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Sundstedt Animation works directly with companies and advertising agencies in all industries, to create marketing and advertising videos across web video, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, landing pages, film and TV.

Our animated work draws from our extensive knowledge in the creation of animated short stories for demo videos, explainer videos and marketing videos. We produce animated video content from start to finish.

This short, fun Titan Vision Explainer Video animation will give you a taste of some of the business benefits of Physical Security Information Management.

Once we receive a finished script from the client we can go ahead and design and animate the video while the client can sit back and relax, knowing that we will produce the video and deliver it, on time.

Recent work includes: Cactus ID (BASW), Givvit, VMS, Onyx Health, PlaceSpeak and Push Digital.

Whether it is for corporate, documentary or entertainment we deliver original, high quality animated film content to make your brand look even better.

About Sundstedt Animation

We have a passion for typography and impactful text, ensuring our work is spot and we have a good eye for detail. We have the experience and ability to work in a pressured environment.

We work with different brands through which we offer our different services. Their main area of focus is illustrated graphic based animated videos.

Sundstedt Animation is a leading provider of handcrafted animated explainer videos, having created many different videos for many small and medium sized businesses as well as larger organizations such as Universities.

We are a very innovative and highly creative business with a lot of exciting projects behind us.

For examples of our work, take a look at our portfolio here

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