Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

Posted on Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

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Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

This post is about The Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation. If you are wondering why you should be using Motion Graphics, this article is for you! Keep reading…

1. All sectors

Motion graphics and animation are used in all industry sectors including medical, biotech, educational and non-profits.

Explaining complex subject in an easy to understand way using video

2. Allows for Real-time feedback and analysis

It’s a way of staying in touch with your audience. Videos get more feedback and comments. People love discussing funny videos with friends and colleagues. It allows for getting product and company opinion, which is an important resource for updates and improvements.

Allows for Real-time feedback and analysis

3. Brand associaton boost

Motion graphics is engaging and helps your audience to remember your message and brand. In addition, the animation can leave a great impression, making it more likely that they will return to your website for more.

motion graphics brand associaton boost

4. Emotionally engaging & captivating

Motion graphics affect our emotions, just like when we watch a movie, we respond emotionally to what we see on screen due to biology. Audio and visuals, the music, the voiceover and great animation all helps in this. Animation and motion graphics really has the power to move us.

Motion graphics affect our emotions

5. Helps to demonstrate, repackage and rebrand

Animation helps in packaging, branding and in demonstrating a new product, service or a brand to its potential customers.

Benefits of Explainer Videos  Sundstedt Animation

6. Simplified message and brand recognition

It’s twice more likely that a user will recognize your brand coming across a service or a product you offer for the second time. Simplified messages get easily comprehended. Original, neat and eye-catching videos people remember more easily.

Simplified mesage and brand recognition

7. Distilling information making things easier to understand

Information makes more sense once visualized. Motion Graphics is so effective because it targets the way your brain processes information. Motion graphics help break down complex information, delivering the message simply and clearly.

Motion Graphics Artist

8. Drawing attention helping to learn things easily

Motion graphics work way far better in attracting the attention of the viewers than static pictures or graphics. Animated videos draw attention and we learn things very easily and can remember them for longer.

Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

9. Social engagement on social networks

A great video can be spread across social networks in minutes, helping to advertise your brand.

A great video can be spread across social networks in minutes

10. More control of story and messaging

Motion graphics give you better, more effective control over the style and story of your film compared to live-action videos, really use motion graphics to promote your brand image and style.

11. Easy information consumption

With an animated video, viewers don’t have to do anything, just press the play button and sit back, making it easier for your viewers to consume it.

Easy information consumption

12. Cost compared to shooting for real video

Technology is constantly evolving, new approaches to video creation keep appearing and it’s become more simple so you will spend a lot less time and money on the creation of an original, quality video. There is no need to rent a studio or to pay for equipment, and you are not limited by the laws of physics.

Cost compared to shooting for real video

The cost of animated video is generally much lower than live video. Animated videos can be shot with a few animated characters and background, but a “live” video requires a number of actors, actresses, crews and lots of equipment and technicians. Without the worry about the constraints of the cast, set hire and expensive equipment, you can sleep better at night.

Sleep Better At Night - Sundstedt Animation

13. SEO – Video makes it more likely to see it on first-page search results

The impact of social networks on decision-making has been studied in great detail. Most internet content is text and the competition is very high. But with video, the competition is less high and users are more likely to see it on the first page of search results when googling. Also, make sure to make use of backlinks and relevant keywords.

Sundstedt Animation Services

14. Animation is attention grabbing

Even just a few frames of animated video can easily communicate the equivalent of an entire paragraph of website text. The internet has resulted in a reduction of our attention spans due to the fast pace environment and thus long articles don’t always cut it and you may need a more attention-grabbing alternative, animation and motion graphics.

animation is attention grabbing

15. Alternative versions for different groups

Motion graphics can help by having different characters incorporated into different versions of the animation depending on the audience they are catering to. For example, a medical industry animation we made, the client needed one version for doctors and one for patients, but the cost was lower than producing two entirely separate videos because the majority of the content and story was the same. Motion graphics allows us to adjust them for the type of audience or specific age group you are aiming for.

Alternative versions for different groups

The video can serve you for many years, with only minor changes or additions to an existing quality video. For example, a huge medical corporation needed a new version of a medical explainer video 6 years later, and they wanted to use the original video we made and make amendments to it.

16. A simpler way of showing information

Complex ideas, statistics and facts can be easily turned into engaging content. By breaking up data into several parts helps to present the information in a more attractive and simpler way and using motion graphics in animation can easily help to simplify the message.

A simpler way of showing information

17. Video can be played on any device and wherever your audience is

Consumer behaviour is changing. Attention is shifted desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. As much as 90% of people watch video content on mobile devices. This is why we create animation, as it can be played on any device, from desktop to a smartphone, without additional production cost. As an example, we include the full HD version and 4 additional video resolutions with no additional charge.

Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

18. Make more impact quickly

Most motion graphics are 1 – 3 minutes long, which is very helpful when you need to make a quick impact. Combining audio and visuals, motion graphics lets you say a lot more with less.

motion graphics lets you say a lot more with less

A complicated process can be explained with animation in 20 seconds and also work well where audio is not available, due to their visual nature. As an example, we worked with to create a motion graphics campaign video, encouraging people to take an online survey and educating people about living with type 2 diabetes.

19. Catching minute details

Motion graphics which are used in animations are capable of catching minute details using numbers and visuals, in ways that real video cannot always do.

Top 21 Reasons for using Motion Graphics in Animation

20. Interesting and attractive presentation

The capacity, effect and influence of an animated video are huge. Strong, quality graphics combined with information allows delivering your message to your audience in a tremendous, attractive and exciting way.

Interesting and attractive presentation

21. Endless possibilities

Motion graphics gives you superior creative control of your film. Live video production is on the other hand always limited by budget when it comes to working with extras and filming in challenging locations.

literally endless possibilities of what you can do in an animated film

Animators, on the other hand, can create all the locations and characters on a computer. Thus you have literally endless possibilities of what you can do in an animated film.

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