Album Cover Artist

Album Covers

Album Cover Designer / Artist

To get album cover art / single artwork designed, you find a freelance designer you like and hire them. I will design an album or single cover art.

Song Covers Artwork

Album Cover Art Designer

We can make custom artwork for a song, single, album and any visuals for songs (including lyric videos and animated music videos).

Visual Displays for Live Shows

Cover Art Artists

One of the common places artists get stuck when signing up music for distribution is the cover art. That is why you need a professional Album Cover Artist like Anders Sundstedt.

Facebook Page Design

Places where music need artwork

There are a lot of places for your music where you could need artwork for, including:

Album Covers
Song/Single Covers
Visual Displays
Band Logo
Bandcamp page design
Facebook page design
Instagram Promos
Twitter Posts

Bandcamp Page Design Service

Anders Sundstedt – Independent Artist

If you like the artwork on this website, then you can get in touch with award-winning Anders Sundstedt that designed and illustrated all the artwork in all images and all animated videos on this website.

Find an Album Cover Artist

Album Cover Artwork Designer

While we spend the most time in the creation of animated music videos, we can discuss the use of some of the music video artwork for an album and/or song cover. Ordering both a video and album cover, is likely to cost less than doing a video first and then ordering an album cover later. All terms are negotiable depending on the requirements of your project.

Artist/Designer for your music

To get in touch, use the email at the top of this website page. Or, you can use the contact form below. However, the album art service is not an option in the contact form, but you can still use it and let us know your budget and timeframe.


Interested in working together? We do not work with just anyone. Please fill out this form and we’ll follow up. Or call Anders Sundstedt: +44 7531 800 711.

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