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Non-profit Explainer Video: We create animated explainer videos and motion graphics telling important stories to get your message across.

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We build explainer videos for UK and international non-profit organisations. We are excited to get a chance to work on animated explainer videos for nonprofits and charities all over the world. We build animated videos and motion graphics that tells a story to get your important message across.

We are an experienced, specialized animation production studio who create quality, handcrafted, custom made, bespoke explainer animations, animated educational videos and motion graphics.

Are you interested in an Animated Explainer Video For A Non- Profit or charity organization? Check out our unique, original animated video portfolio and read client testimonials. We do all the work in-house, we don’t outsource the production work.

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“I got the video. I watched it 3 times already. It is absolutely fantastic. You have exceed our expectations. Our team loved the video. Everyone is talking about when we can start working on the second video with you. I do understand the commitment and dedicated effort you put on this video. It really shows in your work. You have given more than expected for our project. We are very fortunate to find you. You have been very professional and thorough in asking tons of questions upfront. Your speed has helped us overcome our setbacks. Thanks again for everything.”

– Jay Ponnada, Entrepreneur, Dibbee LLC.

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