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Posted on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Animated Cartoon Video for Rap Songs

Sundstedt Animation Rap Video Production Company

We make handcrafted animated rap music and hip-hop videos. An animated rap music video is a short film that integrates a rap song with animated imagery and is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Over the years, there’s been an abundance of ingenious uses of animation for developing great rap and hip-hop music videos. Animation techniques vary from 2D animation to claymation to animé to cell-based animation. Sundstedt Animation focuses on 2.5D computer graphics or 2D animation.

Animated Rap Videos Production Service

How long does it take?

Generally, our average time to produce an animation of around 3.5 minutes is 8-12 weeks. The time taken depends largely on the animation style you’d like to use, for example, 2D cartoon with characters, whiteboard, lyric video or a combination of lyric video and elaborate graphics, animated elements or motion design.

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A 2D Animated video typically takes much longer than for example a simple lyric video, especially of the lyric videos is entirely lyrics or kinetic typography, not with illustrations such as character animations or other animated elements.

Our 2D animated music videos

We focus on story-based, 2D animated short film music videos, with an actual storyline, based on a script and/or a storyboard. If you want, can even add lyric elements for important words in your song lyrics, or we can make a 2D animation that is not a story, but rather a collection of different looping sequences, that can be in any order and with elements repeated. It can even be more surreal and graphical, compared to a character-based cartoon. It can also be a combination of both.

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Differences between 2D animation and lyric videos

What makes a 2D cartoon based animated music video different compared to a lyric video, is that a 2D animated cartoon style video is more like a short film, a story-based 2D animation often has a (linear) storyline, often based on the lyrics and mood of the song, often with detailed characters and background artwork, like seen in this black and white music video we created.

The Black Sheep Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation

It’s a lot more work than a kinetic or motion design lyric video in our experience. Simply because animating letters is not as complex as designing and animating characters and backgrounds and composing these for every scene for the video. Lyric videos are often simpler, but can still be complex to make if they are 100% custom made. Lyric videos often tend to have no storyline or scenes and the same sequences are often looped and/or repeated throughout the video, while in a 2D animated cartoon, the same shots and scenes are rarely or never repeated, since it is basically a short animated film with a story with a start and an end.

The Importance of Animation and Illustrations for Business Website Owners

Different kinds of lyric videos

A good online example of a successful graphical, handcrafted lyric video is the lyric video for Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”. It has both organic, hand-drawn styled text elements for the lyrics and other 2D animated elements combined, such as some character animations and other 2D animated elements and graphic design, making it more complex and artistic.

Why we are not using templates or online video makers

We love animated music videos and we never use 2D animation templates, stock artwork, stock characters or online video makers because then the video is neither original, different or custom made. It will look the same as competition using these templates or stock and will lack any originality by using those automation or template-based methods. There are common digital kinetic typography lyric videos that are not hand-crafted or custom made or some which have even been created using some online lyric video maker or lyric video template. It’s a bit like if you had a computer compose your song and/or write the lyrics for you. We don’t like that kind of videos, it’s against everything we do.

Custom Made Music Videos by Sundstedt Animation

Sure, if you have no budget and still want a lyric video, you could use a method like that, but it’s not something we would recommend. We would prefer to just have one custom made still image for a music video instead of a lyric video or 2D animated video that wasn’t made from scratch.

From your script to storyboard to animation

We can take your idea and turn it to an animated video. The best way to share your vision is to write a script, ideally, with a simple storyboard and timecodes, that outlines the story and the timing/length of each scene and shot. For music videos, we usually create the finished storyboard, based on your sketched storyboard and script, so we know in more detail what artwork we need to design and animate for each shot.


Why are music videos still important from inside the industry?

There are likely a few reasons for this. Music videos are still an important jumping-off point for directors to hone and explore their creativity. They give young talent an opportunity to break into different areas of the film industry — they are still very much one way in.

Rap Songs Music Video Service

Representing the artist

A high-quality animated cartoon video for a rap song or music video can represent you as an artist really well. A perfect fit for the song! If you do not have the budget for a filmed music video, using professional animators like Sundstedt Animation can be a great way to get the job done. Anders has successfully created 7 animated music videos for artists in-house and with great feedback and testimonials.

Animated Rap Music Video


Who pays for an artist’s music videos? It can range from the artist themselves, the producer or the record company. For our 7 animated music videos we made so far, the payment has been made by the artists themselves. Our payment terms are 50% upfront and the rest on delivery.

Sundstedt Animation Animated Rap Music Video Service - Poka

High Quality and 4K available as an option

We make high-quality, premium rap music videos, usually story-based cartoon short films to help market your new song. You provide a script or storyboard and we take care of the rest while you can just sit back, but still, be involved in the production when we may ask you for feedback on for example the artwork or character design. For example, we may provide you with options in colour grading and styles and take that into account when we develop the video.

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We’re here to help you!

If you are interested and have questions about a rap video, we can guide you through the process and provide a quote free of charge, based on the information we need from you like the length, timeframe, style and script (or storyboard). Perhaps you have an idea for the character or characters to work with the lyrics of the song? We can make any characters you want, from rappers to rockers to devils or skeletons, there are no limits. We can even make a cartoon version of you! The video can funny, creepy, scary, sad, weird, mad, abstract, artful, cheesy or any combination you are looking for. We can make animated animals, talking objects or talking characters, walking or running characters, moving or still backgrounds. Just tell us what you are looking for and we can come up with the design based on your idea and references. And sure, the video might have bling, fire and explosions!

trippy animated music videos

Any location

We can locate the animated video anywhere you want, for example, we have made animated videos based on an island, in London, in a scary livingroom or flat, outdoors, indoors, in a forest or even in a faraway galaxy or in our own solar system. One of our latest animated music videos were located in outer space, on other planets.

Artist or a band wanting an animated music video

Rap Songs Animated Music Video Production Service

Many filmed full-length rap songs music videos in the industry usually have large budgets. But using a 2D animated video from Sundstedt Animation, you can get a very professional music video for less. So, get in touch today to find out if we are available and to discuss your idea for a rap music video! It could change your career as an artist!

Winner Award Of Recognition Sundstedt Animation Music Video

Other reasons to make an animated rap video

Your video can get more shares than just using a still image or slideshow or no video at all! The animation can be funny, sad, scary or happy, colourful or dark, or anything you want. It can get more shares on for example Instagram or YouTube and more views on social media and websites. It can save you money and have a certain feel or vibe, which can be harder to achieve with a shot video. A great video can also help increase your popularity, for example by getting more followers on sites like Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.

Animated YouTube Rap Video Production YouTube Videos

It’s also a big difference from a filmed video, which is a nice change from always doing a really similar filmed video. You can have a video that is more unique and really different, as we make them from scratch with our own personal styles and no stock. An animated rap video is also more memorable than just a song without a video or with just a solid still image background. It may even go viral! by making an animated music video with Sundstedt Animation, the video can stay relevant for longer and stay popular for longer, and likely receive more views compared to many filmed videos.

Sundstedt Animation Awards

How we work and what to expect

We use the best techniques, software and design principles and we are happy to do the video based on references to other videos you like. Of course, keep in mind that you are working with a small studio for a pretty small budget, so don’t expect the same complexity and style as a big-budget large studio production company with hundreds of thousand dollar budgets, large teams of animators and designers, multiple producers, directors and a big agency and record company behind it. All our videos are made by Anders Sundstedt himself from scratch. No outsourcing, no 3rd parties. This means very affordable prices with guaranteed quality (see our testimonials and awards and work samples). We can provide you with every need. But because we take our time and don’t rush to finish the video, you don’t compromise on quality as we always do the best video we can.

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Lyrics are optional

We can make a lyric video, or we can make a real short animated film with a storyline and animations, or a combination of both. For example in our latest rap video in 2019, the 2D animation was based on characters like a short animated film, but with some keywords from the lyrics shown in some places, rather than showing all the lyrics. This can help grab viewers attention, while not distracting too much like having all the lyrics on top of the animation can do. By using single words or short sentences in the animation, this helps grab the attention of the lyrics, making them understand the lyrics more clearly, while also being entertained by the 2D animated cartoon that helps them remember your song more and want to watch it again.

Lyric Video Service - Sundstedt Animation

Do you have a new song and would want an animated music video? Get in touch today!


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