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Posted on Monday, 30 November 2015
Work in progress images from our new childrens dinosaur animation
The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

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We have received a great testimonial about Animated Music Video Production for ‘The Mother’. The Testimonial from our client is about Sundstedt Animations first 2d-animated music video for a band. We are very pleased with this testimonial because this and the animated video will really help by having a great sample video and a lot of positive feedback to show for, hopefully raising interest from other musicians and bands out there that are looking for a video for their song.

Sundstedt Animation is always looking to improve further and we intend to become the one stop shop for all you Animated Music Video & Explainer Video needs. These videos can range from traditional cel animation to digital 2d-animation or stop-motion, with the option of 3D elements. Most existing animations from Sundstedt Animation are in 2.5D, which is basically 3D but with a 2D style, lights, shadows and careful attention to the smallest details.

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“I commissioned Anders Sundstedt to produce a music video for my new single called Lush and what he came up with was simply outstanding. It wasn’t an easy video to begin with. It centered on a story about a blind girl who lost her doll. Anders illustrated it brilliantly, creating a lovable character that will elicit empathy and compassion from viewers. This, combined with picturesque scenery and some lovely animals, made for a stunning video that truly befits the title of the song. But the video aside, what I find really remarkable is Anders tireless work ethic. He worked non-stop, constantly providing me with updates on the scenes that he’s completed and the progress that he’s made. You’ll never have to guess where he’s at. I would love to work with him again and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Music videos are en exciting form of entertainment and a great way to improve a music video and the delivery of the message. An animated music video can be used to improve the artist website and be used as an effective social media marketing tool: promoting your music!


We are available to create a fully produced animated music video, helping you choose the style of animation that works best with your music video, including any character designs. We focus on helping independent artists and labels have a music video made for their song, to use for their website, YouTube, Vimeo, Broadcast or any other channels and promotions.

Contact us today and let us know your thoughts an ideas for your animated music video. Remember: With us you always work directly with the director, artist and animator.


Sundstedt Animation has the skills to produce innovative and original handcrafted animated music videos. Our portfolio of web video animations are growing: Our clients includes many different industries including highly advanced research companies, renowned corporations and start-ups.

Sundstedt Animation is a content production studio in Glasgow, Scotland, with a growing reputation for creating exciting, fun and attractive work to bring clients’ stories to life and make people smile. We are also affordable, have premium quality and customer service.


Feel free to contact us directly at +44(0)7531-800-711 and have a chat with us and tell us more about what type of video you need for your business. Let’s make a video together!

Sundstedt Animation Website: for more information, reel, portfolio and a blog with updates and video tips and tricks.

Animated music video production service

We also made an image version of the testimonial for other social media channels such as Twitter & Google+ page in a matching color with our website:



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Work in progress images from our new childrens dinosaur animation
The Power of Animated Explainer Videos
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