Windows 10 Protects against modern security threats

Our client got in touch asking us to design, illustrate, direct and animate an original series of five short animated whiteboard videos for Microsoft. This one is about ‘Windows 10 Protects against modern security threats’. With this animated whiteboard video, we found a way to get people excited about protection against modern security threats. The animated whiteboard video series has five short animated films in total.


Client: The Content Family
End Client: Microsoft
Category: Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video
Production: Sundstedt Animation
Script & Storyboard: The Content Family
Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Design: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Length: 01:11

The Challenge

The client got in touch, asking us to create a custom made animated whiteboard video for Microsoft.

The Solution | Case Study

To help our client we developed a unique, detailed, sleek and effective animated whiteboard explainer video design, with our own personal style. This whiteboard video helps explain Windows As A Service.

This whiteboard video has now been added to YouTube. To help ensure full knowledge of the product features and advantages, we came up with an improved animated whiteboard video design, created our own hand-made illustration style and made it truly consistent in all five films we created for this collection of animated whiteboard videos.

Microsoft Film 1
Microsoft Film 2
Microsoft Film 3
Microsoft Film 4
Microsoft Film 5

Behind The Scenes

Windows 10 – skyddar mot moderna säkerhetshot Whiteboard Video
whiteboard videos in custom style



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