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[8 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Wireframe Rendering in Houdini | ]
Wireframe Rendering in Houdini

An example of rendering with Mantra and compositing with a flipbook render of Hidden Line Invisible. Saved out the composit to .png file, which was …

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[1 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
My Quick Guide to setup GI in Houdini Mantra

Video has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years and are increasingly becoming the way people prefer to learn & be informed. Has your …

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[3 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on Materials/Lighting/Mantra – Houdini | ]
Materials/Lighting/Mantra – Houdini

Just a test render using a Point Light and an Area Light, Area Map, skin SSS shader. Kind of looks like some planet that’s had …

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[1 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on Houdini Mantra Render -> Reflective Materials | ]
Houdini Mantra Render -> Reflective Materials

Rendering test. Houdini Mantra renderer, a Default Reflective Material and some NURBS primitives. One Area Light. Rather long rendering time (dual Core CPU). I will …

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