Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video

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Milo Biotechnology came to us with an idea for the Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video. We worked with Founder and CEO Al Hawkins to help Milo tell the story and showcase the benefits of their groundbreaking technology.

Milo Biotechnology Explainer Video – Sundstedt Animation


Client: Milo Biotechnology
Category: Branding
Style: 2D Animation
Animation Studio : Sundstedt Animation
Directed By: Sundstedt Animation
Creative Director: Anders Sundstedt
Animation Producer : Anders Sundstedt
2D Animation & Composite: Anders Sundstedt
Storyboard: Anders Sundstedt
Design : Anders Sundstedt
Background Design: Anders Sundstedt
Character Art Direction: Anders Sundstedt
Character Design: Anders Sundstedt
Prop Design: Anders Sundstedt
Editor: Anders Sundstedt
Script: Milo Biotechnology
Length: 01:48

The Challenge

Milo Biotechnology is a biotechnology company that is in clinical trials for muscular dystrophy. The therapy increases muscle strength and function but it is difficult to explain to lay audiences, including patients. Milo was looking for a short and engaging video that captures the technology and benefit. Milo wanted to bring some fun into the Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video, while easily explaining the benefits of their technology. Sundstedt Animation were commissioned to produce an explainer video to showcase the benefits in a creative, fun and accessible way, while still conveying the right information and leaving the viewers with a clear understanding in less than two minutes.

The Solution

The choice of animation was ideal for the Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video project and Sundstedt Animation went on to develop the visual style for the video and to create a detailed storyboard based on the script. We created different alternatives to the design of the medical animation scenes and graph scenes, to see which would look best and to let the client decide which animation options to use in the film, making sure the client knew exactly how their Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video would look like. We understand Milo were very pleased with the end result of the video, as seen in the testimonial below.

Behind The Scenes | Work in Progress

This gallery shows some work in progress and behind the scenes images from the Milo Biotechnology Animated Explainer Video production, including unused items.


“Anders was the perfect partner for our explainer video: he made the development process very easy and was able to translate our basic concepts into animation. It's clear that he has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the production process. Anders worked many extra hours to make last minute improvements; I really felt that he had a sense of ownership/pride in the project. Overall, fantastic experience!”
Al Hawkins
Milo Biotechnology.

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