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Anders Sundstedt - Founder of Sundstedt Animation

Welcome to Sundstedt Animation, where creativity knows no bounds. Meet the driving force behind our unique animated video experiences:

Anders Sundstedt – Visionary Director, Art Director, Producer & Animator

Anders, a Swedish native and award-winning independent animator, resides near Glasgow, Scotland. With over two decades of professional experience in the creative industries, Anders has dedicated 14 years as a self-employed 2D animated music video and explainer video designer, director, and animator.

About us:

Anders Sundstedt

Founder | Director | Animator | Illustrator | Motion Designer | M.Sc. in Media Technology & Engineering | 20+ years experience and full hands on proficiency with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects

Anders Sundstedt - Sundstedt Animation - Animated Video Laurels 2019

Looking for an animated video? Sundstedt Animation is a different, UK based animation studio near Glasgow. Our 2D animation services are personally delivered by Anders Sundstedt, an experienced 2D animator, illustrator and animation director from a technical & academic background. This combination of academic experience, 2D/2.5D animation, 3D/4D application engineering, games authoring, artistic & creative skills, leads to a unique animation production service to complete any mission and bring the best solution to visual challenges.

Who We Are - Director Animator Illustrator Anders Sundstedt

Anders manages every project, illustrates all the artwork and does all the animation himself from scratch. So you are always working directly with the director and creative with no communication hiccups or 3rd party. Anders can deliver animated videos on time and within budget. If you are looking for someone you can communicate with easily, that’s Anders.

Directed By Anders Sundstedt

Anders is the founder and owner of Sundstedt Animation. Anders has a client roster that includes some big names, for whom he creates 2D animated explainer videos, as well as animated music videos, illustrations and whiteboard videos. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough, customer-focused, has great ideas and animates beautifully.

Visual Challenges in Animation

Anders prides himself in the creation of handcrafted, original, different, high-quality illustrations and animations that make our clients happy & help get the results. He has received many international awards for his animated films. All the work you see on this site was made by Anders – including design, illustration and animation. No part of the production was outsourced to anyone else.

Sundstedt Animation - Now accepting new animation clients!

Some of the best things about Anders Sundstedt:

  • Insightful, knowledgeable and worth reaching out for.
  • Flexible and available for potential ongoing work.
  • Based near Glasgow, UK and available to work remotely.
  • Creates quality, professional, custom animations & illustrations
  • Friendly, good communication, fast email response time.
  • Can create animated videos based on your creative brief & storyboard.
  • Can create your 2D animated video from initial brief to delivery.
  • Designs, directs, illustrates & animates all animated videos in-house.
  • Can liaise with clients & communicate with other members of your team remotely.
  • Disciplined, responsible, and pride himself on having fun creating each project.

For much more detailed information about Anders including a short biography, please visit this page, and for even more information about Anders, you can view his detailed LinkedIn page.

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