and you live under control
Because I’m the black sheep
Black sheep of the family
I’m the black sheep
And I know the reason why
I’m not the last, I’m not the lust, I’m not you no, no, no, no, no
Because I’m the black sheep
Black sheep of the family

The Solution

For the style, we suggested a dark, black and white animation style, suitable for the song, music style (dark metal) and the skeleton mascotte Willy. They wanted the location to include a famous city and asked if London could be used.

Black Sheep - Animated Music Video

We provided a detailed design sketch for the motorcycle and some backgrounds which they liked and said was really good. We suggested the motorcycle should have the logo “HAMMER” instead of “TRIUMPH”.

Black Sheep - Animated Music Video Production

We agreed that one background should include a club with “TONIGHT HAMMER” or “LIVE” written outside it, with Willy outside smoking a joint, like Bob Marley.

Animated Metal Music Video

The client needed some elements of violence in the video, so we agreed on Willy to hit objects around just for fun, shooting into the sky with guns, hitting rubbish bins with a hammer and killing some people in suits with a sword. This video is the first video we have created that has some violent elements. When animating the video we decided to avoid it becoming too brutal by not featuring any blood or gore.

Animated Music Video Production Example

We suggested that Willy could be standing up on the motorcycle in a scene, and the client suggested that Willy could be doing the sign of the horns, a gesture quite common within the heavy metal culture.

Metal Music Video Animation

We also agreed that at the Willy would throw a hammer towards to screen just at the end of the video, fading/turning into the new HAMMER logo. The band used to say: ONCE A HAMMER, ALWAYS A HAMMER.

Metal Animated Music Video Director

This animated music video did not have an exact storyline, so we animated all the scenes and then created a storyboard based on keyframes from the scenes, printing these out and arrange the scenes into the best order, making a storyboard for the editing with the printed frames, planning variations in camera position, movements and zooms.

Throughout the production, we provided the client with weekly updates on production progress, first with updates on design & illustrations, then on animation, compositing, editing and rendering.


The official music video HAMMER – THE BLACK SHEEP (official video) and the new album Space Invader [Explicit] was published on December 31st, 2018 and announced on 1st of January 2019. The video had 40,766 views by 23rd of April 2019.

Music Video Awards & Nominations

OFFICIALSELECTION-TheBeBopChannelContentFestival-2020-Sundstedt Animation-HAMMER

beboptv folmfestival 2020 Sundstedt Animation

Black Sheep - HAMMER - Official Music Video - Sundstedt Animation - FICIME
OFFICIAL SELECTION - TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival - Sundstedt Animation - The Black Sheep - 2019 - Black - 1180p

ficimefestival-2019-program-Sundstedt Animation

Total Film festival results to date: 6 official selections.

Music Video Testimonial

“Great collaboration between HAMMER and Sundstedt Animation Studio for the animated video of the song Black Sheep, taken from the new album Space Invader with the old time mascot Wrong Way Willy as himself. Anders did a great job catching very well the 80’s mood of the band. The black and white colour screen makes the video be more violent than we could have believed. He was in contact with us showing completed scenes and screenshot of new scenes during all the working process and that is what we wanted. I hope we can work together again in the future.”
Richard Puliti

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