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So you’ve written a children’s book but need an illustrator? If you need an illustrator, Anders is open for commissions. Free consultation available via email.

Traditional & digital illustration techniques - paper cutout

Do you need a children’s book illustrator for hire? We offer children’s book illustration for new children’s book projects and book illustration. Have a look at the two separate sample illustration art galleries below on this page and see if this is what you’re after. All the illustrations on this website are made by illustrator and animator Anders Sundstedt. If you are looking for a book illustrator, have a look and see if you like his book illustration styles as a freelance illustrator for hire when you need an illustrator for a children’s book.

On this website page about our book illustration and cartoon artist for hire services, there is information on commissioning illustrations from Swedish illustrator and animator for hire Anders Sundstedt. Although freelance illustrator for books and web Anders lives near Glasgow, Scotland, the UK, he can work for you as a book illustrator wherever you are in the world. So no need to look to find an illustrator anywhere else.

Childrens Book Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

Traditional & digital illustration techniques

Anders is a traditional and digital illustration artist doing both handcrafted illustrations on paper and with digital pen and mouse using only the best illustration software for children’s books. His interest is in reading, comic books, films, computer hardware and software, digital illustration and animation. A lot of his inspiration to start drawing comes from animation, traditional comic books, especially Tintin and Disney illustrations in the 1950s. Anders is also developing this website by adding new design elements, new features and blog posts. Recently we came up with a new paper cutout style for the illustrations for our latest project.

Quality Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

Types of illustrated books we do pictures for

There are different book types we can do illustrations for. These include: picture book, silent book, peek-a-boo book, illustrated storybook, coloring book, comic book, books and magazines.

Here are some general information on commissioning Anders as an illustrator for children’s book illustration or cartoonist work. If you like what we do and would like to hire Anders as a children’s book illustrator, and you have a budget for illustrations, here is the next step.

“I recently worked with Sundstedt Animation to create an animated explainer video for one of our clients. Since we specialize in live action video this was a new area for us and we were looking to partner with someone who could bring the same energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that we aim to bring to all our projects. Sundstedt Animation didn’t disappoint and was a joy to work with throughout. From the outset, they offered great creative input to bring our ideas to life. Sundstedt Animation guided us through the process to ensure it was as cost and time efficient as possible for our client. Their communication was excellent and Sundstedt Animation kept us up to date on progress at key stages. In the end, Sundstedt Animation delivered a fantastic product that we and our clients are delighted with and they did so on time and within budget. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”
Laura Kingwell
Scope Productions


Commission a new illustration: What is the procedure?

So you want to hire a book illustrator. To commission an illustration for a book (or an animated book trailer), contact Anders, ideally with an email, so that we can discuss your requirements and then when we have more detailed info we can give you a free book illustration quote. If you never used a freelance illustration artist before and are not sure about what you need exactly – we can discuss it in a phone call or email, to help you decide what you want for your children’s book or other types of books with pictures you need to hire an illustrator for.

Glasgow City Council - Sundstedt Animation_(0-00-33-09)

No stock artwork, only original book illustrations

If you’ve got the story and an idea for the book illustrations, Anders can help come up with a style and then will work out the best way to illustrate it. We don’t do stock illustration, which is one of our trademarks in all our work, both illustration and animation. If you’re looking for stock artwork, then you have to look somewhere else. All our work is 100% original, handcrafted, custom-made from scratch illustrations.

No stock artwork, only original book illustrations - Sundstedt Animation

Delivery of illustrations

We normally send you the finished illustration by email and secure free file upload services.


Once we have agreed on the terms of the illustration license, we will start working and send you a rough sketch. This allows you to point out any adjustments you would like. The rough image allows you to check some details and how we understand your illustration brief / story / script. Next, we go ahead and work on the final illustration. If you need a different procedure, this is something we need to discuss at the start, before the work has started.

Here are more example illustrations created by Anders that have all been used in different projects. Starting with a rough sketch, after approval of each designs with any adjustments, we emailed the revised version to the client in full resolution.

Deciding to go ahead

Commissioning an artist that you have not worked with before for the first time is a little scary. This is how we feel when we are hiring a voice over artist or musician for the first time as well. You don’t know what the result will be and you don’t know the artist.

So what to do? We suggest that you look at our illustrations (and animations) to get an idea of what you get. Most importantly, do you like Anders personal styles? Most samples show are cartoon character illustrations for online cartoon Have a look at some still images on this page and other pages like the animation gallery and see what you do like and don’t like. Based on this you can tell me what you like and we can have this in mind when making your illustration. That gives you a better idea of what you will get and makes it safer knowing roughly what to expect. We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have. We want to make you truly happy with the result!

Portrait-Pennys-Farm-Sundstedt Animation


We can send you a quote based on your brief. The pricing also depends on how you intend to be using the illustration we create. Prices are based on factors like the number of copies (distribution) and for how long (for example one year). Other factors are what kind of publication/media you want it for. So please provide the details of how you intend to use the illustration and include this in your email when asking for your quote. An example is that a one-off use in an online newspaper or company website is cheaper than for example an illustrated children’s book illustration, printed in multiple languages and distributed worldwide.

This website

This is the home page of Sundstedt Animation, the sole trader business of illustrator, animator, designer, director and motion designer Anders Sundstedt in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Mainly using colored pencils and pigment in drawing pens, scanning and sometimes coloring and finishing on the computer, Anders illustrates from his imagination and from the scripts and story ideas provided by his clients. Anders has also illustrated on projects for companies including recently Microsoft, Pfizer, and Eco-Schools. Everything from all the art direction, design, illustration, animation, to delivery.

Sundstedt Animation Happy Clients

About Anders children’s book illustrator

Illustrator for hire Anders is originally from Sweden and moved to the UK in 2004. Anders has always been interested in cartoons, stories, and illustration, but first studied to become a M.Sc. in Media Technology and then worked in 3D as an Application Engineer, before leaving to start up his own production business Sundstedt Animation. While the name is animation, a lot of time is spent on creating all the original illustrations and artwork for these short films, so after years of full-time doing the illustration and animation work, Anders has developed a lot of skills and experience producing high-quality images. Have a look at the illustrations done for Lush by The Mother, a very detailed, storybook styled music video where a lot of illustration work was required, check out those backgrounds!

Background Illustrations - Sundstedt Animation


For children’s book illustrations and any other inquiries please contact Anders directly via email or the contact page.

You can also normally chat with Anders about illustrations for children’s book work using the online chat function on this website, both on desktop and mobile!

If you want to discuss other projects than children’s book illustration, for example, animated video, please use the same email.

You can also find Anders on Twitter: AndersSundstedt

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