Top 5 Animated Music Videos

Posted on Monday, 28 December 2020

Top 5 Animated Music Videos

When I grew up in the 80s and 90s, music videos were a huge part of my music experience. They sometimes featured animation and was often experimental.

These days, I make animated music videos for artists. The music videos I make have received awards and nominations over the past few years.

I have compiled a list of my Top 5 Animated Music Videos, based on the actual number of film festival nominations, awards semi-finalist, awards finalist and wins. This list is not based on the number of views or likes. So, the name of this list could have been Top 5 Film Festival Nominated Animated Music Videos.

Counting the numbers, I have come up with a ranking of the Top 5 Animated Music Videos I created.

To the list! Starting with…


Kÿpe – Poka (2020)

This music video for the artist Kype is for the single “Poka”, a rap song based on a true story. It features the rap singer in his livingroom, sitting on the sofa, watching tv, in the studio recording music, out on the street, buying drugs, the reaper, the apartment on fire, and more dark themes, a father not visiting, being home alone, depression. This is one of the darkest and scariest music videos I have created. The rap song is great and it was a pleasure working with the artist making this video come to life. I made this video in a very busy work period, so it was very intense and a tight schedule, but I really enjoyed it at the same time. It’s good to see I received 7 nominations in total in film festivals music video category.


Catch A Glimpse – Dark Energy (2019)

This sci-fi animated music video is for the band Catch a Glimpse, their song ‘Dark Energy’, from their 10-track album ‘75005’, released in 2019. The video was praised by the band Catch a glimpse and received 2000 YouTube views just within the first day. They wanted a bit darker, more emotional video, taking place on earth and in space, rather than our often bright colours and cute videos. I have received 2 semi-finalist nominations for for this video in international film festivals music video category, with 8 nominations or selections in total.


SOFI K – Fall Back Down (Official Lyric Video) (2020)

Sofi K’s newest single ‘Fall Back Down’! Streaming on all platforms. This song is on the Top 5 songs by Sofi K on, with 239 Shazams. This is the official lyric video for SOFI K “Fall Back Down”. Stream the single on Spotify, Apple Music, and more. The video was released 18th of June 2020. We have already received a lot of kind words from fans and a “Huge thank you to Sundstedt Animation!” from SOFI K and producer. The video has 12,948 views, with 5K subscribers. It’s been a great experience making this premium 2D animated lyric video and I really enjoyed it. The videos has received 85 comments, and the song has 814 likes so far. I have received 3 film festival nominations, with 1 awards finalist, 2 semi-finalist nominations. In total, 9 official selections or nominations.


The Lark and the Loon – The Old Red Rooster (Official Music Video) (2018)

This song from the duo The Lark and The Loon, is about the Black Hills gold rush separating a prairie family in their hopes for a better future. This paper cut-out styled animated music video on YouTube has won multiple awards and nominations. A total of 17 film festival official selections or nominations, including winner, finalist and semi-finalist. I found working together with The Lark and The Loon worked very smoothly for this video and the detailed script helped to get started with the concept art and visual style development. I made a more detailed storyboard than I usually do, mainly due to the complexity of the timings and night/day transitions of this very detailed video.


Pale White Guy – Live (Best Things In Life Are Free) Official Music Video

The official Animated Music Video for Pale White Guy debut Single ‘Live (The Best Things In Life Are Free)’, in 2017. Result: The animated music video we made landed at #1 in the Irish iTunes charts & the song cracked top 20 iTunes chart in Ireland. We worked directly with Bryan at Chillout Records. He provided the basic idea & script for this video. He asked us to freely design the characters and animate the official music video for the Pale White Guy debut single ‘Live (Best Things In Life Are Free)’. The video is actually a bit simpler than some of the other music videos I created, but it does have 5 animated characters I designed. It is interesting that this music video did not receive the most wins or finalist awards, but has a total of 4 nominations, with a total of 17 official selections or nominations. There was a close call between this video and the Lark and the Loon video. Lark and the Loon had more wins/finalist, but also counting semi-finalist and official selections, Pale White Guy did get the first spot on the list, to my surprise. I think it is partly because the song is great, the video is funny and the video was created in 2017. Once the newer videos from 2020 has been around for a few years, they may get a higher ranking on this top 5 animated music video list.

Which is your favourite? Please get in touch and let me know!

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