BASW Becoming Social Worker Amber Animated Explainer Video

BASW Becoming Social Worker Amber Animated Explainer Video. ‘Amber’ 23, lives in the north-west of England. She’s a newly qualified social worker working in the Child in Need team of a local authority.

BASW Becoming Social Worker Amber Animated Explainer Video


Client: Cactus ID
Studio: Sundstedt Animation
Production & Motion Design: Anders Sundstedt
Illustrator & Animator: Anders Sundstedt
Director: Anders Sundstedt
Style: Animation
Category: Explainer Video
Length: 02:20

The Challenge

The client came to us to create this animated video for BASW – The British Association of Social Workers is the largest professional association of registered social workers in the United Kingdom. The client wanted to benefit from our animated video production skills and treatment. This is the second animated video in the series, this one is about the social worker ‘Amber’: Amber Jackson’s story about becoming a children’s social worker is based on an interview with a real social worker. The names ‘Amber’, ‘Sarah’ and ‘Jenny’ are fictitious and were created to protect the identities of the real people. BASW has worked with Skills for Care and Development to develop three online animated films aimed at encouraging people to consider if they have what it takes to become a children’s social worker.

The Solution

We created the character designs including ‘Amber’ and the other characters, all other artwork and animations based on the scripts provided. We used our skills, experience and treatment to create an engaging animated film that combine narrative and animation and works easily and displays clearly on both desktop and mobile devices. Above you can see the film about ‘Amber’ based on real-life case studies. We delivered this animated video film presentation to the client with the goal to engage the viewer in the voice over narrative and create a video that sticks in their minds. We used our own, quirky style based on handcrafted artwork drawn on paper and scanned. The narrative voice over submitted to us were much longer than in the original specification so the video ended up being 02:20 while the original specification was 45 seconds. By watching the video above you can find out about ‘Ambers’ challenges involved in being a Social Worker.

The film is being used on the BASW website, the BASW UK YouTube Channel and the SfCDUK YouTube Channel. The three animated videos in the series of explainer videos about social workers have a total of 7650 views so far.

Behind The Scenes | Work in Progress

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