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“It is without a doubt that I can say Anders is a unique animator because his goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something he enjoys to make and has pride in and the final product shows us his love of animation.”
Jeff Rolfzen
The Lark and The Loon

Looking for an Animated Music Video Maker? We specialise in producing 2D animated music videos

Pale White Guy – Live (Best Things In Life Are Free) Music Video

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Animated Music Video Production Pricing Examples

How much does an animated music video cost? There really isn’t a standard cost for a handcrafted video! We can give a rough idea of prices for a 2-3 minutes 2D animated music video:

£3,995 ($5,365 USD)£4,995 ($6,700 USD)£5,995+ ($7,995+ USD)
Made In Scotland, UKMade In Scotland, UKMade In Scotland, UK
100% Handcrafted Original Artwork100% Handcrafted, Advanced Original Artwork100% Handcrafted, More Complex Original Artwork
Handcrafted 2D AnimationAdvanced, Handcrafted 2D AnimationMore Complex, Handcrafted 2D Animation
1 Custom Made, Handcrafted Character2 Custom Made, Handcrafted Characters3+ Custom Made, Handcrafted Characters
Simple 2D BackgroundsDetailed, Handcrafted 2D BackgroundsPremium, Handcrafted 2D/2.5D Backgrounds
Regular Email UpdatesDirect Contact with Director & Regular UpdatesDirect Contact with Director & Regular Updates including Weekends
Full HD 1080p with Instant DownloadFull HD 1080p with Instant DownloadFull HD 1080p with Instant Download
No Subcontracting or Outsourcing to Cheaper StudiosNo Subcontracting or Outsourcing to Cheaper StudiosNo Subcontracting or Outsourcing to Cheaper Studios
3 Additional Video Formats4 Additional Video Formats4 Additional Video Formats
Video Download & Vimeo Embedding CodeVideo Download & Vimeo Embedding CodeVideo Download & Vimeo Embedding Code

This is a rough idea of our animated music video pricing for a 2-3 minutes long animated music video. For a formal music video production quote we do need more information such as length, timeframe, visual style and complexity.

The Mother – Lush (Official Music Video)

Animated Music Video – We love film and music. What do we love even more? Music videos! Need a great music video? We design, direct and animate the music video you need. We constantly keep improving and innovating, helping labels, managers and artists to create great animated music videos and cartoon music videos.

Creative Animated Music Video Service

Music videos are an exciting form of entertainment and a great way to improve a music video and the delivery of the message. An animated music video can be used to improve the artist website and be used as an effective social media marketing tool: promoting your music.

Cayman Dance Animated Music Video – Sundstedt Animation (2018)

Animated Music Videos Production Company – Sundstedt Animation. We specialize in producing animated music videos. We are available for hire to create a fully produced animated music videos. We help you choose the style of animation that works best with your music video, including any animated character designs. We focus on helping independent artists and labels have the best animated music video made for their song, to use for their website, YouTube cartoon music videos, Vimeo music videos, Broadcast or any other promotions.

animated music video

Image from the above animated music video ‘Lush’ by The Mother.

Contact us today and let us know your thoughts and ideas for your animated music video or lyric video. Remember: With us, you always work directly with the director, artist, and animator.

We work with artists and labels

Our Animated Music Video Production includes artists like Juki – DJ, music producer/remixer, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and promoter who developed her interest in music production by the age of 16 and is now an established DJ, producer, singer/songwriter and promoter who runs her own boutique label called Juks Records.

Animated Music Video Production

Sundstedt Animation has the skills to produce innovative and original handcrafted animated music videos. Our portfolio of web video animations is growing: Our clients includes many different industries including highly advanced research companies, renowned corporations, and start-ups. We are now also offering animated music gifs, animated music backgrounds, animated kids music videos, Japanese animated music videos style, cartoon music videos, animated intro, backgrounds that move with music, music themed backgrounds, country music videos, 80’s animated music videos styling and text to video animation.

SEO – Google Ranking and Marketing for music videos

Data from Google suggest that online videos, stop motion and other online videos can improve your websites page ranking. As more artists start using web videos for marketing, animated music videos can be a great marketing tool now and in the future.

Google Ranking SEO

Attention to detail with custom made animated video content

Cayman Dance Animated Music - Attention To Detail - Sundstedt Animation

As an animated music video & lyric video maker, our animation studio is able to design truly custom made animated music videos. The videos we make are original and handcrafted, to be different from other animated music videos. We achieve this by creating original characters and paying more attention to the quality and details to create an interesting video (that can also help in driving more web traffic to your site).


Quick to reply to your email messages

IMG_5858_editPlease use the standard start your project form to get started and we will supply you with a free storyboard template that you can use for explaining the idea for the animated music video. So, if you have an idea and budget for a music video or lyric video for your song, please do get in touch today and we will get back to you right away, within 24 hours.


From creative animated cartoon/illustrated music videos to motion graphics, we can produce great looking video content for your artist, band, brand or event.

Full HD Video quality as standard – 4K now available as an option

We can offer you custom High Definition music videos, designed to meet your exact requirements. If you have a great idea for a music video or lyric video we can help to come up with the animation for this idea to create the best possible end product. 1080p Full HD is our standard, now also offering 4K video as an optional (contact us to discuss).

Project planning – animation music video

We create rough pencil sketches of character and background ideas to be approved before they are illustrated and colored for animation.

Sundstedt Animation Music Video Background

During production, each and every scene of the video is carefully planned out using the storyboard, animation notes, animated music video production background/scenery planning notes and more. As the production progress, we keep track of what parts are finished and what are left to do, by keeping our own internal detailed notes.

We don’t work with everyone but with any size of client for animation music video production

We are experienced in working with both small and large organizations. We work in 1080p HD and deliver on time and on schedule. If you are looking for animation music video or lyric video promo sequences for an event or festival, we can take care of that as well.

International Diabetes Federation - Taking Diabetes to Heart - Sundstedt Animation - Animated Campaign Video
Live - Animated Music Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
Lush - Animated Music Video
Eco-Schools Explainer Video
Cayman Dance Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Cayman Dance - Animated Music Video
Duraflor Animated Explainer Video
Duraflor Animation
Microsoft Whiteboard Video - Sundstedt Animation
Windows 10 Protects against modern security threats
100 Years in Marketing
Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video
Milo Biotechnology Animation
KiDS Educational Whiteboard Video
KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video
Dumfries & Galloway Animated Explainer Video
Dumfries & Galloway Animation
Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Zestica Educational Medical Animation
Givvit Explainer Video
ARCHIE-WeST Animation
BASW Eddie
Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance
Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance
Track My Beef
BASW-Steven Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation Studio
BASW Steven
M-Squared-Lasers Explainer Animation
M Squared Lasers
BASW Amber
Titan Vision Animated Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation
Titan Vision
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet VideoScribe
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet VideoScribe
Push Digital
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Pfizer Explainer Video
Pfizer [Coming Soon]
Early Riser

Quality not quantity

We are always thirsty for knowledge and we continue to develop our animation and design techniques to keep our work fresh and relevant. Every animated music video production we do is 100% unique and we make sure this is the case by not using any stock footage or templates. To find out more about Sundstedt Animation and how we work, please check out the About page and our blog.

Contact us today for a free animated music video consultation and a free quote

I'm interested in an animated video production by Glasgow animation studio Sundstedt Animation!

Are you intrigued? For a free consultation, more information or a chat about your animated music video production project, please use the contact form or call +44 7531.800.711 We look forward to discussing your animated music video / lyric video project. Let’s make a music video together!

Original Album Cover Illustrations

We also design custom made illustrated album covers, animated GIFs and any illustrated designs you need for your animated music video production and website. These can contain wording and/or simple or advanced design/illustrations. Check out our portfolio of videos for examples of the design styles of Anders Sundstedt / Sundstedt Animation.



“When working on our music video we decided to reach out to Anders and Sundstedt Animation to do the animation for us. His displayed work seemed insightful, knowledgeable and worth reaching out for. Upon initial outreach, communication was near immediate and very open. At no point did it feel like we were off the topic or missing our mark. The concept art stage was incredibly thorough and the initial animations were also very well presented and also very accurate to what was described. Every step of the way he received edits and direction very professionally and very efficiently and always gave options and advice when he saw an area that could be done in different ways or could utilize different techniques. The final product was a completed idea of what we started off to make together and was an accurate portrayal of what we had in mind at the initial outreach. It is without a doubt that I can say Anders is a unique animator because his goal is not to finish a project and move on, it’s to make something he enjoys to make and has pride in and the final product shows us his love of animation.”
Jeff Rolfzen
The Lark and The Loon

“I commissioned Anders Sundstedt to produce a music video for my new single called Lush and what he came up with was simply outstanding. It wasn’t an easy video to begin with. It centered on a story about a blind girl who lost her doll. Anders illustrated it brilliantly, creating a lovable character that will elicit empathy and compassion from viewers. This, combined with picturesque scenery and some lovely animals, made for a stunning video that truly befits the title of the song. But the video aside, what I find really remarkable is Anders’ tireless work ethic. He worked non-stop, constantly providing me with updates on the scenes that he’s completed and the progress that he’s made. You’ll never have to guess where he’s at. I would love to work with him again and I would recommend him to anyone. I must say the scenery, the backgrounds are stunning. The rest of it is lovely.”
Razali Abdullah
The Mother (Band)

“Anders was a pleasure to work with. From the outset, we agreed a budget, timeframe and detailed storyboard for the project. All was documented as a matter of record for both sides. Anders gave regular updates throughout the creative phase and called out where possible any limitations and a proposed remedy for same. He completed the project on time and within budget and has been supportive in any follow-up and change requests. Anders is a total professional and a talented creative that I would be happy to work with again.”
Chillout Records.Com

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When you contact us about an animated music video, please send links to your music, links to social media like Facebook, your website if you have one, links to animated videos that inspired you, and if you already have some ideas for your music video then let us know them too.


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