Animating a bobbing head or head-bob in After Effects

Posted on Sunday, 19 August 2018

Animating a bobbing head or head-bob in After Effects – Simple Expression

head-bob bobbing head
So you are looking to animate a head or object as “bobbing” up and down?
I.e. you want an object to be moving up and down repeatedly, to make a bobbing head on an animated character.

How to create a simple bobbing up and down, this expression for a layers position can be used for this effects, simply for the y-position and still allows for keyframing the position as well. The same expression can be used for a camera position.

Animating a “head-bob” Expression:

f = 1 // the frequency in times per second for the head-bob
a = 20 // head-bob amount in pixels
y = Math.sin(time*Math.PI*f)*a;

To adjust the speed and distance of the head-bob, simply modify the values for frequency and amount in pixels.

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