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‘Social Treating’ is the giving of small, affordable but meaningful treats that encourage and consolidate the bonds between friends, family & loved ones.

Givvit Animated Explainer VideoSundstedt Animation


Client: Startled Frog Ltd
Brand: Givvit
Director: Anders Sundstedt
Illustrator & Animator: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Style: Animated Explainer Video
Category: 2D Animation
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Artwork: Anders Sundstedt
Designer: Anders Sundstedt
Illustrator: Anders Sundstedt
Graphic Designer: Anders Sundstedt
Length: 01:51

The challenge

Startled Frog commissioned us directly to create a fun, quirky, exciting animated explainer video for their new Givvit app, explaining how their social treating app works.

The Solution

In this cartoon character animated explainer video for Givvit we designed a fun looking cartoon style, custom made for our client. This video was great to animate, the story provided by the client was fun to work with and the awesome voice over helped to translate the clear message to the viewer. You can also read the video Case Study.

The Results

We developed an explainer video for their social treating app Givvit and client told us that it is perfect, exactly what they wanted. After more than an impressive 900 days, the video is still in use on their front page / landing page for their website, which shows that our explainer videos last for a very long time.

Stills / Backstage

Landing Page showing Givvit Explainer Video

givvit website 2016 landing page sundstedt animation explainer video

A note from our client, Alex Kennedy

“Working with Anders is a pleasure. He is a great mix of creativity and practicality which can be rare. He is extremely thorough and customer focused and also had great ideas and animates beautifully. He developed an explainer video for our social treating app Givvit and it is perfect, exactly what we wanted.”
Alex Kennedy
Givvit, Startled Frog Ltd.

Read the Givvit Explainer Video Case Study

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To read the case study for this project: Givvit Case Study

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