Motion Graphics Artist

Posted on Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Motion Graphics Artist

Glasgow based business experienced in motion graphic available

We are creating motion graphics for companies in Scotland and anywhere in the world. Our animated videos will be about 1-2 minutes long and be 100% motion graphics / animation. A Corporate video can feature an opening logo sequence that is usually about 6-8 seconds in length. The Remainder of the animated video will be 2D or 2.5D style motion graphics usually based on character animations and transitions and sometimes animated text.

Sundstedt Animation Film Festivals

Anders Sundstedt / Sundstedt Animation has been selected for many animation festivals and more are expected soon

Our existing clients love working with us, however we are looking for more work and more clients. Clients based near Glasgow are ideal but is not required, we work with clients all over the UK, the US and more. Please provide a script for the video and we can do the rest. We have experience doing motion graphics artist work with prestigious companies so our standards are very high.

Motion Graphics Artist

How to get started

Please submit your filled in contact form below or send an email to Please include in your submission the preferred way to get a hold of you.

how to get hold of you

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motion graphics artist


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