Our Animated Video and Demo Video Production Services

Posted on Thursday, 10 October 2013
Explainer Videos By The Numbers
Medical Animation Service

Our Animated Video and Demo Video Production Services

Online video is the best marketing tool at your disposal & the ROI is unquestionable. In a recent study, “Types of Brand Videos Consumers Want to Watch” (Source Levels Beyond August 2014) they found that viewers were primarily looking for the following types of videos online:

  1. How-to, instructional or tutorial videos 67%
  2. Comedy or spoof videos 42%
  3. Product/information videos 34%
  4. Micro-documentaries telling the story of a person or event 33%
  5. Animations/infographic videos 30%

Sundstedt Animation provides animated video, demo animation, video demo, how to online video, instructional video, explanatory video, explainer video, infographics, information video, corporate video, training video, promos, promotional animation, animated graphics, characters & text, puppet animation, puppet tool animation, motion graphic design, motion design, startup acceleration video, fundraising video, 2D/2.5D animation, creative consultation, how does it work? video, end titles, main titles, landing page video, web animation, web video, web introduction, presentation video, animated health and safety video, music video, kinetic typography, book trailer, animated commercials, software demo video, screen explainer of website and complicated service explanation.

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Explainer Videos By The Numbers
Medical Animation Service
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