Animated Illustration & Animated Loops

At Sundstedt Animation we help our clients tell their amazing stories using animation. Sometimes a single short animated illustration/loop, or even several animated loops (either separate or combined) can be the perfect option.

Animated Illustration and Loops - Anders-Sundstedt

Animated Illustrations & Animated Loops

We can use our design, illustrative and animation skills to create a 10-20 second animated loop or animated illustration. An example use of this would be a single animated loop for the duration of an artist’s new song, perfect for example on social media including Instagram. We can also do animated illustrations or loops for other projects, such as for a website, online newspapers, GIF, company presentations, training, and more. We have experience in doing 20-second animated music video loops, for different music artists, including Lofi Records (Lofi Girl) artists:

The difference between a 20-second animated loop and a 20-second animated illustration is that the animated loop always loops seamlessly at the end of the animation. So, what you want depends on what you will use it for. For example, if you want the animation to repeat for the duration of your new single, then you most likely want an animated loop so that it seamlessly repeats for the length of your song. The example below is a single animated loop of 20-30 seconds that seamlessly loops for the song duration. This one was also animated for Lofi Girl:

Depending on your budget, you could consider having more than one loop, but sometimes a single seamless loop may be better. If you are not sure what is best for you, get in touch so we can help you decide.

For example, we did a whole series of 5 animated loops for Lofi Girl / Lofi Records, for 5 different artist songs, and we received a fantastic testimonial for the work we did in animating these different animated illustration / animated loop music videos:

“Anders is a very professional and punctilious animator. I’ve reached out to him to create loop animations on illustrations. His high knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects allow him to create convincing and realistic animations that convey that relaxing feeling I was looking for. Anders handles everything from preparing the illustration for animation, rigging characters, and adding light effects to rendering the final product. He is also easy to communicate with. He has a lot of experience and therefore has interesting comments and suggestions to offer. I would definitely work more with him in the future and recommend him to people looking for motion animators.”
Carole EDEL
Illustrator Coordinator
Lofi Records

Animated Illustrations with close-ups and variations

We can also make something more complex, for example a 2-5 minute animated music video based on a single scene. There are similarities to an animated loop/illustration, but can have multiple close-up shots, camera zooming in and out of different areas of the scene. Optionally with some different events happening during the song. It’s not a loop, but it is a single animated scene with one environment/background. One examples of this is the animated music videos below for Phyllis Sinclair, which was created based on a single scene and background location, but with a few different close-ups and variations throughout the video:

Phyllis Sinclair – Wawatay Eh Nimihitocik (Official Music Video)

Another example below is for the metal group HAMMER. This animated music video has 2 scenes/parts, but the location and background is the same in both scenes. There are changes to the characters in the 2nd part, which makes it more complex than the first example:

HAMMER – Wolf Man (Music Video – Color Edition) (Dec 23rd, 2021)

We also do 2d animated video with a linear storyline and many scenes, for example a full 2d animated music video or a 2d animated explainer video. These are based on a script or storyboard idea. This is more time consuming and usually cost more as there are a whole series of different scenes/shots to create, often with different backrounds, actions, animations, characters and effects. We cover that in more detail on the animated music video and animated explainer video pages.

2D Animated Illustrations and Loops by Anders Sundstedt

Depending on the project budget, we can look at what types of animations we can create, from a single animated illustration, that can loop seamlessly, to a full storyline animation (a short animated film).

animated loops can be used for many different purposes, including music video teasers, video clips, website illustrations, editorial illustrations (illustrations with moving elements), sociala media illustrations and much more. We can make an animated loop in a similar style to one shot in any of our animated videos.animated illustration phyllis testimonial 1 - sundstedt animationAnimated Clip Service - Sundstedt Animation

What animated illustration service do you provide?

It is very easy to work with us and we supply a professional service with great attention to detail. We design, illustrate and animate a custom made, handcrafted, detailed animated illustration or animated loop. All our animated illustrations are created by animator, director and illustrator Anders Sundstedt, an award-winning independent UK based animator with 13 years full-time experience in creating animated video, motion design, animated music videos and other animated video production services.

Textured Vector Style Animation - Sundstedt Animation

What is an animated illustration?

An animated illustration, or animated loop, is a short animated clip, typically 10-20 seconds long. It can play once or repeat. It can either repeat, or loop seamlessly (a clip that loops seamlessly we call an animated loop). If you only need an animated loop, or if your budget is lower than the cost of making a full-length animated short film, then an animated loop is a great option for you.

Teaser Animated Clip - Sundstedt Animation

Creating a seamless animated loop, is more complex, because the start and end frame or the loop has to match, so there is no glitch at the end of the loop.

Seamless Animated Looping Illustrations by Sundstedt Animation

What is the timeframe to create an animated illustration?

The time required to create an animated illustration, depends on the level of detail and complexity of the illustration and the animated elements. An animated loop isn’t technically a full animated music video, but a promo for an album or a single. But, they can be just as beautiful as a 3-4 minute music video.

Animated Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

For example, if it has characters, if the characters are simple or complicated, if the background is a solid color, or if it is an illustrated textured background.

Short animated video clip service - Sundstedt Animation

The difference between a simpler animated illustration and an amazing, very complicated animated illustration can be huge. For example, a very simple animated illustration or animated loop, can take take on average 5 days, while a more complex animated illustration can take on average 14 days, and a very complex and detailed animated illustration can take 28 days or more. This means that the turnaround can be anything between 5 and 28 days.

Music Video Teaser Animation - Anders Sundstedt

What is the cost for an animated illustration?

The cost depends on the level of detail and complexity. A more complicated animated illustration cost more than a simpler animated illustration, because it has a longer turnaround. Because every animated illustration is a custom made animated clip, there is no standard price. Please provide more details, so we can provide an estimated range and options.

Looping Animation - Sundstedt Animation

If you are interested in a ballpark estimated range, so you are not wasting your time, please get in touch with some details about what you need. The turn around time for an animated loop is 5-15 days, from a simpler to a complicated animated illustration. A very comlicated animated loop could be more, but if the visual style is of a similar level of detail to the animated videos in our animation portfolio, the price is likely to be in the above estimated range. Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to plan and consider what your budget range is for the animated illustration or animated loop.

Looping 2D Animated Clip - Sundstedt Animation

How do you work out the quote for our animated illustration?

We need to discuss the details, such as the clip length, type, visual style, level of detail and contents. When we have a better idea of your requirements, then we can provide you with an estimated price range. You can then decide if you want to go with a higher level of detail, or a simpler style, depending on your budget. We only work with serious clients, with a realistic budget and timeframe.

Animated Illustrations by Anders Sundstedt

Do you use stock artwork, templates or stock elements?

No. We make all artwork and animated clips from scratch. We even come up with the design, and help you take your idea to the next level.Animated Illustration & Animated Loops by Sundstedt Animationbrief testimonial for <a href=animated loops by Sundstedt Animation” width=”590″ height=”590″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-45603″ />All the clips, artwork, illustrations and animations on this website are made by Anders Sundstedt. But, we can even animate your existing illustrations or designs, if you are for example a childrens book author or illustrator.

Illustration that is animated and looping by Sundstedt Animation

Where are you based?

Anders Sundstedt is based in Scotland, UK.

Designer of 10-20 second animated loops

What styles of animated illustrations do you make?

We can do any style, but the focus is on flat 2D animation, with our without 2.5D layers. From beautiful vector illustrations that are animated, to very detailed, textured animated loops.

We can do moving graphics, motion design or individual illustrations (cel-animation). Frame by frame cel-animation (flip-book) is more complex and takes longer to create, because for each second of animation, roughly 12-24 individual illustrations needs to be drawn.

2D Animated Looping Animations by Sundstedt Animation

This technique is more expensive than vector or puppet style animated illustrations. Cel-based animation is often less clean and less smooth, because each frame is drawn from scratch. Remember, that is at least 120 drawings for 10 seconds of animation at 12 fps. At Sundstedt Animation, most of our animations are created using flat 2D style, or “paper-cut” or “puppet animation” styles, with or without 3D elements. This allows for making changes, and using animation software.

Artist Single Instagram Teaser Animation - Sundstedt Animation

Do you also make longer animated videos?

Yes, most of our animated videos are 1-4 minute long. An animated illustration is different from a short animated film, because it is much shorter. Sometimes an animated illustration or animated loop is a better choice than a full animated video. For example, if you have a limited timeframe or a smaller budget.

looping animation - amazing way to create a teaser

For a teaser or social media animations, such as a teaser for a new single (song), an animated clip / animated illustration makes a lot of sense, because the artist may not want to have a full 3-5 minute animated music video. But to answer the question, yes, we make animated videos from 10 seconds to 5+ minutes. But an animated illustration is usually 10-20 seconds.

Seamless 10-20 second animated loops by Sundstedt Animation

Please consider if an animated illustration would be suitable for your project. The price will likely be lower than a full-length short animated film, and the turn around time is less.

Animated Loop by Sundstedt Animation

Do you make single artwork/illustrations that are not animated?

Yes, we can do a single illustration or illustrations, if that is what you need. The turn around time and price is lower than an animated clip.

Animated Loop - Sundstedt Animation

Do you draw your animated illustrations?

Yes, we draw all the artwork, both characters and background and foreground elements. This means drawing is a critical skill to have. Anders Sundstedt both directs, designs, illustrates and animates all animated illustrations and full animated short films. As mentioned in the styles of animations we do, we focus on animation where we don’t draw the character again from scratch in every frame. But sometimes we do, when required. Especially for animated illustrations, because they are shorter, it is more realistic to have some parts where each frame is drawn by hand. For example, a walking character looping, we sometimes draw each frame of the body movement by hand.

Animated Illustration - Sundstedt Animation

How do we get in touch with you to discuss the animated illustration we need?

Simpy drop us an email, use to contact form, or call or use the live chat app. We can’t provide a price in the live chat, but it is good for discussing options are to better understand what you need. The chat is then followed up by email or a call, if you are interested. Then we can provide a quote / estimated range with options.

Custom Made Looping Animation by Sundstedt Animation

Feel free to hit us back with any questions. If you want to know more about the benefits of our illustration, animation, design and video post services, then please have a look at these articles:

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