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Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2015
9 second clip showing an example of visual styles of our 100% custom made whiteboard videos with hand-drawn artwork

Whiteboard Explainer Films? We are a leading whiteboard explainer film studio. We love what we do. Need an Animated Whiteboard Video? Get Your Message Across with Video. You will pay only after an approved video! If you need the Best UK Whiteboard Videos, visit our whiteboard video page. You could Double Leads & Sales Conversions. All our whiteboard and VideoScribe videos are fully custom made. We make unique, creative whiteboard animations for your company in only 3-6 weeks depending on length and complexity. Get a Free Quote Now!
Whiteboard animation explainer video company Glasgow Scotland
Create promotional marketing videos with Sundstedt Animation. The UK’s #1 animated expainer video provider when it comes to quality and dedication. Free Delivery Available and Free Web Video Hosting. The #1 Online Whiteboard Specialist. Very fairly priced. No outsourcing to cheaper studios. 100% in-house, on time delivery.

The International Diabetes Federation is a worldwide alliance of over 230 national diabetes associations in more than 160 countries.

We spend a lot of time creating all the custom made, original artwork and animations (now including animated GIF loops) and we never use stock artwork or templates. This is why you get a better, smarter, more creative and unique looking whiteboard explainer video from us.

We can do many styles, choosing from full color to simply black & white, to the use of full animated GIF or motion graphics video additions. We only use the best whiteboard animation software and techniques available.

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