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Graphic Design & Illustration Services

Design helps us understand our world. Take a look at our picks below for examples of graphic design styles including our 2D cartoon styles and detailed papercut illustrations.

Graphic Design & Illustration Services - Sundstedt Animation

About Anders Sundstedt

Anders Sundstedt is a renowned animator, illustrator and graphic designer. He lives near Glasgow, Scotland and works mostly digitally and draws everything from scratch by hand. Anders Sundstedt is a Swedish illustrator who creates colourful, cartoon-like designs and animations using a combination of traditional and digital techniques such as paper cutting styles and digital paint and texturing. To find out much more about Anders visit this page.

Organic and handmade

Stunning papercut illustrations by Anders Sundstedt, seem like they were created from paper elements from the natural world, making these compositions jump right off the page.

2.5D Paper Cut Out Design by Sundstedt Animation

While colourful, geometric, 2D vector art are popular in the industry, Anders likes to counter this by making handcrafted designs that’s organic, to make it feel like it was cut from paper, even if it was created digitally.

Papercut Illustration by Anders Sundstedt of Sundstedt Animation

Whatever the medium, you need design services that stand out. Good graphic design is a crucial part of marketing. From converting customers to creating long-term relationships, good graphic design can play an important role in the success of your company.

A wide range of services & styles

We provide a range of services to help you make the most of your marketing across all levels of communication. It can give an edge to your public image and get your message across with style. We use a blend of state-of-the-art digital tools and classic design techniques.

Graphic Design & Illustration Services - Sundstedt Animation

Design & Illustration on all client projects

We also bring your graphic designs and illustrations to life by creating beautiful, moving image videos. Companies we have done design & illustration for includes all explainer video and music video clients, since Anders Sundstedt not only directs and animates the productions, he also designs and illustrates all cartoon-like designs, backgrounds environments, character designs and every single asset in each client project. He also designs all end title graphics and motion graphics in each project.

Design by Sundstedt Animation

Good Graphic Design can benefit your business in many ways:

  • increases sales of your products or services
  • grabs attention
  • improves market position relative to your competitors
  • builds your image
  • builds greater customer loyalty
  • establishes a stronger identity for your business
  • reduces the time needed to market

2D Cartoon & Motion Graphic Design - Sundstedt Animation

A selection of the graphic design services we can supply your business with:

  • logo and brand
  • online banners & graphics
  • animation, online video
  • slideshows and posters
  • motion graphic design
  • photo retouching & manipulation
  • 2D character design

Design that puts the fun in functional

We do good design for better communication and for any media. Our designs are engaging, colourful and creative.

Graphic Design & Illustration by Anders Sundstedt

All our designs & illustrations are custom made, handcrafted and created on time and on budget. Sundstedt Animation is a different kind of design & illustration company because we both design and animate, bringing motion to the art. The fact that we also design for motion, means more clarity and purity to the designs, because they need to both work as still images and illustrations and be practical for use in motion design and 2D animation. We have the passion for design and illustration, but we are always ready for motion.

Graphic Design & Illustration Services - Sundstedt Animation

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