Wolfman – Animated Music Video

HAMMER – Wolfman (Animated Music Video, Colour Version), 2021

The animated metal music video for the new song ‘Wolfman’ by the band HAMMER. This is a two scene animated music video, with a series of close-up shots in each scene. Compared to an animated music video with a long storyline of many scenes, this video is two scenes in one location. The video was directed and animated by music video director Anders Sundstedt at Sundstedt Animation, an award-winning animated music video studio in Scotland, UK. He makes original handcrafted animated music videos for artist and bands worldwide.

Image 19 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

The official release on the 23rd December is in black and white and you can watch it here on YouTube. At the moment, the number of views of the official video is 24,335 since the release, only 40 days ago today. The original artwork was illustrated by Anders in colour, while the official video is in black and white. It can be a good idea to do the artwork in colour first, and then grade it to black and white in post. For our portfolio, images posted below show the original colour artwork/designs created for the animations.


Record Label: RPMI
Genre: Metal
Title: The Wolfman
Director & Animator: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Category: Animated Music Video
Style: Cartoon Animated Music Video
Length: 04:15

The Challenge

The client came to Sundstedt Animation as they wanted to do a 2nd animated animated music video with Sundstedt Animation. This time for the new song The Wolfman, by HAMMER. They wanted the animated video to feature their mascot called Wrong Way Willy, Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman and The Mummy.

Image 7 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

We got to listen to the full song before starting the work on this video. The song is from a new album. Words and music by Richard Puliti:

I met you long time ago
I can remember your name and your growl
what kind of man are you, I see your body
you’re not a man, in you a change is coming
on and on, on and on
Is there something I have to know?
I don’t know what can I say about that
but at the full moon you will become

a wolf man, the wolf man

I see your body change in the night
what’s up man, are you feeling fine?
wolfsbane, beware of death
your fucking enemies don’t give you rest
your strength’s growing, your anger rise
don’t try to hide, be ready to fight
a silver bullet is ready for you
now run as fast as you can do

a wolf man, the wolf man

the spell is over, no witches around
you’re the strangest thing I’ve ever found
I don’t know if you came out of hell
but time’s coming you start to go back
I see your face no more full of hair
no it’s my turn to give you pain
I see your body in fire
yes it’s me, I kill you with power

a wolf man, the wolf man

The Solution

For the style, we suggested an animated illustration, around a campfire, a dark scene, suitable for the song, with the characters sitting around a campfire in a forest at night. Music style (dark metal) and the skeleton mascotte Willy is featurd. They wanted the location to include the moon, a forest, a fireplace.

Image 20 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

We provided a detailed design sketch for the scene and background which they liked. We suggested the way the bats are added and where. The moon had the logo “HAMMER” on it at the end of the video.

Image 15 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

We agreed that one background should include a forest and the fireplace, with one character grilling an eye on a stick, and the mummy playing a guitar. (acoustic because they are in the forest).

Image 13 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

The client needed some elements of violence or horror in the video, so we agreed on Willy to have cut the head of all other character, plus holding the Wolfmans cut off head up in the air toward to moon.

Image 17 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

We suggested that Willy could be standing on the left of the campfire, facing to the right.

Image 5 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

We also agreed that at the camera would move to and zoom into the moon at the end, adding the HAMMER logo on top. The band used to say: ONCE A HAMMER, ALWAYS A HAMMER. This animated music video does not have a lengthy storyline with many scenes, as it was intended to be simpler video, with only one or two scenes, sharing the same background and characters. We made this more interesting by planning variations in camera position, movements and zooms.

Image 1 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

Throughout the production, we provided the client with weekly updates on production progress, first with updates on design & illustrations, then on animation, compositing, editing and rendering.


The new official music video HAMMER – THE WOLFMAN (official music video) was published on the 23rd of December, 2021. It currently has 24,335 views since the release 40 days ago.


“Wrong Way Willy is back, thanks to Sundstedt Animation Studios to make it possible. “The Wolfman”, the new Hammer animated music video is dedicated to the most famous monsters of horror history. We decided to set the work on a camp-fire, on an Anders Idea, with the well known horror characters, and they got three strikes. We were in contact with Anders of Sundstedt constantly during all the production progress talking about the scenes, mood of the story, background nature and all the ideas that came out and he made them come true. Thanks to Anders and Sundstedt Animation.”
Richard Puliti

Image 9 from The Wolfman Animated Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

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