Catch a glimpse release music video Dark Energy

Posted on Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Catch a glimpse releases Music Video for the track ‘Dark Energy’ in collaboration with “Sundstedt Animation”. This animated music video has been praised by the band Catch a glimpse and has received 109,522 YouTube views within the first two weeks. Check it out below.

Catch a glimpse Music Video ‘Dark Energy’ – Sundstedt Animation


Artist/Band: Catch a glimpse
Genre: HER (hard electro rock)
Director: Anders Sundstedt
Illustration: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Animation: Anders Sundstedt
Editing: Anders Sundstedt
VFX: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Category: Animated Music Video
Style: 2D/2.5D Animation
Length: 04:46

New Music Video Dark Energy from Sundstedt Animation

“Dark Energy”, an animated music video created by Sundstedt Animation, Scotland in collaboration with the band ‘Catch a glimpse’. The video is directed, illustrated and animated by Anders Sundstedt – Sundstedt Animation.

Catch a glimpse 'Dark Energy' Official Music Video by Sundstedt Animation

Catch a glimpse teamed up with Sundstedt Animation. We discussed directly with Catch a glimpse about what kind of video to create. They provided the basic idea for the story of the film and gave Anders free range to make the video.

The video is directed, illustrated and animated by Anders Sundstedt – Sundstedt Animation

The HER (hard electro-rock) music band was founded in 2019. Music is inspired by the 80’s with harder guitar sounds. The song is from their 2019 debut album ‘75005’ that features 10 songs.

creation of concept art design visual style development and illustration

The video stars an astronaut and his woman back on earth. The video debuted in December 2019 on YouTube.

This animated music video has been praised by the band

To read more in-depth details about the Dark Energy music video project, production, behind the scenes and other information, visit the portfolio page for this video.

focus is on the creation of quality, unique animated music videos

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