How to Downgrade your Sonos PC Controller App

Posted on Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How to Downgrade your Sonos PC Controller App

How to Downgrade your Sonos PC Controller

If you joined the Sonos Beta Program on Sonos, your controller on PC and all your other devices such as iPhones and iPads and speakers will also be told to upgrade to the latest beta version and after this your whole Sonos system will be on the Beta version.

For example, if you joined Beta your Sonos Controller for PC and all your apps and speakers could be on for example Version 6.4 (beta).

This version may not have all the functionality you need. For example, in 6.4 BETA you could not control the EQ with your iPad or iPhone.

We downgraded our iPhone and iPad apps and speakers so they were back to Version 6.3. However, the Sonos Controller for PC was still on 6.4 and had very limited functionality, almost all menus were missing. So the issue is then that the speakers and controller for PC have different versions. (i.e. for example 6.3 and 6.4).

So we found that to downgrade your Sonos PC Controller App, you need to first remove yourself from the Beta program so we can get back to 6.3 (public version not beta).

If you subscribed to the beta program on Sonos and wish to remove yourself from the program, you can use the following procedure, as found on the Sonos support pages:

  1. Go to and login using your Sonos system login.  This is the same login which is associated with your Sonos system and which you used when you signed up for the Beta program.
  2. Click the Leave link to the right of the Beta Program you wish to leave and confirm your request to remove yourself from the Beta.
  3. Uninstall the Sonos app from your computer or mobile device and reinstall the Sonos app from or from the App or Google Play Store. Please be sure to perform this step for any devices you have used while a Sonos Beta tester.
  4. On your Sonos system, go to the Settings menu and select Online Updates or Check for Updates. An update should be available which will downgrade your Sonos to our latest public release.  Click here for more information about updating your Sonos.

Note that if you have any problems or issues, please contact the Sonos Beta team using the contact information provided with the Beta program or contact the Sonos Beta team through the following link: (Beta feedback form).

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