Scotland Based Voice Over Agency

Scotland Based Voice Over Agency

Scotland Based Voice Over Agency

Our Scottish, near Glasgow based Voice Over Agency is made up of all native and foreign speakers & will enrich your next project. Scottish Voice Overs and worldwide voice-over artists, we work with both Scottish Voice Actors, English Voice Actors, Swedish Voice Actors and other foreign Voice Actors.

Scotland Based Voice Over Agency Near Glasgow

English & Swedish Voice Overs

Since we speak native Swedish and fluent English, we are especially suited at working with Scottish, English and Swedish voice over talent. We also have some very basic German skills, which helps when we are working with German VO talent.

voice-over rates are negotiable and we typically work with fixed budgets

Male or female voice-over talent

We work with some of the very best Scottish, English and Swedish voice over talent in the world. We provide male or female voice over talent whether it is for corporate videos & explainers, marketing videos, biotech videos, medical videos, educational videos, book trailer videos or documentary.

Male of female voice-over talent

Professional voiceover talent

We work with some of the best worldwide professional talent that are outstanding and affordable. We help you find the perfect voice-over artist. We do not work with amateur voice-over artists. If you are looking for a native Scottish, English, Swedish voice over or other foreign voice over actors, we will be delighted to work with you. All voiceovers are recording using professional mics and in high-resolution 48khz or 96khz .WAV files.

Professional voiceover talent

Additional audio services

  • Script translations from English to Swedish
  • Script translations form Swedish to English
  • Audio editing
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Sourcing stock music and mixing this for your video length
  • Sourcing sound effects and mix this for your explainer video

Additional audio services

Additional animated video services

  • Animated explainer videos
  • Animated whiteboard videos
  • Animated demo videos
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Animated book trailer videos
  • Animated music videos
  • Animated lyric videos
  • Animated loops
  • Video editing and encoding
  • Video encoding in any desired format including MP4 or MOV
SOFI K – Fall Back Down (Official Lyric Video) - Sundstedt Animation
SOFI K - Animated Lyric Video
The Big Balloon to the Moon Animated Music Video
Karl Baudoin - Animated Music Video
Wonder - Animated Music Video
Wonder - Animated Music Video
Catch a glimpse Official Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Catch a glimpse - Animated Music Video
The Old Red Rooster Music Video
The Old Red Rooster - Animated Music Video
Kÿpe Poka Animated Rap Music Video
Poka - Animated Music Video
Lush Animated Music Video - Mother - Sundstedt Animation
Lush - Animated Music Video
Francis Martin – Mind Come Up (Trinity) [Official Music Video]
Francis Martin – Animated Music Video
Pale White Guy Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Live - Animated Music Video
Cayman Dance Animated Music Video - Sundstedt Animation
Cayman Dance - Animated Music Video
Glasgow City Council - Sundstedt Animation
Glasgow City Council – Animated Explainer Video
International Diabetes Federation - Taking Diabetes to Heart - Sundstedt Animation
IDF - Animated Campaign Video
DPRAA Animated Explainer Video
DPRAA - Animated Explainer Video
KiDS Educational Whiteboard Video
IDF KiDS - Educational Whiteboard Video
ADP Animations - North Ayrshire Council - Sundstedt Animation
ADP Animated Series
ECO-Schools Explainer Video by Sundstedt Animation
Eco-Schools - Animated Explainer Video
Pfizer Explainer Video
Pfizer - Pharmaceutical Explainer Video
Fewer Funerals Animated Explainer Video
Fewer Funerals - Animated Explainer Video
The Black Sheep - Animated Music Video
The Black Sheep - Animated Music Video
Glasgow University SHLC Animated Educational Video by Sundstedt Animation (21)
Glasgow University - Animated Educational Video
HAMMER - Wolfman (Music Video) - Sundstedt Animation
Wolfman - Animated Music Video (loops)
Phylli Sinclair - Sundstedt Animation
Phyllis Sinclair – Animated Music Video (Loop)
Title Sequences by Sundstedt Animation
Lofi Girl - Animated Music Video Loops
Microsoft Whiteboard Video - Sundstedt Animation
Microsoft - Windows Whiteboard Video
Windows Enterprise med Software Assurance
Windows Enterprise Software Assurance - Whiteboard Video
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows Defender - Whiteboard Video
Windows As A Service VideoScribe
Windows As A Service - Whiteboard Video
Kom igång med Windows i molnet - VideoScribe - Anders Sundstedt
Kom igång med Windows i molnet - Whiteboard Video
Duraflor Animated Explainer Video
Duraflor - Animated Explainer Video
BLS Animation - Sundstedt Animation
British Sign Language - Animated Infographics
100 Years in Marketing Explainer Video - Sundstedt Animation
100 Years in Marketing - Animated Explainer Video
Triple Card Holder - Sundstedt Animation
Triple Card Holder - Introduction Video

Why us?

  • We are native Swedish speakers while permanently based in the UK since 2004.
  • We have 10 years experience in video production, working with and hiring talented VO artists for our animation studio Sundstedt Animation.
  • We have already worked with many professional VO artists both remotely and locally.
  • We direct, produce and animated explainer videos and other animated videos, we have years of hands-on experience in finding the right artist for the VO recording.
  • The completed high-resolution .WAV file is sent over when recording is completed and you have paid the invoice in full.
  • Work with experts that both make the videos and offer VO as an optional service
  • Whether it’s a simple recording or a multi-lingual recording, our goal is quality results, on-time.
  • Payment options include both BACS and PayPal.

Voice Over Artist Recording

Voice Over Pricing

Voice Over pricing can vary a lot because the voice actors rates are set by the individual or their agent. Some projects will cost more depending on how the audio will be used. Please always contact us with details of your specific requirements for an accurate quote. Most voice-over rates are negotiable and we typically work with fixed budgets. Since we do mainly corporate videos and explainer videos, usage fees are not usually applicable.

Voice Over Pricing - Sundstedt Animation

What about usage fees?

For commercials on TV or online, these may attract a so called usage fee on top of the recording fee. The usage fees are typically based on if the campaign is local, regional, national and per country, per year. The usage fees are usually negotiable and is agreed in advance. You do need to let us know if the voice-over is for a commercial on TV or online. But again, for most voice-overs we produce, usage fee does not typically apply, if the video will just sit on a single website or social channel. We can negotiate any usage fee with the voice-over artist, depending on your particular intended use. Simply let us know where, how and for how long your campaign will be used and we will get a quote for usage fees.

voice-over rates are negotiable and we typically work with fixed budgets

Demos – example voiceovers from actual videos we created

Email us with your VO project requirement details to:

If you are more interested in our different animated video production services, then please use the form below to fill in some basic information about the type of service you are interested in.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a freelance or agency VO artist please do not email us offering your services and please do not use the contact form offering your VO artist services. We are not hiring and emails offering VO artist recording services will not be replied to as we are very busy.

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