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KiDS and diabetes in school – Animated Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video – Sundstedt Animation

The International Diabetes Federation Kids and Diabetes in School Project (KiDS) aims to foster a safe and supportive environment that creates a better understanding of diabetes and supports children with this condition. It also provides information about type 2 diabetes can be prevented by making effective lifestyle choices. The KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video was made by Sundstedt Animation.


Client: International Diabetes Federation (IDF)
Supported by: Sanofi
Category: Educational Awareness Video
Style: Animated Whiteboard Video
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Directed By: Sundstedt Animation
Creative Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Animation & Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Script: International Diabetes Federation (IDF)
Length: 04:53

The Challenge

Over 1 million children and adolescents currently live with type 1 diabetes. Many children with diabetes face discrimination in the school environment, it affects their self-esteem, productivity, and management of their disease. Children who are not able to manage their condition safely and securely at school may be at greater risk of complications from diabetes.

The non-profit International Diabetes Federation (IDF) came to Sundstedt Animation interested in working with us, looking for an animated whiteboard awareness video to be created for their new KiDS, The kids and Diabetes in School project – KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video. Educational video content is useful and the video by Sundstedt Animation is the main introduction for the KiDS Education kids project web page. For IDF, it was important to use a character-based story in their KiDS Educational Awareness Video. The Kids and Diabetes in School Project (KiDS) aims to foster a safe and supportive environment that creates a better understanding of diabetes and supports children with the condition.

The whiteboard educational video content was to be published on their IDF website KiDS project page, on social media and to be promoted by their partner Sanofi during the World Diabetes Congress in Abu Dhabi last December. The video was also to be promoted as a KiDS resource in countries that are implementing KiDS training.

Sundstedt Animation - Whiteboard & VideoScribe Studio

The Solution

IDF wanted the educational video content to be in the style of whiteboard animation, so this is the video category we used in this educational video production. We asked the client to provide the approved script at the start of the project. We produced a custom animated whiteboard video to get across a KiDS resource in an attractive and engaging way.

We then created the artwork for the educational video content for each scene in the whiteboard video. We decided to go for a premium quality whiteboard, detailed illustrations. IDF already had two main characters developed from a previous cartoon information pack, so we were asked to make the illustrations of those characters (Tom and the mother). This KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video features a lot of characters and illustrations, so we came up with the design of the other characters and we created the illustrations for all whiteboard pages, which took a lot of work with the whiteboard video being almost 5 minutes long. We wanted to make sure everything to look cohesive and we had all artwork approved by the client before animating the whiteboard.

We directed the voice-over production from the voice-over artist, helping IDF to pick VO artists based on our recommendations. For the adult characters in the cartoon whiteboard video, the client decided to record their own VO parts to be used. We communicated regularly with the client throughout the production, for approval of the whiteboard educational video content parts. Finally, we put it all together and we added sound effects. The client liked the educational video content we made!


“The International Diabetes Federation recently worked with Anders, who from the beginning took his time to explain the different options that we could have for our educational awareness video for the Kids and Diabetes in School (KiDS) Project. We opted for a whiteboard video, which was visually in line with our own KiDS resources. Anders’ work style is very quick, communicates frequently on the different stages of the video and remained very flexible throughout our collaboration. Thus, we have contacted him again for a second video.”
Els Sung
JPO Policy and Programmes at International Diabetes Federation

Case Study

Check out our new added case study to see how we empowered through our whiteboard video magic in the Kids and Diabetes in School Project (KiDS).


When measuring the success for an educational awareness video content like this one, is best done by looking at social engagement, for example, the number of views, shares, likes & traffic to your website, here with the goal with this educational video content is to provide a really great resource and useful awareness video tool about Kids and Diabetes in Schools.

IDF has published the video on their IDF website.

International Diabetes Federation KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video Website

It has also been promoted by their partner Sanofi, during the World Diabetes Congress in Abu Dhabi last December. And they have been promoting the video as a KiDS resource in countries that are implementing KiDS training. A year later, in October and November 2019, we recently created two new subtitled versions in Spanish and Arabic.

We have collected some results data below from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for this whiteboard video.

On the International Diabetes Federation Facebook page:

The KiDS animated whiteboard video was posted 5 times so far on IDF official Facebook page.

IDF Facebook Page Videos - Sundstedt Animation

Client Facebook Video Stats:

  • 11k views, 40 likes, 31 shares, 16 Apr 2018.
  • 11k views, 34 likes, 23 shares, 1 Mar 2018.
  • 9.8k views, 87 likes, 72 shares, 15 Feb 2018.
  • 11k views, 89 likes, 76 shares, 7 Jan 2018.
  • 11k views, 69 likes, 78 shares, 2 Jan 2018.
  • 11k views, 52 likes, 29 shares, 30 Nov 2017.
  • Total: 370 video likes, 308 video shares on Facebook.

Example Facebook comments: “Great resource!”, “This is such a great educational tool!”

For us the actual reward is that they trusted us to produce one more animated video, this time in a 2D cartoon animation style.

On the International Diabates Federation Twitter page:

  • 622 video views, 55 likes, 42 people are talking about this, 17 Apr 2018.
  • 1,784 video views, 1 Mar 2018.
  • 3,040 video views, 13 Feb 2018.
  • 1,785 video views, 30 likes, 20 people are talking about this, 7 Jan 2018.
  • 92 likes, 74 people are talking about this, 2 Jan 2018.
  • 2,596 video views, 33 likes, 22 people are talking about this, 30 Nov 2017.
  • 1,264 video views, 33 likes, 30 people are talking about this, 24 Nov 2017.
  • Total: 11,091 video views, 243 likes, 188 people are talking about this.

This information was updated on 18th of July 2018.

On the International Diabetes Federation YouTube page:

  • English Version: 8,883 views, 72 likes, 23 Dec 2019.
  • Arabic Version (Published 4 Nov 2019 : 136 views, 4 likes).
  • Spanish Version: (Published 3 Oct 2019: 318 views, 7 likes.
  • 1.77K channel subscribers

Behind The Scenes

This gallery show some work in progress, sketches, behind the scenes images and other images from the KiDS Educational Awareness Whiteboard Video production, including unused items.

Sundstedt Animation KiDS Sketch scan
Here is a collection of behind the scenes images
exciting behind the scenes video production moments
out of sight of the public chart

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