Animated music videos: 9 awesome examples

Posted on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Animated Music Videos: 9 Awesome Examples

Take a look at our best animated music videos of all time. Here are 9 animated music videos that showcase the talents of Swedish animator and director Anders Sundstedt, based in Scotland, UK.

They are in no particular order…

01. SOFI K – Fall Back Down

  • Released: 2020
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

Music and animation are a perfect match, and animation is invincible. Who doesn’t love music, and who doesn’t like cartoons?

02. King Francis – Trinity

  • Released: 2020
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

Many musicians have released music videos composed entirely of animation. These can range from traditional cel animation to digital animation to stop-motion.

03. Catch a glimpse – Dark Energy

  • Released: 2019
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

Animated music video creation is a craft that takes a lot of time, primarily because we always create everything from scratch, never using stock.

04. The Lark and the Loon – The Old Red Rooster

  • Released: 2018
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

We have created many award-winning animated music videos. Welcome to our pick of or best animated music videos so far, and look out for more artists entering the cool world of digital animation for their songs.

05. Kÿpe – Poka

  • Released: 2020
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

With animated music videos, you can push the stylistic envelope much further, and animated music videos serves to accompany, complement and enhance your song.

06. The Mother – Lush

  • Released: 2015
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

Animated music videos are having a lot of popularity in 2020, partly due to currently not being able to shoot live-action video.

07. Pale White Guy – Live (Best Things In Life Are Free)

  • Released: 2017
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the music industry and artists promote their work. Now that we’ve got even more interest in animation, we love to dive deeper into creating creative, handcrafted animated music videos.

08. HAMMER – The Black Sheep

  • Released: 2019
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

But animated music video thrived long before quarantine hit. From Disney in the 1920’s to 80’s and 90’s and has continued into the 2000s. I 2020 mainstream artists seem more willing to experiment.

09. DEZ – Cayman Dance

  • Released: 2018
  • Directed by: Anders Sundstedt

We have the experience to make sure that the animated music video you get portrays the essence of your idea.

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