My Quick Guide to setup GI in Houdini Mantra

Posted on Sunday, 1 March 2009
IDS 2009 : Cologne
Work Trip: Seattle, WA, USA

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My quick Guide to setting up Global Illumination in Houdini Mantra:

  • In shop: shop -> Mantra Light -> VEX Global Illumination.
  • In obj: obj -> (TAB Menu) -> Light Template
  • In the new Light Templates Settings: Light -> Render -> Shaders: Open floating operator chooser. Select shop -> v_gilight
  • (optional) Configure v_gilight as you wish; for faster rendering start with a low Sampling Quality (for example 8 or 16). For later renderings bump up to for example 256).
  • (optional) Render your scene (perhaps for testing add some additional lights like spotlights).

I hope you find this helpful!


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IDS 2009 : Cologne
Work Trip: Seattle, WA, USA
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