Colour Grading Services

Posted on Friday, 21 April 2017

vintage colour grading service - LUT

Colour Grading Services

When your footage is brought to us for a grading project, we apply techniques to get the correct image we are looking for. This would be when grading using video LUT, when using an HD video file as source. Sundstedt Animation can export these converted video files in a variety of standard and custom video file formats for a number of uses.

Are you ready for some amazing colour grading?

Our colorist can perform our more complex grading operations using a conversion LUT, but can also combine the result with the original footage and have other ways to further alter the video footage after using the LUTs. This is a typical process you’ll find in both music videos & films. The final colour grading is then rendered to the destination footage using output LUTs for distribution.

film color grading - movie grading - LUT

professional colour correction / colour grading film look

Would you like to achieve the feature film look? If you’re looking to give your footage a look like those found in movies, we can emulate the colour spaces of 35mm motion picture films to get that authentic look of a major motion picture film.

film color grading - movie grading - LUT

colour CORRECTION Services

In colour Correction we use true colour correction, to balance the shots between each other and make adjustments in colour, image brightness and contrast in your video or film files. We know how to create a cinematic colour grade. You may not be familiar with colour grading, we are around and we can make the colour grade you need in both Photoshop & After Effects, the right way! Creating a great colour grade takes time, experience and talent so this is one of the reasons people turn to us to colour footage. We use a lot of time and layers to reach the finished resulting colour grade.

professional color grading service

NOISE Removal

Prior to doing any colour grading, we carefully process the video or film footage, removing noise presented in the video file. Digital video footage are prone to a variety of types of noise. Noise is the result of errors in the image acquisition process that result in pixel values that do not reflect the true intensities of the real scene. There are several ways that noise can be introduced into an image, depending on how the image is created. Several types of noise and artifacts affect the image quality of images obtained even with imaging systems of the highest quality and the most careful conditions.

colour grading services

colour Correct/Grade for stylistic grades

Another example of using colour correct/grade is to create stylistic colour grades for video. We use the levels and curve effects to create great colour grades, for example by modifying limits of channels.

Color grading for impriving appearance of video - noise reduction

colour grading contrasted style look for cinematography

We can create an advanced stylistic contrasted style look for the ‘film look’. This includes techniques such as crushing low-lights in your footage, generating the resulting contrasted look colour grade. Other film looks includes bleach bypass effects and secondary colour correction techniques to generate a dream-like look (bleach bypass). We use many different colour correction techniuqes and layers and masks to create different stylistic grades for different footage.

Color grading for impriving appearance of video - noise reduction

Cross Process colour Grading Services

We create subtle colour grading and look at mixing different effects and modes to generate effects such as cross process colour grading sepia effects. We know how to colour grade and colour correcting video footage and we also do colour correction, grading, editing and cropping of footage for mobile phone video, for personal or commercial use.

Skin Beautification Retouch Service

Video Skin Retouch Services - Sundstedt Animation

A different service we provide is skin retouching. You can read more details about this professional retouch service on the Video Skin Retouch page. Our experience includes feature film and music video skin retouch of artists and actors.


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