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Title Sequence Design - Anders Sundstedt

Main Title Sequence / Opening Sequence for Film

Stunning Animated Title Sequences for Film and TV by Sundstedt Animation. I specialize in creating captivating title sequences for film, short film, TV, video games, conferences, and other media projects. My services include main title sequences, film opening titles, intros, movie title sequences, and 2D animation. My title sequences are designed to captivate your audience from the start and set the tone for your project. Don’t just take my word for it – hear from my happy clients! With years of experience and a passion for design, I am the go-to choice for all your title sequence needs. Contact me today to learn more.

Title Sequence Design - Sundstedt Animation

In addition to my title sequence services, I specialize in creating short animated films that bring your vision to life. Whether you need an animated music video, lyric video, explainer video, or whiteboard video, I can help. My short animated films are designed to engage and inspire your audience, and help you stand out in today’s competitive media landscape. With years of experience and a passion for storytelling, I have the skills and expertise to bring your ideas to life. Check out some of my past projects to see what I can do for you.

Feature Film Main Title Sequence Designer - Sundstedt Animation

Anders Sundstedt – Award-Winning Title Sequence Designer

Anders Sundstedt - Sundstedt Animation Profile Photo

Anders Sundstedt is a highly skilled and award-winning Director, Designer, Animator, and Illustrator, specializing in film and TV title sequences created using 2D animation and motion graphics design from his home studio. With years of experience and a passion for creativity, Anders is a leading expert in the online video industry and film.

Title Sequence Design - 13 - Sundstedt Animation

As a talented art director, concept artist, and 2D animator, Anders has worked at the highest level in the animation industry, creating beautiful, detailed short animated films and videos, including animated music videos, explainer videos, and other animation projects. His expertise and vision have earned him many accolades, and he continues to push the boundaries of creativity in animation and design.

Main title sequence design for film - Sundstedt Animation

Anders’ approach focuses on originality, design, atmosphere, relevance, and technique. He enjoys being challenged and is always ready to discuss new ideas for title sequence design. Anders is responsible for creating the opening title sequences in films and television shows, and all the animated videos on his portfolio are designed, directed, illustrated, and animated by him.

If you’re looking for an outstanding title sequence designer, get in touch with Anders Sundstedt to see how he can help you bring your project to life.

Animated Title Sequence - Client Quotes

Opening Title Designer - Sundstedt Animation

With his exceptional skills and talent, Anders Sundstedt is the go-to artist for anyone seeking high-quality and visually stunning title sequences in film and television. Contact him today to discuss your project!

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Catch a glimpse Official Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
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The Black Sheep - Animated Music Video
Glasgow University SHLC Animated Educational Video by Sundstedt Animation (21)
Glasgow University - Animated Educational Video
HAMMER - Wolfman (Music Video) - Sundstedt Animation
Wolfman - Animated Music Video (loops)
Phylli Sinclair - Sundstedt Animation
Phyllis Sinclair – Animated Music Video (Loop)
Title Sequences by Sundstedt Animation
Lofi Girl - Animated Music Video Loops
Microsoft Whiteboard Video - Sundstedt Animation
Microsoft - Windows Whiteboard Video
Windows Enterprise med Software Assurance
Windows Enterprise Software Assurance - Whiteboard Video
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows Defender - Whiteboard Video
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Windows As A Service - Whiteboard Video
Kom igång med Windows i molnet - VideoScribe - Anders Sundstedt
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Duraflor - Animated Explainer Video
BLS Animation - Sundstedt Animation
British Sign Language - Animated Infographics
100 Years in Marketing Explainer Video - Sundstedt Animation
100 Years in Marketing - Animated Explainer Video
Triple Card Holder - Sundstedt Animation
Triple Card Holder - Introduction Video

Opening Title Sequence Design

As of the beginning of the 21st century, title sequences can be found bookending a variety of media besides film and television including video games, conferences, and even music videos.

A title sequence (also called an opening sequence or intro) is the method by which films or television programs present their title, and key production and cast members, utilizing conceptual visuals and sound. It typically includes (or begins) the text of the opening credits, and helps establish the setting and tone of the program. It may consist of live action, animation, music, still images, and/or graphics. In some films, the title sequence is preceded by a cold open.

film and television title sequence designer - Sundstedt Animation

The importance of a title sequence

Opening titles sequences are important. Not only because they give credit where it’s due, but also because they are designed to capture the essence of a film or TV show’s story. The style, music, imagery, typography, and text animation of the opening sequence all work together to create a brilliant fusion between graphic design and filmmaking.

Title Sqeuence Designer - Netflix - Stranger Things

The opening titles sequence of a film or television show is meant to set the mood for the audience and establish a tone for the presentation to follow. Depending on the budget of the production, this sequence may be very elaborate or quite simple.

Winner - Award of Recognition - Music Video - Best Shorts Competition - Music Video

Title Sequences Services for Film & TV

Film Title Sequence

Title sequences are much easier to make compared to the early days of Saul Bass, with the advancements in animation software. There are even templates from which video editors can just replace the text and images complete new title sequence in about an hour, instead of months of work. However, that is not what we do. We create handcrafted title sequence designs, using digital animation, but no stock images or templates. In fact, we specialize in creating only 100% custom made film and TV title sequences, using our own styles, designs, graphics and animations.

Film Title Sequence Animation - Sundstedt Animation

Title Sequence Design Styles

We have moved away from 3D animation in our production work. We really love the more natural, hand-cut styles of Saul Bass’s early title design work, and we focus on handcrafted 2D and 2.5D animated and paper cut-out styles. We like organic but stylish designs, with a mix of motion graphic & 2D/2.5D animation. They can be abstract, change colour in time to the music, have graphics, illustration, colours and shapes.

Main Title Sequence Design - Sundstedt Animation

At our title sequence design services, we specialize in crafting unique and custom-made title sequences that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a modern-day title sequence or a classic one, we have the expertise to create the perfect design for you. Unlike other companies that rely on templates, we don’t cut corners when it comes to creating title sequences. Anders Sundstedt will work with you to create a personalized and distinctive title sequence that sets your project apart from the rest.

art of the title sequence - Sundstedt Animation

Main Title Sequence Design Process

At our studio, we bring your vision to life through animation. We start by scheduling an online meeting with the director and editor to discuss the film’s style, period, and other relevant themes. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or are open to suggestions, we work closely with you to ensure your title sequence perfectly captures the essence of your film.

title sequence ideas - graphic design titles

Before we begin working on your title sequence, we’ll need to confirm if any additional live action footage needs to be shot or if animation alone will suffice. While we’re an animation studio and don’t shoot, edit, or direct live action footage, we can incorporate it into the title sequence if you provide a script and storyboard for it. At Sundstedt Animation, we’re committed to creating high-quality and visually appealing title sequences that meet your specific needs and requirements.

film title sequence storyboard - Sundstedt Animation

Before finalizing the title design, we submit sequence designs to the director for approval. Our process typically begins with a rough storyboard, which we create based on the director’s initial sketches. From there, we develop rough motion graphics and present preview storyboards or animatics to the director. If the director approves the concept, we refine and build upon it to arrive at a final, polished product. You can learn more about our storyboarding services by visiting our storyboards page.

Title Sequence Design Process - Sundstedt Animation

The development process may take several weeks (or months) to complete, depending on the budget, timeframe, complexity, visual style and technique. The finished work is transferred to digital files and sent to the editing department to be cut and composited into the film or video.

Title Sequence Feature Film Service

Are you interested in a title sequence for your film or tv show? Life is too short to put out a boring title sequence! What most people do is complete this form. We can then follow up, get you booked in for a free consultation and provide you with a free quote.

Title Sequence Design Services

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Title Sequence for short film - Sundstedt Animation

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