Glasgow Animation, Motion Graphics, Design Service

Posted on Thursday, 1 August 2013
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Glasgow Animation, Motion Graphics, Design Service

Sundstedt Animation is a Glasgow based animation studio creating animations for clients worldside. Looking for custom made animated video for your company? Get in touch! Here are a few of the animated videos we have made in-house in Scotland for different industries.

International Diabetes Federation - Taking Diabetes to Heart - Sundstedt Animation - Animated Campaign Video
Live - Animated Music Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
Lush - Animated Music Video
Eco-Schools Explainer Video
Cayman Dance Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Cayman Dance - Animated Music Video
Duraflor Animated Explainer Video
Duraflor Animation
Microsoft Whiteboard Video - Sundstedt Animation
Windows 10 Protects against modern security threats
100 Years in Marketing
Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video
Milo Biotechnology Animation
KiDS Educational Whiteboard Video
KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video
Dumfries & Galloway Animated Explainer Video
Dumfries & Galloway Animation
Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Zestica Educational Medical Animation
Givvit Explainer Video
ARCHIE-WeST Animation
BASW Eddie
Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance
Windows 10 Enterprise med Software Assurance
Track My Beef
BASW-Steven Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation Studio
BASW Steven
M-Squared-Lasers Explainer Animation
M Squared Lasers
BASW Amber
Titan Vision Animated Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation
Titan Vision
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet VideoScribe
Kom igång med Windows 10 i molnet VideoScribe
Push Digital
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Pfizer Explainer Video
Pfizer [Coming Soon]
Early Riser

Have you got an idea for an animated video? Get in touch to discuss how we can help you on your next project.

Sundstedt Animation is a new independent 2D digital animation and graphics studio based in Glasgow, offering a variety of digital animation services, Motion Graphics, VFX (visual effects), 2D Character Animation, corporate video production and more to suit your needs. Each of our videos is illustrated and animated individually by Anders Sundstedt, director and owner.
Glasgow Animation, Motion Graphics, Design
We specialize in and create stunning 2D animation for commercials, film, print and web. We have experience in and can provide skills for TV, film, advertising and animation industries. We work remotely, taking on animation and motion graphics jobs on a project basis.
Glasgow Animation Studio Location
We create 100% custom made, quality original 2D animated characters for each short film or explainer video project from scratch. You can be sure that your video will be unique as we never use stock artwork or templates. All our animations are handcrafted based on our own designs.
Animation can transform an illustrated character to an interesting character by movement. We have a strong imagination, a fresh and stylish approach and a desire to make original work. No templates used. We can do short animated videos, corporate videos with any message on them, you describe what you want in a script/storyboard and we will make it.
Animation Motion Graphics Design From Glasgow
Whether you are looking for Digital Animation or Graphic Design, Sundstedt Animation is the place to go to. Our motion graphics and visual effects for television commercials and web videos are unique. The Sundstedt Animation website was founded in 2004 by owner Anders Sundstedt and we have been focusing on producing explainer video 2D animations and motion graphics for more than 5 years, which makes us very experienced at creating custom made 2D animations.
Glasgow 2D Animation Studio - Sundstedt Animation
Whether you want a custom made 2D animated story with original characters, a whiteboard video, or an animated GIF, we can help explain your message. Good quality animations that are handcrafted can be used again and again and our clients keep using the animations for many years on their website, in marketing and social media. We have a lot of great testimonials from local clients in Glasgow, Scotland and worldwide. For more information on the services we can provide, go to the services page.
Glasgow Animation Studio Design
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Anders is the Founder and Owner at Sundstedt Animation, where he creates handcrafted animated explainer videos, music videos and whiteboard videos. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys film and photography. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

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