One-to-one advice, consulting and training

My remote one-to-one advising, consulting and training services are particularly popular with business and marketing professionals looking for efficient support. Pick my brain on one subject you are interested in. After a session, I can offer ongoing support and consulting services. If you are interested in an explainer video for your business, I can advice on the whole production process and different options. If you are a music artist, I can give you basic advice on creating an animated music video.

Music Video Animation and Design by Anders Sundstedt - Sundstedt Animation

The topics I have listed below are examples of areas I have experience in and can advise, train or demonstrate using live video. My one-to-one sessions are aimed at beginners, giving you an introduction to a topic. They are not courses, but one-to-one advice and tips. These are some of many topics I am passionate about. If you are looking for help in another area, please let me know. I have experience in many other areas.

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Advantages of One-to-one Training

  • You can work on your own project as you learn.
  • Flexibilty: you can book sessions by the hour as and when you need them. As many or as few as you need.
  • You can get the advice you need when you need it.

Examples of topics I can cover

  • Advice on animated explainer videos
  • Advice on budgeting for an explainer video
  • Advice on the most popular animated explainer video styles in business
  • Advice on 2D animated music videos
  • Advice on WordPress tawk chat plugin
  • Advice on character animation in After Effects
  • Advice on 2D Animation in After Effects
  • Advice on creating assets in Photoshop for After Effects
  • Advice on useful Ae plugins and scripts for 2D animation
  • Advice on 2D animated video production
  • Advice on my animated video production work flow
  • Advice on animated lyric videos
  • Advice on SyncBackFree to backup and mirror your files
  • Advice on using Google Alerts to find freelance work
  • Advice on how to automate tweet posts with random images using IFTTT
  • Advice on creating a WordPress website
  • Advice on whiteboard videos and videoscribes
  • Advice on 2.5D parallax effect
  • Advice on Video Skin Retouching

Anything you want my advice on that helps you on your project!


As a guideline the hourly rate is £75 (online only). New clients must book a minimum of two hours for the first creative coaching session.


You will be sent an invoice to be paid before the first session.

Payment can be made by PayPal, as long as the fees are covered by the client. Details will be on the invoice. All paid invoices will receive a receipt. This is the recommended option in your are not UK based.

Bank transfer is another option, as long as fees are covered by the client. If you are based in the UK, payments will be faster provided your bank is part of the Faster Payments Service and can send Faster Payments.


To book a session, please use the chat window or email me at [email protected] to discuss a suitable date and time. Since my main business is animation production, I don’t have an automated booking system for advice and training sessions yet. In a rush? You can always ask just in case I happen to be available on the day.

To ensure I can prepare for the session, please let me know when booking which topic you are interested in. There is not enough time to cover multiple topics in one hour, so they need to be booked as separate sessions. Depending on how busy my schedule is, the exact date and time you want your session may not be available. One-to-one sessions can usually be booked for between 10 AM and 4 PM UK (London) time.


Scheduled sessions cannot be cancelled or re-scheduled. There is no money-back if you miss a session, show up late or can’t make it. Because I am self-employed and when I make time for and plan for a one-to-one session, I have to reschedule other project work in my busy schedule, so I can’t have clients cancelling or changing the date or time for a booked session.

Creative services?

If you are actually looking to hire me for my creative services such as animated video production, whiteboard videos, design, illustration or problem solving, then please use the contact form below instead, as I don’t do creative work or support work on an hourly basis, only one-to-one advice and training.

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