New 2D Animated Music Video – Cayman Dance

Posted on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Partner with Sundstedt Animation to make a 2D animated music video in 2018!

‘Cayman Dance’ – Is the name of the 2D Animated Music Video created by music vido maker Sundstedt Animation for DEZ brand new track, released in 2018.

Cayman Dance Animated Music Video – Sundstedt Animation (2018)


Client & Artist: DEZ
Video Category: Animated Music Video
Video Style: 2D Animation
Animation Studio : Sundstedt Animation
Video Director: Anders Sundstedt
Creative Director: Anders Sundstedt
Design : Anders Sundstedt
Character Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
2D Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
2D Animation & Composite: Anders Sundstedt
Background Design: Anders Sundstedt
Video Length: 03:37

Client Testimonial

“We were just putting the finishing touches to the audio recording of “Dance” when I first started looking for a suitable animation to go with the song. As you may have listened to it you will probably realise as we did that the song wouldn’t suit a 3d or what I can only describe as a slick type animation. I was looking for fresh innocent type of a production to go with the song It and wasn’t long before we found Anders. After an initial enquiry and he immediately got back and we swapped some ideas and agreed a budget. We worked together on story board and Anders then took over and worked his magic. The animation came in on time and in budget. I can only wish him all the best for the future and big thanks.”
DEZ (Artist)
Composer, Derry in N Ireland

Cayman Dance Animated Music - Sundstedt Animation (0-03-02-04)

The Music Video Solution

The video client had a basic story idea for the Cayman Dance Animated Music Video. Sundstedt Animation then came up with the visual style, art direction, designs, character designs, all artwork, backgrounds and animations for the video, all handcrafted 100% from scratch. The style is a cartoon music video and 2D animation.

Cayman Dance Animated Music Video

We wanted to make sure everything looked cohesive and we had all characters and scenery approved by the client before the animation start. The client loved the video we made and was very happy with the added extras and finally, we delivered the Animated Music Video to the client for use as the main intro to their website page and social media.

Cayman Dance Animated Music - Sundstedt Animation

The Animated Music Video Results

To measure the success for animated music video content like this one is best done by looking at social engagement, for example, the number of views, shares, likes & traffic, here with the goal with this animated music video content is to provide a really great marketing and awareness about DEZ new single ‘Cayman Dance’.
DEZ has published the video on their brand new official website landing page and on YouTube.
CaymanDance by DEZ - website artwork by Sundstedt Animation.png
The website landing page and all other web pages backgrounds are entirely based on the original animated video illustrations, artwork and character designs by Anders Sundstedt.

The beach-themed video was released today, more updates to follow as we find more detail about the single and video release online.

Behind The Scenes

This small gallery shows some work in progress images from the new 2018 Cayman Dance Animated Music Video production, including unused items.

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