Procedural Plants in Houdini

Posted on Saturday, 8 August 2009
Wireframe Rendering in Houdini
Work Trip: London


Before creating awesome Handcrafted Explainer Videos to communicate your message, explain your business and why it matters, Anders used to study Houdini 3D Animation software. Here is another design of vegetation created by himself from scratch in Houdini 9.5, designed a procedural network and made it appear like stems with flowers on them by some number tweaking. Camera added and rendered in Mantra. The purpose of these tests were to learn to build advanced procedural plants in Houdini and to create networks in general; doing these tests as experiments to improve his skills in Houdini.

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Wireframe Rendering in Houdini
Work Trip: London


  • Grey said:

    Great stuff man!! Houdini is like this giant mountain I want to climb but it feels like I have to drop the time I spend in Max and Maya to do it. Since I am already certified to teach Maya and am trying to get my Max certification, it is a tough decision to climb that mountain. My houdini guru friend pointed me to this:
    Seems more geared towards sound but fascinating nonetheless.

  • Anders said:

    Thanks very much Grey! I know what you mean; I am torn between becoming a guru in Maya, Houdini and After Effects. I want to develop my skills further in all of them, I feel currently it’s mostly needed in Maya, but I prefer to put my time into Houdini at the moment; it’s a tricky choice isn’t it? You can’t do everything…

  • Grey said:

    How would you recommend learning Houdini? Been working my way through a few videos but it is much harder for me to pick up than Max or Maya.

  • 3dideas said:

    cha i guess everyone has dificoult choices, in my case, i want to learn a bit of xsi’s ICE, though i have been working only with max till now. To me hardest is not to be able to do as much or as fast or as easy as the program u already know..
    Anyways nice to see people interested in plant generation,

  • Sundstedt said:

    Since this post I have been more focused on learning more Adobe After Effects more and not been doing much Houdini training.

    I am looking for Motion Graphics work if you have any project you need help with please get in touch!



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