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Video has become essential to digital marketing, especially with websites like Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. We help clients, agencies & publishers produce animation projects. We cover a range of different styles of animation as we are both illustrators & animators.

Animation and motion graphics Services

Whether it’s hand drawn or digitally animated, we can work in a range of different visual styles to suit our clients briefs and budgets.

About our motion graphics animation service

Sundstedt Animation aims to deliver original, different and rewarding animated video and motion graphics experiences through the creation handcrafted cartoon animated video and motion graphics for marketing and corporate animation. We animate, design & direct premium quality and informative short animated videos to existing companies & start-up businesses. We explain your business, service, product or idea to increase your customer base from start to finish – Making animated films allowing your customers to understand what you do & what you can offer.

Givvit Explainer Video

Compelling, professional motion graphics

We do our own animation and illustration. With our animated video and motion graphics, we create concise and compelling videos to meet your needs, to the highest possible standard, whether you want an animated video for marketing purposes, explaining, educational video or training video. We are highly experienced and our high quality, professional service gives you peace of mind.


We guide you through the process from script to delivery

From your initial script on paper, we guide you through each step in the production of the completed video, ready for online distribution or broadcast. We can help get your message across to your target audience in 60 seconds with an original, custom, fun yet compelling animated video in our unique style. From scratch. You can check out our work in our latest animation showreels.

Track My Beef‘ – 2.5D Animated Video.

Please visit How We Work page for detailed information about the animation and motion graphics production process.

We produce a variety of alternative animation styles and for many different industries

Sundstedt Animation create a variety of animated videos including infographics, information video, how to video, explainer video, ‘how does it work’ video, corporate video, training video, commercial video, promotional video, landing page video, intro video, web animation, web video, animated book trailer, presentation video and music video.

We design, we animate, we create. Some of the other animation styles we can offer are (all custom made):

What’s the best animated explainer video style for your business?

What You Get – Watch this Handcrafted example

Shown here below is one example of our high impact animated videos.

An original, handcrafted, hand-drawn explainer video made from scratch for your business to help in marketing and explaining your product/service. Professional voice over, unique hand-drawn character design, sound effects, 3D elements and a dedicated account-manager. Produced by talented people with an eye for quality, style, design, detail, illustration and animation.

Do you need your new clients to understand how your service, product or system works? Your video must grab viewers’ attention and deliver an emotional punch. To have your own animated company video created just go and Get Started!

More categories of animated video and motion graphics services we provide:

Animated Video and Motion Graphics

  • Video with animation
  • Video Mapping
  • Crowdfunding Animated Video
  • Animated Email Cards
  • Explainer Video
  • Animated Conference Graphics
  • Live Wall Explainer Video
  • Animation Kids Apps
  • Motion Graphics
  • Hand-Drawn Animation
  • Exhibition Animation
  • Management Explainer
  • University Animation
  • Start-Up Video
  • Preschool animated video
  • Corporate Video

animated video and motion graphics

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