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Sundstedt Animation Creates Animations for Lofi Girl

(image credit: LoFiGirl.com)
Our latest client Lofi Girl / Lofi Records are very passionate about what they do, sharing relaxing music with the world, through dreamy …

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Seamless Looping Wiggle Expression

I have often wondered how to loop the After Effects wiggle expression to create a seamless wiggle loop for a certain loop time.

There is an …

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Animated Illustrations Music Video for Phyllis Sinclair

2D Animation / Music Loop Project for music video
We made animated images, rich in clarity and colour, to create an animation / music loop project …

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Link to the relative position while keeping the original position in After Effects

If you want to link to the relative position values in After Effects while keeping the original position.
Use this expression:
var p = thisComp.layer(“YOUR LAYER NAME”).transform.position;
(p.value …

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Anders Sundstedt Makes Award-Winning Lyric Video for SOFI K

Swedish Animation Director, Animator and Illustrator Anders Sundstedt aka Sundstedt Animation created the official, award-winning 2D cartoon animated lyric video for the song “Fall Back …

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