Digital Retoucher Available

Posted on Saturday, 8 October 2011

Digital Retoucher Available: Retouching and preparing advertising images for website launch and publicity:

  • Model retouching / Skin retouching
  • Background removal
  • Compositing of 3D renderings with photographed product images.
  • Retouching and composting of single product shots to side-by-side product shots.

Digital Retoucher for Hire

We can provide a high level of retouching and creative work on various projects across the clients digital media web graphics and homepage updates, email marketing campaigns and social media. We can design and create artwork to include adverts, look books and window graphics. Our high end editorial image retouching will include, garment perfecting, skin and hair polishing and general clean ups of background and sets. We also occasionally work on creative concepts for marketing and PR activities for various projects. We also maintain job folders for each new project, ensuring they are updated at all times and images are readily available.

Freelance Digital Retoucher Available

Skin Retouch for Video – Beauty Retouching Service

Example of smooth skin and scars removed without affecting any of the environment like for example the clothing, background and foreground elements in the video.
For a more detailed description of our video skin retouch services, we have a special page on skin retouching that is more in-depth.

Reduction or removal of video spots, shine and blemishes

Skin Retoucher - Spots

Very subtle or more strong skin smoothing depending on your requirements

With our custom skin retouch service we can create a more subtle or strong effect, depending on your exact needs. It’s all custom made for your video and face.

Skin Retoucher for Hire

Smooth skin for any video

Skin Retouch - Blemishes & Spots

We offer the following digital video retouch services :

  • Video Skin Retouching for Actors & Models
  • Video Beauty Retouching services UK
  • Video Portrait Retouching Services
  • Wedding Video Post production, Glasgow
  • Black & White Video Retouching UK
  • Fashion Video Retouching & Restoration UK
  • Product Video Retouching Services
  • Wedding Video Retouching Service UK
  • Corporate Video Retouching UK

Getting started

To get started, simply send us an email or use the contact form. To give you a quote for the retouching work, we usually need to see the footage. This will allow us to estimate the amount of work and give you a correct price quote based on the length and complexity. When we are online you can also chat live in the chat window. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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