SOFI K – Fall Back Down (Official Lyric Video)

Anders Sundstedt is the creative force behind the award-winning official animated lyric music video for “Fall Back Down” by SOFI K. If you’re an artist, musician, producer, or agent with a keen interest in a professionally crafted animated music video or animated lyric video for your own musical composition, feel free to reach out today!

Witness the Official Lyric Video for SOFI K – Fall Back Down

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The video’s direction, design, storyboarding, illustration, animation, and editing were all masterfully executed by Anders Sundstedt at Sundstedt Animation.
Sofi K - Sundstedt Animation Music Videos

Complete Credits for the Lyric Video

Artist: SOFI K
Album: WAR
Video Category: 2D Animated (Lyric) Music Video
Video Director: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Video Synopsis: Bryce Harding
Design & Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Artwork & Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Editor: Anders Sundstedt
Post: Anders Sundstedt
Color Grading: Anders Sundstedt
Record Label: Edge Blue Records

Film Festival Awards & Nominations

This area is updated frequently as festival notifications arrive. So far, Anders Sundstedt has received 18 awards winner, awards finalist or official selections in the best music video category, director music video and cinematography for this music video:

Award winner - Anders Sundstedt

Award - IndieX - Fall Back Down - Anders Sundstedt - 2021

Finalist - IMVA - Sundstedt Animation 2021

Best Cinematography - IMVA - Anders Sundstedt 2021

Best Director Music Video - IMVA - Anders Sundstedt 2021

Best Male Director Music Video - IMVA 2021 - Anders Sundstedt

Long Story Short Best Music Video Nominee Finalist Certificate Sundstedt Animation

Long Story Shorts Finalist Nominee Award Laurel Sundstedt Animation 2020

new york animation film awards 2022 semi-finalist Sundstedt Animation

Film Festival Awards - Sofi K - Sundstedt Animation

Fall Back Down Lyric Video Film Festival Awards - Sundstedt Animation

Anders Sundstedt received the awards finalist for Best Music Video from the Long Story Shorts international film festival (October, 2020), the finalist nominee award for Best Music Video at Feel The Reef International Film Festival, Glasgow (2020), semi finalist at the Couch Film Festival (2020), and 11 other official selections from other films festivals in the Best Music Video category, director music video, male director music video and cinematography (2020-2021).

Film Festival Notes

The film festival Sunday Shorts Films provided the following submission notes: “Catchy music and beautiful voice. The animation is well edited and has a good pace to it accentuating the rhythm of the song. There are some nicely framed shots and well-depicted scenes. The words on the screen also fit the overall style of the video and encourage you to sing along with the video..”
Sunday Shorts
Sunday Shorts Film Festival


“Anders is an amazing artist and animator! I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a song I produced for Sofi K called “Fall Back Down.” The level of hard work and detail that he put into our music video was unbelievable. He is communicative and gives you detailed descriptions and options of ways to make something work. We sent him examples of some of the imagery, tone, and feel that we were looking for in our animation and he was able to masterfully incorporate these things in. We were blown away by his talent and the way our video came out. I think Anders is doing great things in the world of animation and will continue to impress the people he collaborates with. I’m hoping to work with him again in the future.”
Bryce Harding

SOFI K - Fall Back Down Lyric Video Screenshot

This is the official lyric video for SOFI K “Fall Back Down”. The video was animated and illustrated from scratch by Anders Sundstedt. You can stream the single on Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

SOFI K Fall Back Down - Film Festival Laurels - Sundstedt Animation

We have already received a lot of kind words from fans and a “Huge thank you to Sundstedt Animation!” from SOFI K and producer.

Award-Winning Animated Lyric Videos by Sundstedt Animation

It’s been a great experience making this premium 2D animated lyric video and we really enjoyed it. We are so excited to finally see it online for everyone else to watch. We have also posted some images from the video on Instagram and Twitter. This post will be updated with more information when more details are available on views and any awards. Don’t forget to check out our other 9 animated music videos for more examples of the work of Anders Sundstedt.

Handcrafted Lyric Videos by Sundstedt Animation

Behind The Scenes

Sample frames from shots with example storyboard sketches and notes for this lyric video by Anders Sundstedt (2020).

Animated Lyric Video Production Service - Sundstedt Animation
Animated Lyric Video Service by Sundstedt Animation
Title Sequence Design - Anders Sundstedt

If you have a new song and are serious about making an animated music video or lyric video for your new song, please do send me an email with details, to discuss options. Thanks for reading and visiting Sundstedt Animation, we really appreciate your interest. Hopefully, we can do an awesome lyric video together sometime!

Lyric Videos Director - Glasgow Scotland

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